Written by Quinn Almighty

The following players are being hyped hard. Too hard. Proceed with caution.

1. Collin Kaepernick,

He took 536 snaps in 2012, threw for 1,814 yards, 10 TDs, and 3 INTs. Alex Smith took 35 fewer snaps, and produced 3 more touchdowns. Furthermore, while Kaepernick finished the regular season with a 5-2 record, he did so by beating the Bears sans Jay Cutler, the New Orleans Saints’ 31st-ranked defense, the Cardinals, and ye olde Miami Dolphins of the losing record. All this is to say that C’Kaep has yet to prove definitively that he’s franchise material. I’m not saying don’t draft or trade for him, just that one shouldn’t assume that he’s a sure thing QB 1.

Similarly overhyped QBs:

Russell Wilson: I’m a fan, but he has too many physical short comings, and too small a sample size of performances to be considered a sure thing.

Ryan Tannehill: Home slice started out college as a receiver. A R-E-C-E-I-V-E-R. Also, I’m sorry, but Mike Wallace is no Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson: his presence doesn’t automatically make his QB better, or an offense a juggernaut.

2. Montee Ball

Full disclosure: I drafted Montee Ball in more than one league. Nonetheless, his current ADP in start-up drafts has him going in the second round. That’s just nucking futs. John Fox hates rookies, and Peyton Manning has Decker, Thomas, and Welker.

Similarly overhyped RBs:

David Wilson: Dude has fumble issues, and Tom Coughlin is his coach; can you say ‘writing on the wall’? Also, when was the last time a VA Tech RB made good in the NFL?

Chris Ivory: He breaks too easily, and the Jets are not good. One might say that they were bad, even. Or terrible. Awful. Unwatchable…

Demarco Murray: Jerry Jones.

3. Denario Alexander

Yes, he was a stud year last year, but he’s had five knee surgeries, and he’ll have to share targets with an emergent Vincent Brown even as his QB is on the decline. The fact that he’s being taken before Romo, Josh Gordon, and Tampa Mike is crazy.

Similarly overhyped WRs:

Percy Harvin: He’s going to lose red zone receptions to Rice, he just is.

Jordy Nelson: He’s as good as Rodgers is, no better, no worse.

Mike Wallace: The DJax of Miami: “Look at me, I can run really fast in a straight line.

4. Tony Gonzalez

Is he a stud? Hells to the yeah. But he’s gotta share with a more mature Julio, an always reliable Roddy, and the newly arrived Mr. I’ll-run-your-punk-arse over, a.k.a., SJax. He’ll be good, but his production will decline.

Similarly overhyped TEs:

Rob Gronkowski: Dude has had how many surgeries?

Dennis Pita: Katie Perry wrote a song about his QB: “You’re hot and you’re cold…” You just can’t depend on him.

That’s all for me, folks.


Quinn Almighty