In 2012, we had plenty of break out players in fantasy football. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, T.Y. Hilton, Randall Cobb, Cecil Shorts, Alfred Morris, Vick Ballard and many others all made a case to be drafted to your 2013 Fantasy Football teams. Here are a few players that I think you should keep an eye on and try to pick up for you 2013 Dynasty squad. None of these players are clear cut fantasy starters yet, but with time (time…that’s what Dynasty Fantasy Football is all about), these guys could have a place in your starting lineup for the next 3-5 years.

Salaries based on $1,000 salary cap.

Matt Flynn- (QB Seattle Seahawks…for now) When Flynn spurned the Dolphins last offseason and signed with the Seahawks, I don’t think he had any doubt that he would start Week 1 for his new team. Unfortunately, nobody told Russell Wilson that… and we all know how it ended. Flynn was relegated to back up duties and was paid a pretty penny doing so (how do I get that gig?). I would be absolutely shocked if Seattle doesn’t trade Flynn. QB needy teams like Kansas City, Arizona, Cleveland, Jacksonville, NY Jets and Buffalo should be lining up for his services. Granted, Flynn put up nice numbers in Green Bay with plenty of weapons, but more importantly, he showed the ability to be a pro NFL QB. That’s more than the QBs from the teams listed above showed us in 2012. If Flynn gets moved, a $60-$75 bid on him is worth it. If he stays in Seattle, throw down a minimum offer is you have the rights to Russell Wilson… and insert your fist into a wall.

Vincent Brown- (WR San Diego Chargers) Brown came into 2012 with lofty expectations. I drafted him in more than one league, hoping he could provide production from the slot in the pass happy Charger offense. In a preseason game against the Cowboys, Brown came down awkwardly and broke his ankle. Originally, Chargers brass thought Brown would be back in 8 weeks, but that wasn’t the case and he missed the whole 2012 season. If you can, go after Brown on the cheap. I don’t think he will miss a beat and become Philip Rivers’ favorite target in 2013. I think a bid of $45-$60 is a fair and smart amount for the 3rd year WR.

Chris Givens- (WR St. Louis Rams) The 4th round pick out of Wake Forest proved to be very opportunistic as a rookie in 2012. When Danny Amendola went down with a collarbone/shoulder injury, Givens stepped in and provided double digits fantasy points. Danny Amendola could be on his way out in St. Louis as the Rams have come out and said they will not be placing the Franchise Tag on him. If a team looking for a talented slot receiver comes in with a large offer, Amendola could be out the door and that opens up plenty of targets for Chris Givens. I like Givens in 2013 if Amendola is leaves for greener pastures and would give him a $45 salary.

Kendall Hunter- (RB San Francisco 49ers) Hunter ended 2012 on the IR, but when healthy, he served as a great complement to Frank Gore. Gore uncharacteristically stayed healthy in 2012, which limited the touches of Hunter. However, when Hunter had a chance to play he looked great, averaging over 5 YPC. Gore got a year older and added 239 carries to his small frame. Hunter should get an opportunity to play in 2013 when Gore rights the ship and misses a few games with a geriatric broken hip or something ridiculous (no I’m not still salty that I had him the year he broke his hip just like my grandmother). If Hunter is available, I would try to sign him for $20-$30 and treat him as a long term investment.

David Wilson- (RB New York Giants) Words out of Giants camp is that they are done with Ahmad Bradshaw. It is still VERY early in the Giants off-season, but the rumor mill has already started turning. Personally, I think the writings on the wall for Bradshaw. First, the Giants spend a 1st round pick on David Wilson and then Andre Brown came in and out produced Bradshaw. David Wilson needs a chance to shine as the RB1 in a full time role for the G-Men. I think that if he gets the chance, he is a Top 15 RB and should command a salary of $90-$110.

Dwayne Allen- (TE Indianapolis Colts) I think that the Colts were trying to mimic the Patriots’ success with their drafting of two of the top TEs in the draft. Unlike the Patriots, the one who was drafted later and with less hype (Allen), proved to be the better draft pick. Coby Fleener seemed like a good idea on paper, as he was big, athletic and had good chemistry with Andrew Luck at Stanford. However, when Fleener went down with an injury, it was Dwayne Allen that impressed. I think that Allen should be the TE1 in Indy moving forward. While he won’t put up Top Tier TE numbers, a TE10 finish is easily attainable if he gets the looks from Luck. I would reach for him a bit and place a $60 bid on him.


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