Mark your calendar… Thursday January 24th; 9pm ET as we will be hosting a special edition of the DFW ‘Dish Out’ podcast.

What’s so special?  Let’s begin by assuming those reading this article are passionate about Fantasy Football.  I would argue the mere fact you’ve escalated your play to Dynasty, making you as fervent about our game as we are.  As Dynasty owners, knowledge is essentially allowing you to make short work of those “redraft” leagues. Why?  Because we work harder…PERIOD!

In the grand scheme of Fantasy Football, it’s easy to be dominant over owners who only follow the sport six months a year. Now you’re in the big leagues. Now you are truly “managing” a team.  Now everyone in your league is knowledgeable.  NOW, it’s time to kick your game up a notch.

The world of Dynasty Sports is the future and growing by leaps and bounds.  People want a “General Manager” experience; want to follow the game they love twelve months a year.  Ask any true dynasty owner. They will tell you that THIS is their favorite time of year.  The off-season is where we gain our advantage over the rest and its information like the DISH OUT ROOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA that can put you over the top of even the biggest “sharks”.

The ‘Dish Out’ welcomes MASTER SHANE P HALLAM (@ShanePHallam) from and the wildly popular Invictus Standard podcast as we will be broadcasting live from the Senior Bowl for up to 2 HOURS!  Shane is as knowledgeable as they come and scouting rookies is not only his specialty, but his passion.

We will explore HOW Shane evaluates player positions, WHAT he values most about a player, GIVE us any red flags we should be aware of and BREAK down as many players as we can fit in.  Anyone know Aaron Mellette?  Did you know he played for ELON College?  If not, you will.  Did you know that he has the tools to be a WR1? Early rankings show he can be acquired in the late 3rd to 4th round of your rookie drafts. Rest assured, not only will we be tackling each offensive position, we’ll be handling the defensive side of the ball as well.

This podcast is certain to take your Dynasty game to the highest level.

Join Dan (@Dan_DFW) and Dave (@RoadWarrior_DFW), two rookie wonks in their own right this Thursday.  Hop in the chat room or call the show if you have any burning questions for Shane.  This information is free and of the highest quality.

Don’t miss it!

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