Commissioner Appreciation

By Zach Rhodehamel (@ZuluDeltaRomeo)
Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Most owners don’t know the hard work that goes into being a commissioner of a fantasy football league, whether it is a dynasty or a redraft of some sorts. Finding a draft date that is suitable for all members of the league, recruiting new owners, replacing owners, and then collecting league fees may all seem like easy enough tasks for a commissioner to get done. However, most of these have a hiccup or some other hurdle that stands in the way.

Finding a date and time to draft doesn’t sound that hard, but it can be when some owners live on opposite coasts, different states, and have different work schedules. Recruiting new, local, and active owners can also be a hurdle because most people I know who play fantasy football don’t quite understand dynasty (not quite yet anyway). And then the worst part, is collecting a $20-$30 league fee. Once again, this shouldn’t be a big deal, and I rarely have a problem rounding them up, but don’t wait till the end of the season to pay. If you see your commissioner before your draft, pay him. Send him a check in the next couple weeks if that’s how you pay. If you use LeagueSafe or PayPal to pay your league fee, do it early.

In a hometown dynasty league, which I’m the commissioner of, I had a couple of administrative things occur this offseason. I had to replace two of our twelve owners, in which case we will do a replacement owners draft (ROD). During a ROD, the two new owners will draft their teams from the players on both of the abandoned teams.

One of the abandoned teams in this instance had made some trades last season and acquired an extra draft pick in each of the first three rounds of the six round rookie draft. I was actually surprised a bit to have to replace that owner because of the plethora of picks he had acquired. I wasn’t really sure how to handle this situation, and wanted to be fair to both of the new owners. After some discussion with others, I got an answer that seemed fair to both of them, and that was to include all the rookie picks that both of these teams had acquired in the ROD.

Any other commissioners run into similar or more complicated situations than this? What did you do in this situation? Please discuss it in the comments below.

Everyone should send their commissioner a message of gratitude for his or her hard work they put in throughout the season, but more importantly the offseason. I hope everyone had a Happy 4th, and wish everyone a safe holiday weekend.