Why Advertise With DynastyFootballWarehouse.com?

Dynasty Football Warehouse attracts up to 50,000 unique visitors every month in the highly targeted demographic of NFL football fans and fantasy football players.

The following is a breakdown of the advertising channels we can provide:

The Site – DFW publishes 2-4 new fantasy football articles each and every day of the week year-round.  This provides our users with the time sensitive information they deserve and want.  It also provides the ability to advertise to both new and returning customers who value our content and read it on a daily basis.  We have ad space on our main page, our ranking pages (which garner a large percentage of traffic), and on individual article pages.

Message Board – DFW has fantasy football forums ripe with activity at all times of day and night.  Our users are looking to get and share information real-time because of the ever-changing landscape that is the NFL and fantasy football.  Our forums give them this outlet and also serves to provide significant advertising opportunity.

The Podcasts – DFW sponsors produces a fantasy football podcast called Dynasty Pulse which can get upwards of 12,000 downloads.  Our customers are able to gain valuable information from this fantasy football related podcasts either live or on demand.  Traditional web advertising on the podcast page and advertisements delivered as in-show audio are both available.


Advertisement Rates*

Advertising Channel

Advertisement Location

Advertisement Size

Main Page Left Sidebar Square Upper
Main Page: Ad 1
250px X 250px
Main Page Right Sidebar Medium Rectangle Upper
Main Page: Ad 2
300px X 250px
Main Page Left Sidebar Square Lower
Main Page: Ad 3
250px X 250px
Main Page Left Sidebar Skyscraper/Rectangle Lower
Main Page: Ad 4
160px X 600px
240px X 400px
Main Page Right Sidebar Buttons
Main Page: Ad 5 (multiple on page)
125px X 125px
Article Page Leaderboard Upper (above every article) 728px X 90px
Rankings Page Leaderboard Upper
Rankings Page: Ad 1
728px X 90px
Rankings Page Right Sidebar Skyscraper
Rankings Page: Ad 2
160px X 600px
Rankings Page Leaderboard Lower
Rankings Page: Ad 3
728px X 90px
Message Board Right Sidebar Square Upper
Message Board: Ad 1
250px X 250px
Message Board Right Sidebar Square Lower
Message Board: Ad 2
250px X 250px
Message Board Leaderboard Lower
Message Board: Ad 3
728px X 90px


Main Page


Rankings Page


Message Board


*Combo packages spanning all available advertising channels available upon request.

**Please note this report is updated and republished on a quarterly basis. For the most recent statistics, demographic information or questions please contact us at [email protected].