Written by Dan Heins aka Burgandy


Eight months before now, you tore up your knee,

Eight months before now, something worse happened to me.

When watching that late, meaningless Minnesota game,

I felt that my life, would never be the same.


You had always been, a machine amongst men,

But on this sad day, your gears had worn thin.

I couldn’t believe it, there’s no FREAKIN way

Now Toby Gerhardt, would have to save the day.


The season was over, we soon would all learn,

So I prayed for the day, that you would return.

You promised us all, you’d start the first game,

But as a Vikings fan, most promises are lame.


All summer I listened, intently with yearn,

To see if you really, could actually return.

Return to the beast, you have always been known,

Return to the field, return to your throne.


For you are the King amongst Kings in this league,

And a league without its King, is no league to me.

Then came the first report, and yes! Positivity,

If anyone can, surely you can A.P.!


The preseason arrived and they teased us each week,

Was this talk of return, just all tongue and cheek?

Four games came and went, with no much as a whiff,

So I guess Toby’s our guy, with a single tear and a sniff.


What’s that? Could it be? He’s starting you say,

Could it be my purple knight, riding in to save the day?

And out of the tunnel, you ran into the light,

I shrieked like a school-girl, in joyous delight.


You were back just in time, you were back with that grin,

You not only kicked ass, you got us a win.

And now there’s no doubt, you’re a man of your word,

Your place in NFL glory, is all but assured.


If there is a running back, out there I love more,

I would glady show you, all the way to the door.

But since there is not, I’ll just simply say,

YO ADRIAN! WE DID IT! And be on my way.