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Written by: Bruce “FATKATZ” Kimbrough ( @Fatkat52 )

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#ByeWeekBlues in week 13 (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Please check back as I’m going to look through the players and stats one time to see if I missed anyone. All UPDATES are in RED!!!!

I’ll be telling you to Hold or Fold some of the players I put up on the waivers next week.

Week 11 Review – HOLD or FOLD – On my HOLD

or FOLD if I have a HOLD on the player and they are available they are still a pick up.


Mario Addison- DE CAR: OUT INJURY; Addison (foot injury) was listed as out on Friday’s injury report, didn’t practice at all last week, and he was inactive Sunday.

Stephon Tuitt- DE PIT: 2 AST, 3 QBHits on 59/94% 0f the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Don’t like his match up with NYG next week.

Ezekiel Ansah: DE DET: 2 QBHits on 35/59% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> He needs to changes his name to Eze-No-TKS Ansah. It doesn’t look like he has the FIRE that he had last year so until that comes back I’m not playing him.

Jared Odrick- DE JAC: NO STATS did not play.


Bruce Irvin- OLB OAK: 3 Solos, 1 AST,1 TFL, 1 SK, 3 QBHits, 1 PD on 65/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> If you have him start him or if he’s still on your wire pick him up.

Derrick Morgan- DE TEN: 2 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 PD on 67/84% of the snaps>>>#ByeWeekBlues in week 13

Edwin Jackson- (R) ILB IND: 4 Solos, 3 AST on 48/89% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> The 1st year player is on starting opposite of the other Jackson and has a great match with NYJ in week 13 that give away the 4th most points to LBs.

Nick Kwiatkoski (R)- ILB CHI: WATCH; 2 solos, 2 AST, 1 TFL on 54/97% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> With Freeman out for four games and SF up next I like him for week 13.


Donte Whitner- SS WAS: 4 Solos on 52/91% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He had a slow week but look for him to rebound in week 13 as he has ARI that gave up the 4th most points to S.

Kurt Coleman- SS CAR: 8 Solos, 3 AST on 74/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> 15 Solos the last two weeks and a good matchup for week 13 with SEA.

Byron Jones- FS DAL: 7 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 PD on 75/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Jones has put up 24 Solos in the last three games and has a good match with MIN in week 13.

Rashaan Melvin- CB IND: 4 Solos, 1 AST on 39/72% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> He lost some snaps with Robinson back but still played well with limited snaps and has a good match up with NYJ.

Eli Apple (R)- CB NYG: 2 Solos on 58/77% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Thought he would perform better then he did. Time to move on or have to wait till next year.

Jeremy Lane- CB SEA: 2 Solos, 1 AST on 67/100% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Shead will be back for week 13.

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Week 13


Marcell Dareus- NT/DT BUF: If he is playing you need to play him  because he has fresh legs for the playoffs as he missed 9 games this year. He was killer in week 12 wit 5 Solos, 3 AST, 3 TFL, 2 SKs, 2 QBHits on 43/63% of the snaps.

Javon Hargrave (R)- NT/DT PIT: If your looking for a NT/DT this Rookie is the one. He has put 2 SKs and 3 QBHits the last two games. In week 12 he had 4 Solos, 1 AST, 2.5 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits.

Noah Spence (R)- DE TB: STREAMER; The rookie has had a great season and a great week 12 with 2 Solos, 3 AST, 2 TFL, 1.5 SKs, 2 QBHits, 1 FF on 51/81% of the snaps and has a great matchup with SD in week 13 who give up the 2nd most points to DEs.

Michael Johnson- DE CIN: Johnson has been so-so this year, but it seams that he’s catching some fire in the later part of the season as he had 6 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 1 QBHit on 48/71% of the snaps. Week 13 with PHI will be a good matchup for him as they give away the 13th most points to DEs.

Malik Jackson- DT JAC: If your looking for a DT Jackson will work you in week 13 against DEN that give up the 8th most points to DTs. In week 12 he had 4 Solos, 1 AST, 2 TFL, 2 SKs, 2 QBHits on 40 of the 55 snaps.

Carl Nassib (R)- DE CLE: #ByeWeekBlues in week 13; I know he has a bye week 13 and he only had 3 Solos on 47 snaps but before being injured in weeks 7, 8, and 9 he had 4 SKs in three weeks. When he comes back in week 14 he has CIN up which is the best match you could ask for because they give the most points to DEs per game this year and a good time to start him.


