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Devin Street: Potential For A Nice ROI

By Michael Franchino (@ebsteelers)
Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

In the stock market fewer things are more important than your return on investment (ROI). It is always nice to find that cheap stock that returns 20-30-40 percent if not more. In dynasty, next to winning your championship, nothing is sweeter than finding those 5th-or-6th-round rookies that help get your team over the hump.

I have identified a wide receiver (this week) and a running back (next article) from the 2014 NFL Draft that was chosen in the 5th-round or later who are going for next to nothing in your rookie drafts. Each has the potential to not only outperform their NFL draft position, but help contribute to your fantasy squads this year. In this article I will discuss the wide receiver.

The first player is the Dallas Cowboys’ 5th-round selection (146th overall), Devin Street. Street is a 6’3″, 198-pound wideout from the University of Pittsburgh. The Cowboys traded up in the 5th-round to select him. He is similar in size to their 2013 3rd-round selection, Terrance Williams. Street should put on some weight this year, which would greatly benefit him in the NFL.

A little background on Devin: He holds Pittsburgh’s career reception record with 202 catches. He was 2nd-team All Big East in 2012 and 3rd-team All ACC in 2013. Additionally, he was a team captain and started 40 games at Pitt. Devin ran the full route tree and is a good, crisp route runner. This is something that helps wide receivers who aren’t as big or as fast as some of their counterparts get separation from defensive backs. Personally, I feel if his quarterback’s play rookie Tom Savage of the Houston Texans during his college career was more consistent he could have been a higher round draft choice. Also, do not forget to take into account that this year’s draft was extremely deep at wide receiver.

Landing in an explosive offense like the Cowboys’ is a nice situation for any young receiver. And in my opinion Devin will be the No. 3 wide receiver in Dallas sooner rather than later. His competition there is the undersized Cole Beasley, and standout special teamer Dwayne Harris. I do not think he will have any problems beating out either for snaps. Devin can play as an inside receiver in the slot, or on the outside for the Cowboys. The more spots a young wideout can play the better chance he has to showcase his stuff. Early reports from Dallas have already mentioned they plan on using him in both roles.

This offense has the ability to have multiple fantasy contributors, much like it has in the past. As reference, both Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams each had 6 games last year with double-digit PPR points. Jason Witten had 7 and Dez Bryant had 13 (he better, he’s a first rounder). Additionally, players in the National Football League are always one play away from being the next man up due to injuries. And this is an offense in which you can make an immediate contribution if that were to happen. Another factor of note is that the Cowboys defense is terrible and their NFC East counterparts are just as bad. Bad Defense = Shootouts = A Wonderful Week for your fantasy starters.

To finish, as I should of mentioned in my last article, I do not know what type of leagues everyone plays in. I know they vary from 12-team non-PPR formats with 20 roster spots to 16-team PPR formats with 40-plus roster spots. But either way, in shallower leagues with only three round rookie drafts I’d recommend keeping Street on your watch list.

In deeper leagues with five-plus round rookie drafts I’d recommend selecting him with your last pick or holding onto him with one of your last roster spots. Personally, if you’re holding a kicker or defense in the offseason I’d be dropping them for an upside player like Street (or the player I will focus my next article on) and see how he shows in the preseason.

In my next article I will discuss the second player I feel offers potential for a nice ROI. Stay Tuned!