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Written by: Bruce “FATKATZ” Kimbrough ( @Fatkat52 )

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Week 7 Byes: Carolina, Dallas

Now with the up coming BYE WEEKS in weeks 8 (Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco) and 9 (Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington)with 6 teams on bye in that week you should start to plan for it now to get some of your players covered for there Byes.

Please check back as I’m going to look through the players and stats one time to see if I missed anyone. All UPDATES are in RED!!!!

I’ll be telling you to Hold or Fold some of the players I put up on the waivers next week.

Week 6 Review – HOLD or FOLD – On my HOLD

or FOLD if I have a HOLD on the player and they are available they are still a pick up.


Malik Jackson- DT JAC: ON BYE WEEK 5; 3 Solos, 1 TFL on 49/61% of the snaps>>>HOLD for DT Leagues>>> He’ll have a better week 7 at OAK.

Nick Fairley- DT NO: ON BYE WEEK 5; 3 AST, 1 SK, 1 QBHit, 59/71% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He has a bad match with KC next week so a hold and sit for week 7.

Quinton Dial- DT SF: 1 Solos, 1 AST on 37/47% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Dorsey wasn’t totally healthy but still took some snaps away from Dial so as long as Dorsey is splitting snaps not worth a roster spot.

Johathan Bullard (R)- DE CHI: WATCH; 1 Solo on 20/33% of the snaps>>>WATCH>>> He has big upside when he starts getting more snaps.

A’shawn Robinson (R)- DT DET: Watch; 1 Solo, 1 PD on 24/41% of the snaps>>>WATCH>>> Right now DET is running DTBC so until they decided who their #1 DT is he’s a watch.



Myles Jack- OLB JAC: ON BYE WEEK 5; 1 Solo on 15/19% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> You have to hold on to him because they will find a spot for him to play.

Nick Bellore- ILB SF: WATCH Week 5; 9 solos, 3 AST, 1 TFL on 79 /1000% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Looks like the 9ers found a replacement for Bowman and he been killing it.

Lorenzo Alexander- OLB BUF: 2 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 1 PD, 1 FF on 32/52% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Alexander is killing it in big sack leagues with his 8 SKs in 6 games and only 2nd to Zach Brown in scoring for the Bills.

Jatavis Brown- ILB SD: 13 Solos, 1 ASt, 1 TFL, 1 SK 1 QBHit, 1 FF on 73/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> With Perryman hurt (23/32% with 3 Solos, 1 TFL) he’s getting all the snaps but don’t drop Perryman because when he is healthy he will be getting his share of the tackles and all the snaps.

Brain Orakpo- OLB TEN: 2 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits on 47/70% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He has a great match with IND in week 7 as they give up the 4th most points to LBs.

Shane Ray- OLB DEN: 2 Solos, 1 AST, 1 SK, 1 QBHits on 48/73% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> As long as Ware is out I like him and with HOU up next, they give away the 6 most points to LBs.

Vic Beasley- OLB ATL: 2 Solos, 1 AST, 1 PD on 34/52% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Don’t like his match up for week 7.

Jadeneon Clowney- OLB HOU: STREAMER; 3 Solos, 1 AST, 2 QBHits on 64/86% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> He has a neutral match up for week 7.

Willy Young- OLB CHI:STREAMER; 3 Solos, 1 TFL, 2 SKs, 2 QBHits, 1 FF on 43/72% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> STREAM (5 SKs in two weeks) him again against GB which is a great matchup for him.

Elandon Roberts (R)- ILB NE:WATCH; 1 Solo, 6 AST on 50/74% of the snaps>>>Still a WATCH>>> Hightower is back so just keeping a eye on him for now.


Rashard Robinson (R)- CB SF: WATCH; 2 Solos, 1 AST, 1 PD on 68/100 of the snaps in Week 5>>>WATCH>>> I have a had on a watch but in week 5 with Ward out he played all the snaps and did okay for his first start and they didn’t throw the ball his way that much. With Chris Davis headed to IR he will not get a 100% of the snaps if Ward is back for week 6 but I think he be in on sub-packages so that’s why he’s still a watch. He was only in for 44 snaps with 5 Solos before he went out with a concussion so he is one to keep your eye on after his bye in week 8.

Ken Crawley (R)- CB NO: ON BYE WEEK 5; 4 Solos, 1 AST, 2 PD on 78/95% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He is a  great bye week play against KC in week 7 as they pony up the 6th most points for CBs.

Vonn Bell (R)- FS NO: ON BYE WEEK 5; 4 Solos, 3 AST,  on 78/95% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He is only going to get better and he’s had his bye week.

Casey Hayward- CB SD: 6 Solos, 1 PD on 73/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Getting the snaps and the tackles

DJ Swearinger- FS ARI: 4 Solos, 2 PDs, 1 INT – No snap count yet>>>HOLD>>> Good match up with SEA next week.

Marcus Williams- CB NYJ: 3 Solos -No snap count yet>>>FOLD>>> The NYJ are a mess.

Micah Hyde- SS GB: 3 Solos on 53/82% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Great match up with CHI in week 7.

Brad McDougald- FS TB:ON BYE WEEK 6

We still have 13 games left so just breath and if you have a question about a player Tweet @Fatkat52  or leave a question at the bottom.

