By Jay Myers

I’ve been playing dynasty format since ’08 with countless championships across the 18+ leagues I play in per year.  Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I have issues, and that I might need some addiction help.  I go through actual withdrawals if I go too long without making a trade.  There’s just something about constructing a deal, negotiating it with another owner, and then going back and forth until it’s finalized.  I get a natural high from it to be honest and the result is trade, trades, and more completed trades.

The purpose of this ongoing article is to give you some insight into the deals I make across the 18 leagues I play in.  From the thoughts and strategies that make it a win/win deal for not only myself but the other owners I deal with.  The goal is not to get a steal, but to make a deal that works for both sides.  This is needed if you want to have healthy long-term trade relationships across your leagues, if you build a reputation of trying to get over on folks then you will eventually burn all your bridges and no one will want to deal with you.

Here re we go, jump in the mind of a mad man.

May Trades:

5/17 – DFWC26 – At this point in the start-up draft I have the below starters and bench players.  As you can see I’m in trouble at RB with only Ameer, Perine, Kamara, I have some good young talent but nothing definitive for the ’17 season to try and compete.  I had been working with another owner on a deal for the last two days and we went back and forth many times until we completed the following trade.  I gave D.Parker, 13.10 pick which was 3 away at the time, 15.10 and a ’18 2nd and I recieved Jay Ajayi, 15.02 and 17.02.  I really needed an RB1 and Ajayi was taken at 3.02 while I snagged Parker at 5.02.  The future 2nd was fair in my book and the pick swaps this late in the draft aren’t deal killers to plug the hole I had.  The other team was strong at RB and weak at WR while I was strong at WR and weak at RB so these are the types of win/win deals that make this so fun.

Previous Starters: Stafford, Abdullah, Perine, Julio, Watkins, Alshon, Ebron, Diggs, Parker

New Starters: Stafford, Ajayi, Abdullah, Julio, Watkins, Alshon, Ebron, Diggs, K.White or possibly Perine

Bench: Perine, Kamara, Treadwell


5/17 – DFWC26 – I gave an OTC 12.10 pick and a ’18 3rd for Stafford.  QBs went surprisingly early in this draft and I really thought Stafford was going to slide to me at 12.10 but he went two picks prior as the other owner’s 2nd QB. That left options like Big Ben and his retirement concerns, Dalton, Palmer, Tanny, etc.  Not too pretty, so I coughed up the 3rd which is fine to ensure a top-10 dynasty QB in the bottom of the 12th while stocking up at other positions.

5/11 – DFWC26 – I gave 6.05, 8.03 and I got 6.09, 7.04 – Plenty of targets so I traded down and selected Kevin White and moved up a round from the 8th to 7.04.

5/10 – DFWC26 – I gave 5.05, 6.02, 12.03 and I got 5.03, 6.05, 12.10 – I really wanted DeVante Parker in this spot as I still believe he has the tools to become a WR1 in fantasy.  Recent talk from the coaching staff and media suggest he’s in for a big season.  It’s hard to believe everything you hear in the off-season, but this is a good calculated risk in the 5th compared to his late 2nd to early 3rd start-up value this time last year.

5/8 – DFWC 26 – I gave David Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, CJ2K, ’18 2nd and 3rd and received DeAndre Hopkins, Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard – While I love DJ and own him all over, I really liked the idea of adding a young elite WR like Hopkins while also getting a young potential stud RB with L. Bell type qualities. The more I watch of Mixon the more I love his game, he’s a beast.

5/8 – DFWC 46 – I gave an OTC pick 3.05, 7.10, 9.10 for 3.06, 7.06, 9.06 – Still had plenty of targets so I was ok moving down 1 spot for a few small bumps later on.

5/8 – DFW36 IDP – I gave Vernon Davis, Malik Jackson DT, Akiem Hicks DE for Josh Gordon – Looking to grab Gordon before as a flier in case he is reinstated, this could end up looking real cheap or a garbage move.  50/50

5/7 – DFW36 IDP – I gave Larry Fitz, Robert Woods, ’18 2nd and 3rd and received Doug Baldwin – Really wanted to upgrade the older Fize, Baldwin is 29 with 3 years left if not more of solid WR2 production.

5/7 – DFWC 46 – I gave 3.01, 6.03 and received 3.05, 5.05 – Still had plenty of WR’s I liked at this point to risk moving down 4 spots while getting a bump from the 6th to the 5th.

5/7 – DFWC 46 – I gave 3.01, 6.03 for 3.05, 5.05 – Same story, had plenty of targets so I was ok moving down while grabbing pick bumps down the road.

5/7 – DFWC 46 – I gave Allen Robinson, 3.09 for 2.12, 3.01 – I was able to grab Sammy Watkins at 2.12 who I value almost similarly to ARob and I got bumped up from 3.09 to 3.01.

5/6 – DFWC 46 – I gave 2.03, 4.02 and received 2.04, 3.09 – Love start-up drafts where you can move up or down depending on where the value is.

5/5 – DFWC 46 – I gave 1.10, 3.10, 5.10 and received 1.08, 4.02, 6.02 – This allowed me to grab Julio at 8th overall which is insane IMO.

5/5 – DFW36 IDP – I gave Burkhead, Jordan Reed, ’18 1st and received Ameer Abdullah and Gronk – Wanted to address my RB3 spot behind Zeke and DJ and I am still an Ameer believer and while both Gronk and Reed are injury-prone Gronk can be an even bigger weekly match-up if he can stay healthy.

5/2 – DFWC 40 – I gave 1.02 and got Melvin Gordon – Essentially gave up Fournette or Davis for Gordon.  A slight bit of buyers remorse here, but ultimately at the end of the day this is a team built to win now so Gordon carries less risk short-term and should produce consistent stats

5/1 – DFWC 40 – I gave 1.03, 2.08, 6.11 and received 1.02, 4.02, 5.11 – The goal was to guarantee a pick of Fournette or Davis as they are the clear top-2 picks for me.  I like McCaffery at 1.03 but there is a decent size gap for me personally.


Well, that’s it so far for May, what do you like or don’t like?  Hit me up in the comments below.  Have a trade question, hit me up below or shoot me an email on the contact form.