Dobbs has a murky translation grade.

Dobbs has a murky translation grade.

Devy QBs are not a highly drafted commodity but every now then we get an Andrew Luck or a Peyton Manning or a John Elway. You know those resurrectors with a folklore-ish past. There might be one of those player listed below. Chances are there is also a Ryan Leaf or a Todd Marinovich and a Sam Bowie.

DeShaun Watson / Clemson / 6’2″ / 210 deshaun-watson-ftr-091215-getty_etj81t8twpv518sq7ywv7hjwv

  • Pushes from back foot to front foot to create an accurate zip on the ball
  • Also throws with gusto and accuracy on the run
  • Seems to effortlessly gain yardage with legs
  • Excellent pocket poise (not a free-slinger)
  • Understands timing and when to get rid of the ball
  • Does tend to float deeper passes, not a fast baller

Brad Kaaya / Miami / 6’4″ / 209 sfl-brad-kaaya-looks-to-pass-20150908

  • Decent anticipation in pocket but goes flat footed when he throws
  • Profoundly accurate with exceptional touch
  • Gets victimized by timing based system and fails to find the open man because he is focused on one or two options
  • He bleeds the dream and audibles with purpose
  • Needs to add weight in order to stand strong in the pocket

Baker Mayfield /Oklahoma / 6′ / 209 TCU+v+Oklahoma+XPipHjKPq6tl

  • Undersized gamer with a live arm
  • Strong leader who continuously shows great ball placement on his throws
  • His height prevents him from standing tall in the pocket
  • Stuff in the hips runner does not allude much
  • Rhythmically boring/shot put passer

Luke Falk / Washington State / 6’4″ / 203 Luke Falk

  • Very comfortable and focused in the pocket
  • A typical PAC12 rubber armed shotgun shogun
  • Often waits until his top receiving option has hatched his route
  • Extremely accurate deep ball
  • Not gun-shy when coverage is tight
  • A bit of a plotter as he does not move legs post-snap much

Josh Dobbs / Tennessee / 6’4″ / 220 635709426147865914-uscpcent02-6js5f2a4pabgj63ektv-original

  • Dobbs stands tall in pocket and displays mighty yet light footwork
  • He is not adverse to tucking and running
  • He definitely knows when to take advantage of open field
  • He doesn’t throw the prettiest but have nice touch on his throws
  • Ultimately he seems more like a great college QB will who struggle to find consistency in the pros
  • Do not overpay if you have to settle for him

Josh Rosen / UCLA / 6’4″ / 210 MV-UCLA-VIRGINIA

  • This kid is already being called the “chosen Rosen”
  • It is almost as mythical as the “suck for Luck” campaign of 2011, potential 1st overall pick when he comes out
  • Rosen seems to have all the tools at an early age and 2QB devy leaguers may just want to grab him now if allowed
  • Already trusts his arm and he delivers bolts of lightning
  • Already not afraid to attack the middle of the field
  • Inexperience has led to some bird dogging

Chad Kelly / Ole Miss / 6’2″ / 215 i

  • Adjusts to make throws under pressure well
  • Very nifty footwork, does taken unnecessary steps or chances
  • His deep ball is very spotty as he tends rush it
  • Will need to prove himself without Laquon Treadwell this season
  • Goes through progressions well and he will stare down another option and adjust to find an open man deeper downfield