Week 7


Deforest Buckner (R)- DT SF: Buckner was out for week 5 but came back put up some great numbers fro week 6 with 5 Solos, 4 AST, 2 SK, 3 QBHits on 73/92% of the snaps. He has a great match in week 7 with TB who give up the 7th most points to DL.

Yannick Ngakoue (R)- DE JAC: I had him up on the Wire a few weeks ago and if he’s still out there grab this Rookie as he had a great week 6 with 1 Solo, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits on 56/70% of the snaps.

Michael Johnson- DE CIN: It seams like the 8th year Johnson is finally fitting into CIN the last two weeks and a good #ByeWeekBlues fit with his 2 Solos, 1 AST, 2 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits on 48/75% of the snaps plus he has CLE next!

Johnathan Hankins- DT NYG: Now he may not be on many waivers but if he is he’s a great pick and play for week 7 vs LA as they give up the 3rd most to DTs. In week 6 he had 4 Sols, 1 AST, 3 TFL, 1 SK, 1 QBHit on 55 snaps.


Terrell Suggs- OLB BAL: INJURY and BYE WEEK 8; He tore his bicep and maybe a good pick up for week 9. The 14th year player is quietly put up some good numbers for the  #ByeWeekBlues as he did in week 6 with 5 Solos, 2 TFL, 1 SK 2 QBHits on 48/72% of the snaps and he has 5 SKs for the year. Za’Darius Smith- OLB will take over for Suggs.

Albert McClellan- OLB BAL: With Suggs out probably till week 9 McClellan is a good pick up for this week with NYJ in town that give away the 3rd most points to LBs. He had 7 Solos, 2 AST on 53/79% of the snaps.

Dee Ford- OLB KC: The 3rd year Ford is getting more snaps and making the best of them with 4 Solos, 1 AST 2 TFL, 2 SKs 1 QBHit, 1 FF and ha s a good match up with NO in week 7.

Shaq Thompsom- OLB CAR: STEAMER; Shaq had 6 Solos, 1 AST, 1 PD on 72/99% of the snaps and in week 7 he has a great match with ARI and Fitzgerald so he worth a pick up.

De’Vondre Campbell (R)- OLB ATL: It’s time to pick him up and stash him or play him in the next few weeks and his bye week is 11. He is just getting back last week with 2 Solos, 1 AST on 21/32% of the snaps but look for him to pick up a lot more.

Tyler Matakevich (R)- ILB PIT: WATCH; Now I almost put him up last night but didn’t but the more I looked at my player list I though he should go up on the Wire. He only played 18 snaps 26% of them but every one of them counted with 6 Solos, 2 AST. So with out another week and Williams out in the 3rd quarter after suffering heat cramps he could have a big role in week 7.

Sean Spence- ILB TEN: WATCH; The 4th year player reunites with ex-Steelers DC Dick LeBeau in Tennessee. He was a 2012 third-round pick by PIT but missed his first two seasons after suffering a torn ACL/LCL knee injury and Steelers LBs coach Keith Butler says it would be “miraculous” if 2012 third-round pick Sean Spence played football again. So he signed with TEN and in week 6 he had 4 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 1 QBHit and he’s splitting snaps with Woodyard and I cxan see him getting a lot more snaps.



Devin McCourty- FS NE: McCourty has been putting up some good #ByeWeekBlues numbers with 18 Solos in the last 3 weeks and playing almost a 100% of the snaps.

Kurt Coleman- SS CAR: Coleman had a nice week 6 with 5 Solos, 3 AST on 72/100% of the snaps and it looks like he’s playing better. He has ARI next and they give away the 2nd most points to S.

DeShawn Shead- CB SEA: I’ve owned Shead a few times this year and next week match up with ARI is a good time to play him again. He had 7 Solos, 1 AST, 3 PDs on 67/100% of the snaps in week 6.

Bashaud Breeland- CB WAS: Breeland had a high ankle sprain three weeks ago and got his feet back in week 6. If owners drop him for bye week roster moves like I did then it’s time to pick him back up as he’s going to put some great numbers ROS.

Mike Adams- SS IND: Adams has a great match with TEN this week as they give away the 4th most points to S. Week 6 he put up 6 Solos, 3 AST on 70/99% of the snaps. Also Clayton Geathers FS would be a good pick up.

Brad McDougald- FS TB: WAS ON BYE WEEK 6; I put McDougald up on the wire in week 2 and I’m seeing him out there in a few leagues so he’ll be a great pick up for week 7. He had 6 Solos, 2 AST in week 5.

Jalen Mills (R)- CB PHI:  He had 3 Solos, 1 AST on 24 /39% of the snaps>>>WATCH>>> He had 88% of the snaps in week and now down to with Mckelvin back so we may have to wait for another injury for him to pull in more snaps. In week 6 he put up 5 Solos, 2 AST, 1 PD on 73/99% of the snaps so I think it’s time to pick him up.

Troy Hill – CB LA: STREAMER With Johnson out for a few week with a high-ankle sprain he be a good #ByeWeekBlues with his 6 Solos, 2 AST on 59/95% of the snaps. If Hill is gone Lamarcus Joyner CB might be another for the bye week with 8 Solos, 2 AST1 PD on 45/73% of the snaps.


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