Zach Law is a name that most of us at DFW know rather well.  Zach has his own blog at http://zachlawonline.com/.  Is a twitter-maniac, has been a supporter and friend of DFW since our inception, and has featured a number of our contributors and writers on his site.  Zach is especially known for his interviews, wit, and handsomeness.  Jay Myers, DFW’s CEO and Founder (not known for his looks) thought it was high-time we question the guy with all the questions and see if he has any answers.
Name: Zach Law
Twitter handle: @zach_law
Website Address: http://zachlawonline.com/
Main Occupation: E-mail marketing
Describe Your Family life: wife, two cats
Quick FF Bio: I do weekly interviews and spew my fantasy bile on my site. I post on Twitter a lot and I may not work well with others.
What gave you the idea to start interviewing FF experts along with your book idea?  I wrote for a site in 2005, gave it up, wanted to get back “in the game” but discovered that what used to be dozens of people were posting from their moms’ basement were now hundred, some passing as regular civilians. I decided to interview the experts, in part because they might answer my “who do I start” questions later. The book came around because I thought the first 50 would make a nice package.
Where can you be found on the typical football Sunday?  I will either be sitting with my parents in Section 143 at LP Field, which is where the Tennessee Titans play and every blue moon, win. Otherwise I’m at my friend Don’s house grilling, drinking, and trying to convince him to give up the remote.
What do you do for fun during the football off-season? Watch TV shows (currently on Season two of Sons of Anarchy), read books, write, I mean come on, you are dynasty guys, so you know the off-season is a myth.
Does your wife/girlfriend have any issues with your football obsession?  She found other things to do on Sundays. It would help my cause if the next book sold a few more copies.
Football or sex: which do you think of more?  The good thing about thinking about sex is that Bill Belichick never comes up. Sorry for putting that thought in everybody’s heads.
Favorite NFL Team(s) and player(s):  I like the Titans, but I’m waiting for a leader, a hero, to emerge. I do own jerseys of CJFUk (yes, that’s his official nickname) and Jake Locker (repurposed Vince Young with updated name plate).
Give us three MUST FOLLOW dynasty experts: I hear Chase Wheatley only likes guys who went to Arkansas. I love the crew at Dynasty League Football, led by Eric Dickens, the Twitternator.
Favorite style of play (Dynasty, Redraft, Auction, Best Ball, Survivor, etc):  I’m only in two leagues. One’s a keeper and one’s a dynasty. I do like owning players for life, although the term “own” does make me feel a little funny. Some times you do like to shake the deck and start from scratch.
How much of dynasty football is skill? How much is luck?  From week to week you’re going to have bad beats. Over time, you should be able to put together a winner in dynasty. You do have to stick your neck out for players you like and it’s not always going to work out. I do know how to quit you, Julius Jones.
What’s the biggest mistake you see dynasty players make compared to redraft format?  You can give up on a player prematurely, and in rookie drafts there is a tendency to lean toward the guy who might play sooner rather than later.
Name two players that are undervalued in most dynasty format right now. Explain why you think these players could drastically outperform their ADP:  I do like the prospects of DeAndre Hopkins. He could be like Reggie Wayne, playing behind a stud WR1 but groomed to take the lead role in a few years. I do like T.Y. Hilton, although I don’t know if he’s going to develop into a complete wide-out. Getting paired with Andrew Luck starting his rookie year was good fortune.
Name two players that will not be on your roster at any draft position. Explain why you think these busts could drastically under-perform their ADP:  I don’t know if I’ll ever completely take a guy off my draft board. I’m not sure about the David Wilson/Lamar Miller duo, although I did take Wilson in the second round of a mock dynasty league recently. Generally speaking, running backs have to show the goods immediately. Everyone’s getting on the Vernon Davis train, but I went through the personal hell of having him as my TE1 last year in a redraft and he’ll get taken way before I think about pulling the trigger.
Give a wild prediction about the 2013 season that most would be shocked if it happened:  Thanks to the increased weapons around him, Andy Dalton leads the Bengals to the Super Bowl. Ditto Sam Bradford and the Rams.
2013 Super Bowl Teams and Score:  Titans 73, Cardinals 0 (wait, did you want it to be realistic?)
Fine, Packers 38, Broncos 35 (double OT)
NFL Rookie of the Year:  Tavon Austin
NFL Comeback Player of the Year:  If RGIII were eligible, he’d win the award in week one. I’ll go with Ryan Williams.
Tell me about any plugs that you’d like. Podcasts, sites that you write for, expert leagues, anything.  Pretty much zachlawonline.com or zach_law on Twitter. Look for my second Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert interview book coming in July. It promises to be the best sequel since Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Parting thoughts about anything at all:  I like beer.