DEANDRE HOPKINS! Ahem, I mean uh… DeVante Parker. For some players comparisons are inevitable. DeVante Parker is one of those players. Sometimes I do this with food. I compare crabs to lobsters, chicken to turkey, dog to cat, vultures to dead raccoon. Have you ever realized how dark meat is the best? I can’t stand the white meat of a turkey at all. So dry. Give me the moist, dark meat! Now I am hungry. Thanks DeVante Parker!


Who is DeVante Parker?

Despite my loss of vision over the years, even I can see DeVante Parker is not DeAndre Hopkins (though I have loved me some Hopkins). I could argue that he is a clone, but that is for another day. DeVante Parker is 22 years old from Louisville, Kentucky. DeVante Parker was considered one of the best wide receivers coming out of high school in 2010. He chose to attend Louiville in 2011. He played all four years of college and caught passes from Teddy Bridgewater through his junior season. Click here to see DFW’s new film room and cut ups on DeVante Parker

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What did he do in college?

In four seasons at Louisville, Parker acquired the following stats:

2011: 18 receptions for 291 yards, 16.2 YPC and 6 TDs

2012:  40 receptions for 744 yards, 18.6 YPC and 10 TDs

2013:  55 receptions for 885 yards, 16.1 YPC and 12 TDs

2014:  43 receptions for 855 yards,19.9 YPC and 5 TDs


What are his positives?

  • Returned from his foot injury with a vengeance in 2014.

  • Displays above average concentration skills when making catches in traffic.

  • Puts good effort into blocking even if his technique needs improvement.

  • Has an above average catch radius and catches the ball easily with his hands .

  • Has adequate speed, but he will not be a top performer in the 40 yard dash at the combine.

  • Knows how to sit in zone coverage and come back to the QB when he is pressured.

  • Can make defenders miss in the open field.

  • Shows a good ability to track the ball in the air

  • Uses above average jumping ability and great body control to high point the ball and make contested catches.

  • Played 4 seasons.

What are his negatives?

  • Broken bone in foot kept him out of the first 7 games of 2014.

  • Missed 2013 Rutgers game with a shoulder injury.

  • Needs to refine his route running consistency.
  • Needs to display the ability to beat NFL caliber physical corners in press coverage.
  • Has issues with getting separation from the cornerback. (Reminds me of DeAndre Hopkins)

  • Will not burn defenders in open space.



Extra stuff on Parker…

  • Scouts INC. currently has DeVante Parker as their #2 WR with a grade of 92. Amari Cooper is the current #1 WR on their board.
  • Has no off field issues as of 2/15/14.
  • He majored in Education.

What are your thoughts on DeVante Parker?

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