Draft day is finally here and the anticipation couldn’t be any greater for the die-hard football fans. Fans are leaving work early, going to draft parties, filling out draft mock contests, drinking lots of beer and eating unhealthy fried food. Could it be any better? Yes, they could go back to their old format and make it an entire weekend event, but that is neither here or there.

Avid football fans have beloved key dates throughout the year that they look forward to, the off-season events can definitely help to fulfill the hole inside from not having any football games to watch.

Wed Feb 22nd – For those that aren’t big into college football the NFL Combine is where we all start drooling over the talent coming into the league. For the dynasty owners this is where we start our scouting for our rookie drafts in May.

Tue March 13th – The opening of free-agency where all the big names negotiate contracts with new teams or resign with their existing team. Lots of player movement with big FF implications.

Thur April 26th – The NFL Draft is finally here, we will find out the landing spots which will change the landscape of fantasy football affecting players in a positive or negative way.

Dynasty rookie drafts generally start 1-2 weeks after the conclusion of the NFL draft. Most drafts are slow with an 8 or 12 hour timer for each player to make their pick. This is a very fun time for the dynasty owners unless you traded away all of your picks already.

Dynasty start-up drafts typically start anywhere from May all the way up to the end of August. The majority happen in May though, this is where you start the foundation for years to come. Don’t mess up.

NFL Training camp typically starts 15-days before each team’s first pre-season game making the start of camp late July. This is where you start hearing the rumors about how players are performing or if there will be roster changes. This is your last period to do your scouting before the fantasy football redrafts start in mid-to-late August.

Finally, the 2012 NFL Kickoff

Right now we’re at stage 3 of the beloved off-season check schedule. Tonight is like a holiday for most, and I’m sure we’re going to see some shockers as it happens every year. We all wish and hope that the top prospects land in perfect situations for fantasy football purposes, but it won’t happen for them all.

Here are the players that are projected to go in the first round tonight:
Kendall Wright

Here are some players that have a slim chance to sneak into the first round:
Coby Fleener
Alshon Jeffery
Brandon Weeden
Stephen Hil
Doug Martin
Rueben Randle
Lamar Miller

We’ll have an article tomorrow discussing the aftermath and the fantasy implications of tonight’s selections. Here’s to hoping that the big names go to teams where they can make an immediate impact, enjoy the draft tonight!

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