Danny Amendola

Written by Wesley Wood

Not even close. Oh, I apologize, I answered the article’s main question without even elaborating. That is just rude of me. Let’s start from the top.

Tom Brady cut a new deal which freed up cap room for the Patriots to re-sign Welker who is Tom Brady’s nookie-blankey. So what ends up happening? The Patriots don’t re-sign Welker and he goes to the Broncos who just happen to be the other AFC favorite this year to make a serious Super Bowl run. What happens to Welker’s stock as a result? My opinion, as a proud Welker owner, is that it stays the same. But this isn’t an article about Welker, it is about Amendola, or as some are starting to call him “Wes Welker 2.0”.

Now the Welkerless Patriots have Tom Brady who is feeling cold and alone up in Massachusetts without his safety blanket to keep him warm. The Patriots signed the former slot receiver out of St. Louis, Danny Amendola, for 5 years and 31 million dollars. He is only twenty seven which is younger than Welker and he is a good ppr machine for fantasy. So what is the issue?



Amendola cannot seem to stay healthy to save his life. He has played 42 games in 4 seasons (10.5 games a season). The only season he played every game was in 2010. The other three seasons? 2009 he saw the field 14 times, 2011 he only played 1 game, and this past season in 2012 he played 11 games. This has caused him to never top 700 yards in a season or even 3 TD’s. I do expect these stats to get better with Brady so Amendola’s stock is up, but if he cannot stay healthy then what is the point?



Now is the prime time to sell him if you believe, like I do, that he will not finish another season. However if you do believe he can stick it out then hang on to him. The Patriots are creative and give him the best chance to have a 100+ reception, 1000+ yard, 5+ TD season. All he needs to do is stay on the field.

Is this a good signing by the Patriots? Yes, it is. At what averages out to 6 million a year he is a good buy. Is he a WR1 or even a WR2 in fantasy? No, he is a WR3 with WR2 upside in ppr. Non ppr he is simply a flex play with WR3 upside. Is Danny Amendola the next Wes Welker but better? Not even close.

What do you think of the signing? Will you be targeting him? Tell me in the comments below!