Written by Joe Carpenter

The dynasty football season never ends. Researching, studying, observing training camps, and waiting for freshly drafted rookies to take the field requires tireless attention. As most leagues are starting to have their 2013 rookie drafts or may have already had them, it is even more important to keep up with new prospects and the potential they bring to their respective team. The best way to do that is to watch the college football season and to do some research on your teams and future stars. Like most of you, having to watch more football does not sound like such a bad gig. As the time comes for both professional and college seasons to begin, it is important to be more efficient in your scouting. In order to help with the time crunch, I have compiled a list of those to keep a close eye on going into the upcoming season. I ranked quarterbacks that I believe will make an impact on dynasty teams if you happen to have one of those aging quarterbacks and need a young stud to keep your championship dreams alive.



Teddy+Bridgewater+Kentucky+v+Louisville+gBPyEmkNb_Rl1. Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville): Teddy, at 6’3″ and 218 pounds, is a football player that keeps getting better every game. From his freshmen to sophomore year, he almost doubled his touchdowns (one short) and cut is interceptions by four. He ended his sophomore year in the Gator bowl against Florida, the number one team in pass efficiency defense, throwing for 266 yards and two touchdowns to win MVP of the game. He finished eighth in the nation in passing efficiency, throwing for 300- yard in six games and achieving two 400 -yard games as well. Injuries plague many players, but what sets Bridgewater apart is that he plays through the pain; he is a tough man, with a strong arm that is very good. The talent Teddy brings to the game is astounding. If eligible, Teddy could have been the first quarterback drafted in last year’s draft. Teddy is a great player who will be worth watching for many years and can be used to gain points in dynasty leagues.


tajh2. Tajh Boyd (Clemson) : At 6’1’’ and 225 pounds, Boyd is a very consistent QB. Boyd has thrown for close to 4,000 yards in both the 2011 and 2012 seasons, garnering him over thirty touchdowns. Footwork is crucial in today’s game; Boyd has the athletic ability to run from pass rushers and scramble for yards. For example, he finished last year with thirteen touchdowns in his last three games with five rushing TDs. Boyd is a good mix at quarterback because he can rush, but doesn’t rely on this skill to make him a playmaker. His passing game is very strong and that points to a good future in the pros. He has made his point to be a quarterback to keep your eye on for this season; definitely a Heisman candidate and someone to consider for dynasty leagues


AJ3. A.J. Mccarron (Alabama):
A.J. is a winner, but wins don’t give you points in dynasty. What sets McCarron apart is that he is a guy that plays the QB role how it was designed to be played. Over his past two years as a starter, he’s thrown for 46 touchdowns and only eight interceptions, going 24-2 as a starter for the Crimson Tide. He led the nation in passing efficiency with a 173.08 last year. As a quarterback who is very smart with his decisions with the ball, he shows impressive perception and analyzing skills that are crucial to the game. He had 291 passing attempts between interceptions, the second longest streak in SEC history. He threw four touchdowns in a win over Notre Dame, who was carried by their defense, in last year’s BCS Championship game. Alabama is a great program , which only helps A.J. produce, but his talent transcends from college ball to the pros


fales_1-14. David Fales (San Jose State): David is quarterback that many of you have not had heard of or seen before. Flying low, David began his college career at a junior college and one year at San Jose State. He had a great season last year that put him on the dynasty map. He threw 33 touchdowns with 9 interceptions, leading San Jose State to its first bowl game since 2006, and first top 25 ranking since 1975. David threw six 300-yard games last season. From week six on he threw for more than two touchdowns in every game. David had a completion rate of 72.1% last season which made him the most accurate passer. Fales is a very competitive quarterback who will be worth watching this season, he will keep San Jose in the spotlight all year and should be an interest going into next years dynasty draft


AaronMurray5.Aaron Murray (Georgia) : Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron are going to be very fun to watch in the SEC this year and I have a feeling these two will be playing in the SEC championship game again. Murray is mocked for not being the prototypical QB. Short in stature compared to other NFL hopefuls, he plays just fine in the SEC where that conference is full of NFL type defenses. Murray has thrown for over 3,000 yards every year that he has started. He is a proven starter who will win games for his team. Murray has 95 touchdown passes in his career at Georgia, which has broken Peyton Manning’s record for touchdowns in a career, I mean that’s Peyton Manning were talking about. Aaron still has one more season left to try to make his touchdown record untouchable. Watch Aaron this season as he proves he is as reliable a quarterback there is in college football.

When preparing for a draft, there are two main considerations to keep in mind. One is injury and another is someone who is consistent. The quarterbacks listed above are consistent, who have only gotten better as their college careers have bloomed into something special. David Fales has only done it in the FBS for one year and he will be the one to keep an eye on to see if he can stay that consistent for another. They are all very durable players also. For example, Murray showed his resiliency after a shoulder injury his freshmen year with nothing since and Teddy fielding a game against Rutgers for a win while injured. These quarterbacks are consistent and healthy quarterbacks who will be worth watching this season to help make your dynasty team stronger for the future .