*4.59 40 yd dash

*As polished as can be

We all know the drill.  For some time now we have been told how Andrew Luck is the best player to come out in a decade or more, the best QB prospect since John Elway, and a number of other clichéd comparisons that get us all excited.  So what is the real deal with Andrew Luck?  Is he all that and a bag of chips? As much as I’d like to say “no” right now after all that build up the answer is essentially “yes”.

Luck is one of the most polished and NFL ready QBs to come out in some time.  He is your prototypical pocket passer and displays perfect poise in the pocket.  He’s big, accurate, and does almost everything right from a passing perspective.  His athleticism is highly underrated and he can do more than simply camp in the pocket.  He has the speed and quickness to move out of the pocket and even scramble if need be.  His greatest strength lies between the tackles though so his ability to move around within that space is his biggest plus.  Luck can read defenses better than anyone else in this draft, adjusts well to pressure, and played in an NFL style offense in college.  He’s got everything you could ask for in an NFL QB prospect.

Now that I heaped a bunch of praise on him like everyone else I will tell you that Luck isn’t perfect.  His arm strength is good but not great.  He is highly accurate but when on the move considerably less so.   He sometimes avoids his progressions before locking on to his target and throwing the ball. While none of these weaknesses are glaring they are definitely present and are something to consider.  Luck is good enough and smart enough to overcome them but he does have some work to do before being crowned king.

The thing I like most about Luck is that I feel like we already have a pretty good idea of what he’ll be in the NFL.  His style of play and approach to the game isn’t likely to change much so it should be a fairly smooth transition.  He may not have the “wow” factor and super athleticism of a guy like RG3 but his floor is so high that the risk of drafting him is extremely low. He is bound to be at least a top 15 QB in this league.  That in my opinion is his floor.  His ceiling is considerably higher than that and the sky is the limit for Luck.  He may not break down the floodgates in his rookie season like we saw from Cam Newton but he’s sure to develop into one of the better players in the league at some point.  There’s no reason to pass on Luck if you’re in need of a QB for your dynasty team.  Simply make the pick, sit back, and reap the rewards.

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