Written by Wesley Wood

On March 12, 2013 right as free agency began, the Bills cut Ryan Fitzpatrick. You may have some questions but keep your hand down for now as I will tell you everything there is to know.



The Bills signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a big deal after a few wins in 2011 that made Fitzpatrick look like the second coming of Jim Kelly. Turns out the Bills were wrong to think that as we all learned the Fitzpatrick starts every season hot and cools down along with the weather. His play is inconsistent even though he has good targets in Stevie Johnson, CJ Spiller, and Scott Chandler to help him out. He was a decent QB2 for fantasy but Buffalo doesn’t care. This drops Fitzpatricks stock tremendously and it is more than likely he will sign somewhere else for less and compete for a starting job. It may be too late to sell him if you have him. But I would hold on until he signs with another team, then try pawning him on someone for a rookie draft pick.

Now you may be asking yourself, “who is even on the Bills roster that can play QB”? Tarvaris Jackson. That is truly it, as they have no one else who is even worth the Cardinal’s time let alone theirs.

It is clear at this point that the Bills have to get a QB in the draft, as Tarvaris Jackson isn’t starting NFL caliber QB material. There are a few veteran QB’s the Bills could sign or trade for. Matt Flynn, Matt Hasselback, Matt Cassel, and Kevin Kolb are all possible targets. Out of the Matt trio and Kolb, the only QB’s I found to be enticing for the Bills is Matt Flynn and Matt Hasselback. If they sign Flynn then I think they can hold off on drafting a QB with their first pick this year and get someone like Nassib in round 2. However if they dare to sign Hasselback then that can only mean one thing…

The Geno Smith train is coming into town!



Matt Hasselback in his old age is not the answer. But how would they acquire Geno? Arizona picks at #7 and the Bills pick at #8. This means they would need to trade up to the #6 or higher spot as it is way too risky to let the Geno get to the Cardinals. With Hasselback and Geno I can completely support this as a sound decision. Hasselback is a good veteran who can lead the team for a year while letting Geno develop behind him. This would let Geno breakout in year two and get the starting gig.



Who do you think the Bills get??? Comment below, as I am curious to see what everyone thinks.