Day two of the NFL draft is upon us.  The first round was last night and was it ever a doozy.  Some expected and unexpected picks alike.  From a fantasy perspective the biggest landing spots were:

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck – We all knew this pick was coming and we all know that Luck is the top QB talent to come out in some time.  He should have every chance to succeed.

2. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III – Washington doesn’t have a ton of talent but RG3 does.  They signed Garcon and Josh Morgan so he’ll have some weapons.  We’ll see if he talent is enough to ensure he makes the most of his opportunity.

3. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson – Richardson is the best RB to come out in some time and lands in a very nice spot with Cleveland.  They don’t have much offense to speak of so he’ll assuredly be the focal point.  He was already the consensus 1.01 pick in rookie drafts and this only bolsters that idea.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Blackmon – Pretty disappointing landing spot for Blackmon.  Many were hoping for STL which would have been a nicer fit.  Gabbert is pretty terrible and obviously Blackmon’s production will be tied to his play.  The hope here is that Blackmon’s superior talent will make up for the poor QB play.

8. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill – I think we all knew this pick was going to happen for a while now.  Miami has had a big QB need for a while and they filled it.  It’s as good of a landing spot as Tannehill could hope for.  I’m not sold on him as a top starting QB but he’ll have plenty of opportunity.

13. Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd – Starting opposite the legendary Larry Fitzgerald and learning from him is good for any WR career.  The question is whether Kevin Kolb is good enough to carry two top WRs and ensure they both produce.  It’s not totally what I hoped for in Floyd’s landing spot but he’s got the skills to produce if Kolb can get him the ball.

20. Tennessee Titans – Kendall Wright – Another somewhat disappointing landing spot for a WR.  He won’t have a top QB but Locker has potential and I suppose the two should be able to develop side-by-side.  He’ll have Kenny Britt drawing coverage on the other side which should help as well.  We shall see.

22. Cleveland Browns – Brandon Weeden – A somewhat surprising pick even though he was predicted here in some mocks.  It just seemed too early to take a 28 year old QB.  Cleveland had the need though so the pick makes sense from their perspective.  Weeden comes NFL ready and should be able to beat out Colt McCoy fairly quickly.  The opportunity will be there I’m just not sure the talent is.

30. San Francisco 49ers – AJ Jenkins – Who?  Not too many were familiar with AJ Jenkins before Thursday.  If you claim to be you’re most likely full of it.  However, he is receiving major hype now.  Many rumors are floating that he was a sleeper on many a GMs draft board.  St Louis apparently evaluated him on par with Blackmon.

31. Tampa Bay Bucs – Doug Martin – TB is widely considered to be a great landing spot for a RB.  Martin should fit the bill as the 3rd down option immediately.  He will rotate with Blount on first and second downs  His value  could very well be sapped near the goal line by Blount.  Blount has proven enough to not be completely written off.

32. New York Giants – David Wilson – A good landing spot for Wilson.  There weren’t too many ideal spots for RBs in this draft.  Wilson joins a team that loves to pound the football and is paired with a back that has historic injury issues.  Bradshaw and Wilson should make a good 1-2 combo for a few years.  Considering both aren’t built to be pounders either one could have significant in season bumps with injuries to the other.


Today we’re hoping to see the following players find homes as well.  For fantasy football 2nd round picks still hold a fair amount of value and these guys still have heaps of talent.  So pay attention to this list as the day unfolds:

Coby Fleener

Alshon Jeffery

Stephen Hill

Rueben Randle

Lamar Miller

Chris Polk

Mohamed Sanu

Marvin Jones

LaMichael James

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