DFW-IDP Blitz Podcast Episode 19 Plant Flag/Wash Hands


We thought we would ask around some #IDP industry guys and get some takes and discuss them along with some of our takes.


  • Ezekiel Ansah… Twitter followers were most interested and bullish about Zeke! (can we call him that with Elliot loose now?) I believe he is a bounce back candidate and can be acquired at a slight discount.  Reminder that Hyder and Taylor are kind of just guys for me… DL3 types.
  • Brandon Graham… Tyler Huggins was in his camp and BreezeIDP was not. At DE12 Tyler won this one. However, Breeze says he still hates both Graham and Tylers ugly faces! I believe he is a sell high. I like the other pieces there to bounce back and think Graham regresses.
  • Kiko Alonso… I love him and think he fits in that scheme great. He was the LB6 this season and has been healthy. Breeze still says he is a ballerina in cleats.
  • Vontaze Burfict… I loved him as a buy low at the beginning of the season. I think he is a hold. It is tough to aquire him at any value. Drew Dodson thinks he could flirt with the LB1 overall if he weren’t such “human garbage”…
  • Brandon Marshall… Breeze is washing his hands and Huggins says he’s worth grabbing as an LB3. I lean with Tyler on this one. I think the price will be right.
  • Jelani Jenkins… We are all washing our hands… There is probably no trade value, so he is a dump.
  • Lavonte David… Eveyone agrees he is the GOAT. We talked about it last week. If the owner is selling at any discount scoop him up.
  • Kwon Alexander… mixed bag. Breeze thinks he is a bum. I have a hard time arguing his production. I mentioned it last week, but I like him as a sell.
  • Mychal Kendricks… We all like his talent and think he is worth an add if the price is right. That defense will be revamped one way or another…
  • Stephone Anthony… Everyone seems to like him except for me. I don’t like the fact that he can’t work his way in the lineup despite being surrounded by mediocrity. That being said, if the price were dirt cheap I’d buy as an LB4 with upside.
  • Shaq Thompson… We are all card carrying members of the fan club. Buy!
  • Joey Bosa… Eric Olinger says he “may” be wrong about Bosa being a bum. Breeze hinted at an outside chance he could me moved to LB… If you were not aware @BreezeIDP makes the IDP depth charts for Rotoworld, so my ears perk up when he speaks. I like Bosa. I am really anxious to see how he is lining up what percentage of the time.
  • Leonard Floyd… Drew Dodson thinks he has a chance to be pretty good and more than just an Edge guy. I am selling my shares as I think I can net a small profit.
  • Henry Anderson… Tyhler and StickyZ (@Adamtz) both like Anderson a ton. I was not very high on him, but their endorsement is causing me to look deeper. They lack talent on that line, so it is reasonable that he emerges if healthy.
  • Miles Killebrew… I was on him preseason and have had to sit on all my shares. He is finally now getting worked in and being productive. He is big and strong and has a good football IQ. I love him as a stash
  • Kevin Byard… I was high on him preseason and just like Killebrew he is getting his shot. DBs are a dime a dozen, but those two are ascending.
  • Sua Cravens… I know, I hate on him. If you own him sell him. He has shown a tiny bit of something on the field. I’d want to cash in.
  • TJ McDonald… Breeze has a #HotTake that TJ will be an elite DB and you should be acquiring him. He is a FA this offseason
  • JJ Watt… I am selling, Breeze is acquiring. This is one of the more polarizing players in IDP right now. It is very similar to Gronk on the other side of the ball.
  • I AM WASHING MY HANDS OF ANYONE THAT HAS HAD ANY LEGAL ISSUES WITH DRUGS/DUI/DOMESTIC ABUSE… I am so sick of all of the crap that goes with it. Yes Leveon Bell is amazing. I don’t want to be left holding the bag when he gets his one full year suspension… it’s coming folks. The one time in 6 years I made an exception for Martavis he got suspended. Have fun dealing with that mess…


There you have it folks. We took a look into some players that we are planting our flags or washing our hands of. Let us know what you think and who are your buy/sell candidates. @BillLatin @CMTubbs


Thanks as always for your support. Thanks also to @DrewDodsonNFL , @OlingerIDP , @BreezeIDP , @Adamtz , @HBombIDP , @Mike_Woellert and @IDPwithBee_8o8 I also would like to mention @Mike_Woellert shared three great articles available at 4for4.com that highlight 11 LB, 8 DBs, and 8 DL to target for next season. Go check his work out!


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