Denzel Perryman- ILB SD: Perryman has been hurt on and off all year and when he plays he racks up the fantasy points with 6 Solos, 4 AST on only 43/62% of the snaps. Now healthy and with a good match up with TB pick him up and start for your playoff run.

Dannell Ellerbe- OLB NO: I know Ellerbe is out on most of your wires and would be a great pick up next week and your playoff road ahead. He has avg 18 fantasy points the last 3 weeks (and 3 SKS) and in week 12 he had 4 olos, 1 AST, 1.5 TFL, 1 SK, 1QBHit on 48/100% of the snaps.

Justin Houston- OLB KC: Now Houston is not going to put up that kind of numbers ever week but week 12 was his 2nd week after being out with a knee injury. He blew it up in week 12 with 10 Solos, 5 TFL, 3 SKs, 3 QBHits, 1 PD, 1 FFon 72/100% of the snaps.

De’vondre Campbell (R)- OLB ATL: I can see Campbell being a good #2-3 LB for you the ROS as he’s getting the snaps (97%) and playing well. In week 12 he put up 4 Solos, 3 PDs, 1 INT on 64 snaps.

Terrel Suggs- OLB BAL: Suggs is in his 14th season and his missed 2 games but he has 8 SKs and 14 QBHits on 9 games this year and could bring home the bacon for you on your playoff run this year. He put up 3 Solos, 2 TFL, 2 SKs, 2 QBHits, 1 PD, 2 FF on 61 snaps in week 12.

AJ Klein- ILB CAR: STREAMER; With Keuechly out for week 12 and maybe a few more Klein could fill in for you and be a LB2 for the next few weeks. In week 12 he had 5 Solos, 1 SK, 1 QBHit,m 1FF on 74/100% of the snaps.


Darly Worley (R)- CB CAR: I missed Worley last week but I did pick him up on a few of my teams were I needed a CB and he payed of big time. In week 12 he put up 10 Solos 2 AST, 1 TFL, 2 PDs on 74/100% of the snaps and starting thew ROS.

Tavon Wilson- SS DET: Wilson has had 25 Solos over the last four games and with NO up next that give away the most points has a great match for week 13. Last week he put 6 Solos, 2 AST on 42/71% of the snaps and you can look for more in week 13.

Damarious Randall- CB GB: With Randall back after being out back and forth the last seven weeks and put up 7 Solos, 1 PD on 57/97% of the snaps and has a great matchup in week 13 with HOU.

Jahleel Addae- SS SD: Addae has been out since week 2 with a broken collarbone and came back week 12 and hit the ground tackling with 6 Solos, 2 AST  and with TB up next that give the 8th most points to S.

Mike Mitchell- FS PIT: Golden was ahead of Mitchell on the charts in the first part of the season and Mitchell was injured weeks 7, 8 and 9 but it looks like he’s back on top again. In week 12 he had 6 Solos, 1 AST, 2 PDs, 1 INT on 60/95 % of the snaps and he has the NYG in week 13 that give away the 2nd most points to S.

DJ Swearinger- FS ARI:  He has a great matchup against WAS this week that give away 13th most points to S and in week 12 he had 7 Solos, 1 TFL, 2 PD, 1 INT on 70/100% of the snaps and for the same in week 13.

Kenvin Byard (R)-FS TEN: #ByeWeekBlues in week 13; Byard is on a bye this week but has moved ahead of Johnson in the snap count and worth a pick up after his bye week for the playoffs. In week 12 he had 6 Sols, 2 QBHits, 1 PD on 59/74% of the snaps.  (One of @BillLatin favorite stash)

Byron Maxwell- CB MIA: In the last 3 weeks Maxwell has avg 16 fantasy points per game and he has TB coming up that have been giving the 4th most points to CBs. In week 12 he had 5 Solos, 1 AST, 2 PDs, 1 FF on 78/100% of the snaps for the game.

Cre’von Leblanc (R)-CB CHI: It looks like with Fuller out that LeBlanc has passed Callahan on the charts and getting the majority of the snaps. In week 12 he put up 6 Solos on 56/97% of the snaps and he has SF up next which I like his match up.

Miles Killebrew (R)- SS DET: WATCH DYNASTY; If your a big NFL Draft fan like me Killebrew was one of our favorite DB in the draft. I’ve had a few people tweet me about him of late if it’s the time to pick him and I’ve said yes it is as of last week he had 5 Solos on only 9/19% of the snaps. So for dynasty owners it’s time and as for redraft if he starts picking up some more snaps it could be to play him the ROS.

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