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Written by: Bruce “FATKATZ” Kimbrough ( @Fatkat52 )

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Week 9 Byes: Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington 

Now with the up coming #ByeWeekBlues in week  10 (Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland) week 11 (Atlanta, Denver, NY Jets, San Diego) week 13 (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Please check back as I’m going to look through the players and stats one time to see if I missed anyone. All UPDATES are in RED!!!!

I’ll be telling you to Hold or Fold some of the players I put up on the waivers next week.

Week 8 Review – HOLD or FOLD – On my HOLD

or FOLD if I have a HOLD on the player and they are available they are still a pick up.


Malcom Brown- DT/DE NE: STREAMER; 3 Solos, 1 AST on 64% of the snaps>>>FLOD>>> #ByeWeekBlues Week 9 Bad week 10 match whe he gets back.

Adrian Clayborn- DE ATL: STREAMER; 3 Solos, 2 TFL, 2 SKs, 2 QBHits on 47/79% of the snaps>>>HOLD-3SKs last 2 weeks>>> Let’s Stream him again for week 9 with TB who give up the 6th most points to DE.

Carl Nissib (R)- DE CLE: STREAMER; 3 PD on 53/73% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> I would fold on a redraft team but stash on a dynasty team. He’ll pay off in the long run.


Cory James (R)- ILB OAK: I guess we’re not starting James (only 4 snaps in week 8) because OAK started Perry Riley ILB (2 Solos on 67/1005 of the snaps week 7 and 1 Solo, 1 AST in week 8) over him again in week 8. Don’t drop James if you have room because Riley has had some injury problems the last few years that’s why WAS moved on from him. I still can’t believe they did that and you wonder why I hate OAK.

De’vondre Campbell (R) – OLB ATL: 4 Solos, 1 AST, 1 TFL on 39/63% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Will get more snaps just coming back from injury.

Malcolm Smith- OLB OAK: 6 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 FF on 70/100 of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Finally back on track and had a great match with DEN in week 9 who give up the 5th most points to LBs this year.

Denzel Perryman- ILB SD: 1 Solo on 8/12% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> He was injured his hamstring and left the game early. He was the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for Week 7. Brown the other ILB was injuyed in week 8 so now if Perryman can play he’ll be the man and if not SD will leave it up to Toomer and Rookie Perry for week 9.


Leonard Floyd (R)- OLB CHI: DYNASTY STASH;  #ByeWeekBlues Week 9 2 Solos, 1 TFL, 1 SK,1 OBHit on   >>>HOLD

Emmanuel Ogbah (R)- OLB CLE: 2 Solos, 4 AST, 1 TFL, 1 QBHit on  >>>HOLD>>> The Rookie is just getting into NFL football mode. Play and Plug!!

Shaq Thompsom- OLB CAR: STREAMER; Was On Bye in Week 7; 1 Solo, 1 TFL on  >>>STREAMER for week 9 vs LA>>> Good match up. Is dinged up so check status.

Nigel Brandham- OLB PHI: 7 Solos, 3 AST, 1 TFL on 77/99% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> Getting the snaps and a good match with NYG in week 9 who gave up 21 Solos to BAL LBs in week 6.

Keenan Robinson- OLB NYG: STREAMER; He’s going up as a streamer for week 9 when he comes back after his #ByeWeekBlues week 8 because of his play in week 7 and because of the match up with PHI in week 8 who gave up 6 Solos, 1 AST, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits, 1 PD Nigel Brandham OLB and plays the same side as Robinson.


David Amerson- CB OAK: STREAMER; 4 Solos, 1 PD on 69/99% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> A neutral match up with DEN in week 9 but I like him to do better than last week.

Prince Amukamara- CB JAX: 4 Solos on 46/69% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> I think the Prince has been dethroned and it is time to move on. Ramsey CB is getting all the snaps well 99% of them.

Kurt Coleman- SS CAR: Was On Bye in Week 7; 3 Solos, 3 AST on 71/100% of the snaps>>>FOLD>>> Can’t count on him any more.

Clayton Geathers- FS IND: 6 Solos, 2 AST, 1 TFL, 1 PD on 74/100% of the snaps>>>HOLD>>> I like his matchup with GB in week 9 with a lot of balls going his way.


Cre’von Leblanc (R)- CB CHI: WATCH; 3 Solos on 68/98% of the snaps>>>WATCH>>> I’m still on a watch with him.

We still have lots of games left so just breath and if you have a question about a player Tweet @Fatkat52  or leave a question at the bottom.

Week 9


Star Lotulelet- DT CAR: STREAMER; Star had a great week for a DT  with 5 Solos, 1 AST, 3 TFL, 2 QBHits, 1 FF on 47/66% of the snaps and with LA (gives up the most points to DTs) coming to town has a great match up in week 9.

Noah Spence (R) – DE TB: The Rookie has three SKs this year and he’s starting to get the flow of the game and is playing better as he did in week 8 with 3 Solos, 1 Sk, 1 QBHit, 1 FF on 56/60% of the snaps. Spence has huge upside to his game and by another few games could be putting up some big numbers.

