Carson Palmer

Don’t be an Ageist – Four Dynasty Veterans who Can Still Deliver

By Clint Willman, DFW Writer

“My team is gonna be sick in 3 years!”
“I can’t wait for these young guys to take off, I am going to own the league.”
“Since I have pick 1.01, I am able to get Zeke and run this league.””

1.) If you have pick 1.01, you either finished dead last the prior year or you made some trades to get there.

2.) These are statements often echoed by an owner who is finishing in the bottom half of the league each year.

If you are in a start-up dynasty draft everyone wants the shiny new toy. Everyone wants the likesCapture of Ezekiel Elliot, Josh Doctson, Laquan Treadwell, and Sterling Shephard. I can’t disagree, I want them as well..I want them all..I can’t help I’m greedy.  But, there also needs to be a point of emphasis on some veteran players that are consistent fantasy options, even if they may be considered dinosaurs in the dynasty world. I am going to highlight four players that cannot go overlooked, and, if you draft well, then you can lead you straight to a fantasy championship. Believe me, I do think it is important to draft for the future and have a solid core of young players. The other thing I know is, I want to win, and I want to win NOW. Winning now means I need to be starting experienced players with proven track records. While your team may look sexy with the “potential” of the Zeke and Doctson group, there is one word you need to keep in mind, potential. There are just as many Trent Richardson, CJ Spiller, Montee Ball, Cordarelle Patterson’s out there, i.e., hyped-up rookies who went in the 1st or 2nd rounds of startup dynasty drafts.  Balance is the key here, have a nice mix of young and old, and don’t be afraid to win with some oldies.

Carson Palmer, Danny Woodhead, Torrey Smith, and Delanie Walker — what is common with these four players? Well, I can tell you one thing, no one in the draft room is going to jump up and down and shower you with compliments when their names are read on draft day. What these players will do though is offer you great stats at a discounted rate. Lets look at the ADP from the 2015 season. Carson Palmer was the 27 QB off the board last year with an ADP of 19.12. He finished the season as QB5 in a 6 point/td scoring format. Danny Woodhead was the 60th RB coming off the board last year with an ADP of 16.09. Woodhead finished as the #3 RB in PPR formats last year, only 16 points behind the #2 RB in Adrian Peterson. Torrey Smith is going to fly under the radar this year because he did not live up to his WR39 and 7.09 ADP from 2015. That is fine by me, let him slide, right onto my roster. Lastly, Delanie Walker was the    16th TE off the board with an ADP of 13.09, and he wrapped up his season as the #2 TE, only 11 points behind Rob Gronkowksi.

CaptureCarson Palmer may be 36 years old but he is playing as well as he has ever played. He is surrounded by young weapons such as; Michael Floyd, John Brown and David Johnson, while he still has Larry Fitzgerald as his safety blanket. The Arizona Cardinals finished 5th in the NFL in only allowing 27 sacks, which will only help Palmer’s ability to stay healthy. I want a piece of this high-octane offense and I have no problem trusting the 36-year-old Palmer. You will want to pair Palmer with a late round youngster with upside such as Brock, Tyrod, or Teddy.  They are all going in rounds 14+.  This year Palmer is currently being drafted as the QB12 with an ADP of 11.01. Other notables: Ryan Fitzpatrick (assuming he re-signs with the Jets), is currently the 27th QB with an ADP of 19.01.


CaptureDanny Woodhead, 31 years of age, has turned in RB1 seasons in two of the last three years. A leg and ankle injury, in 2014, limited him to only three games that season. He finished as the #12 RB in 2013. With reception totals of 80 in 2015 and 76 in 2013, Woodhead is poised to repeat as a fringe RB1 or RB2 once again in 2016. Woodhead also has an uncanny ability to get himself in the end zone. He is a constant target in the red zone, getting 17 looks last year. For any naysayers who believe Melvin Gordon will steal from Danny Woodhead, take a look at the 2013 season where Ryan Mathews tallied 311 total touches. (285 rushes and 26 receptions). There are plenty of late round RB’s you are able to pair with Woody; Paul Perkins, Cameron Artis-Payne, and Jordan Howard are all being drafted in rounds 13+. Woodhead is currently being drafted as RB37 with an ADP of 11.03. Other notables: Rashad Jennings ended the year on a tear last year and is being drafted as RB66 with an ADP of 18.07. Frank Gore should see an increased production total with a healthy Luck and he is being drafted as RB52 with an ADP of 15.08.


CaptureTorrey Smith is 27 but it feels like he has been in the league forever.  He often, and fairly, gets tabbed as only a “deep-threat,” and thrown in the mix of the old veterans you will just settle for. You may ask why I am highlighting a guy who finished as the 54th WR in PPR leagues last year, that is a fair question. What I want to focus on is Torrey Smith’s fantasy points per target. Last year he averaged 2.08 fantasy points per target, which puts him 7th in that category between AJ Green (2.09 f/p/t) and John Brown (2.05 f/p/t). With Chip Kelly now running the show in San Fran, I believe Torrey Smith could easily approach the century mark in targets and make himself a valuable fringe WR3/Flex option in 12-man leagues. Smith is coming off a career low in targets but he did post a career high 20.1 yards per reception.  Kelly has a history of producing quality fantasy WR’s ala; Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Jordan Matthews.  If you draft WR’s early and have a nice young core, Torrey Smith is someone who could help round out your lineup and contribute on a weekly basis. Some late youth at WR you could look to pair with Torrey would be Mike Thomas in the 15th and Ty Montgomery who is going in the 16th.  Smith is currently being drafted as WR70 with an ADP of 15.02. Other notables: Larry Fitzgerald is coming off the board at WR43 at 7.10.  Fitz finished the 2015 season as WR7 and coming into 2016, can the 33 year old WR still produce? I believe so.  Chris Hogan is currently WR86 with an ADP of 17.10. Hogan isn’t over the hill yet at 27 years of age and he is going into a great situation with the ageless Tom Brady. I easily expect Hogan to outplay his draft day value.


CaptureDelanie Walker who is also 31 years of age, has seen quite a resurgence since coming to Tennessee in 2013. He has increased his receptions and yards every year since he joined the Titans. Last years 94 catches led all tight ends and his 1,088 yards was 3rd, only behind Gronk and Greg Olsen. Since 2007 he has yet to play in less than 14 games in a season and last year put up career numbers in receptions and yards and tied his highest TD total with 6. I am not saying Walker is going to give you 94 catches again this year but I am more than happy to have him at his current TE9 and 9.10 ADP. Especially when you consider Gronk is going at 1.06 and Walker almost equaled his total last year. I would much rather have a combo of Allen Robinson-1.08 and Delanie Walker-9.10, than Rob Gronkowski-1.06 and Marvin Jones-9.02. Some young TEs you could pair with Walker would be Hunter Henry in the 17th and Will Tye in the 18th.  Other notables: Jason Witten, going off the board at TE26 with an ADP of 18.04. Witten is as consistent as they get, as long as Romo stays healthy Witten will get his.