Marcell Dareus- DT BUF: It was Dareus first game after missing the first seven games (first four games of the season because of a suspension for violating the league’s drug policy) of the season, the last three due to injury. We’ve been anxious and excited to get him back,” said Bills defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman. “It looks like he’s ready to play.” He played well for not being in game shape with 3 Solos, 1 AST, 1 SK on 42/61% of the snaps in week 8 and look for the count to go up.

Akiem Hicks- DE CHI: #ByeWeekBlues Week 9; He is on a bye this week but in week 10 he has TB who gives up the 2nd most points to DEs this so far.

Chris Baker- DE WAS: #ByeWeekBlues Week 9; Baker a a great week vs BUF and  has a on a bye in week 9 but when he gets back in week 10 he has another great match up with MIN who give up 15 Solos to CHI DL in week 8. Baker put up 5 Sols, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits, 1 FF on 67/76 % of the snaps in week 8.


Dee Ford- OLB KC: STREAMER; Ford put a very productive in week 8 with 3 Solos, 2 AST 3 TFL, 4 SKS thats 7 SKs for the 3rd year player for the year for him.

Keenan Robinson- OLB NYG: STREAMER; He’s going up as a streamer for week 9 when he comes back after his #ByeWeekBlues  week 8 because of his play in week 7 and because of the match up with PHI in week 8 who gave up 6 Solos, 1 AST, 1 TFL, 1 SK, 2 QBHits, 1 PD Nigel Brandham OLB and plays the same side as Robinson.

Dannell Ellerbe- OLB NO: With Ellerbe leading the LBs in preseason before be injury and now back after missing the first 7 games played 18 snaps to get his feet wet with 4 Solos, 1 AST. I look for him to start picking up more snaps in the next few weeks so it time to grab him for the home stretch.

Blake Martinez (R) – ILB GB: Martinez only got to play 41/65% of the snaps in week 8 with 5 Solos, 1 PD but with his match with IND who give the 2nd most points to LBs. I say pick him up and start him if you are in need of a LB for the #ByeWeekBlues Week 9.

Elandon Roberts (R) – ILB NE: Dynasty Stash; I’ve had Roberts on the watch list before and I’m putting his name up again he’s getting the third most snaps of the LBs in NE and being quite productive for the 28 snaps that he got in week 8 with 4 Solos 1 AST. I think they will find a place for him in Bellichick’s D so lets watch that snap count.  With Jamie Collins being traded someone will be the beneficiary.


Brad McDougald- FS TB: I’ve had McDoudald up before and he’s still on a lot of the wires and still put up some good numbers like he did in week 8 with 8 Solos, 1 AST on 92/98% of the snaps and that makes 28 Solos in the last four week.

Robert Blanton- FS BUF: With SS Williams out for the year (neck injury) Blanton has taken over the as  starter with 99% of the snaps in week 8. He put up 8 Solos, 3 AST in week 8 and lok for good nubers out of him as BUF playing a lot of DB sub-packages.

Donte Whitner- SS WAS: #ByeWeekBlues Week 9; Well it looks like Whitner has passed Ihenacho on the depth charts as he only played in 50% and Whitner played 100% of the snaps for week 8. The 10th year Whitner is back in form and he put up 8 Solos, 1 AST for week and you can ride him the ROS so pick him up for week 10.

Jude Adjel-Bariomah- CB TB: Jude has been on fire the last two games with 12 Solos, 1 TFL, 2 SKs,2 QBHits, 1 FF and playing about 64% of the snaps and has already had his bye week so you can plug and play him.

Dwight Lowery- FS SD: Lowery is another great bye week pick up as he’s playing 98% of the snaps  and put up 6 Solos, 2 AST in week 8.

Vernon Hardgreaves (R) – CB TB: Great player to pick up for the bye week because he’ll give you from 5 to 8 Solos a week. In week 8 he gave his owners 8 Solos, 1 PD on 93/99% of the snaps.

Daniel Sorensen- SS KC: I know Berry is the SS in KC but he’s not putting the points Sorensen is with 18 Solos, 2 TFL, 1 SK, 1 QBHit, 1 PD, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 TD the last three weeks. I’ve had him on my watch list for the last two weeks and it’s time to pick him up, as he got 71% of the snaps in week 8.

Antown Blake- CB TEN: STREAMER; Blake has SD up in week 10 which is a good match up and he had 6 Sols, 1 AST on 65/90% of the snaps  for week 8.

Leonard Johnson- CB CAR: With Rookie Bradberry out (turftoe) Johnson started in his place and usually  I say let’s see if Bradberry comes back in week 9 but I think he has moved ahead of Worley on the charts. So even if Bradberry does come back I’m looking for Johnson to start on the other side. He put up 5 Solos, 1 AST 1 TFL, 1 SK, 1 QBHit, 1 PD on 65/92 of the snaps.

Kendall Fuller (R) – CB WAS: Dynasty Stash; #ByeWeekBlues Week 9; The rookie is getting into the mix this year and has played in 46.8% of the snaps this year so far and 83% in week 8. I think he’ll be a starter next year and will be a CB to own as he had 7 Solos, 1 AST in week 8.

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