Episode 15

An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

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  • Dez Bryant once again did his best David Blaine impression and vanished in the second half. – Gino
    • He will resurface soon enough.  My guess is it will be whenever he gets the urge to hit his mother again. – Dan


  • The only thing more difficult to watch than Felix Jones trying to play football on Wednesday night was the trailer for Taken 2. – Gino
    • Liam Neeson will say something frightening to you in his freaky voice and kill you if you don’t take that back immediately.  You are right about Felix though. – Dan


  • Kenny Britt must have naked pictures of Goodell’s wife or something.  Only getting a one game suspension is a reprieve for all his owners. – Gino
    • I wonder if he gets arrested before his next surgery. – Dan


  • Not even members of the Redskins know who the starting running back will be week to week.  Shanahan is an out of control, fantasy football hating communist. – Dan


  • Wes Welker is playing out his franchise tag year.  The Patriots traded for Greg Salas.  I don’t think Salas is the same style of wide receiver but I think he could be as effective.  Buy him while you can. – Dan
    • All signs are pointing towards the Pats moving on from Welker.  I thought the Hernandez extension was the nail in the coffin, but I think it may have been the Salas acquisition. – Gino


  • The previous Raiders coaching staff was enamored with Denarius Moore.  I don’t think there is the same allegiance with the current coaching staff. – Dan
    • This lingering injury is starting to concern me.  I was not able to acquire him in any leagues, but I was kicking his tires.  In my one of my recent redraft leagues he lasted until the 14th round.  That’s a bargain.  You won’t get him that cheap in dynasty, but his value is dropping quickly. – Gino


  • I wouldn’t be comfortable with Mike Wallace in my starting lineup this week.  Denver’s defense is underrated, he has had one week to get familiar with the new offense, and that offensive line won’t give him a chance to get deep.  I am still buying Antonio Brown all the way.  Plus, Mike Tomlin will probably be distracting him with staring contest challenges (the guy doesn’t blink): – Dan

    • Even Tomlin, with unblinking eyes, can’t explain Dez Bryant’s 2nd half disappearing act. – Gino


  • If you are a Dolphins fan, book your trip to New York City for the 2013 NFL Draft.  It will be a big day for your team. – Dan
    • Jacksonville won’t roll over that easy.  It should be close. – Gino


  • I have been buying Jonathan Dwyer pretty much since he was drafted in Pittsburgh.  I have held him in a number of leagues and I think this year it will pay off. – Dan
    • I’ve been thinking he’s an interesting flier going into the season.  I was shocked that Mendenhall wasn’t placed on the PUP and I’m flabbergasted that he’s only listed as questionable for week 1. – Gino


  • Michael Strahan is the new Regis.  Maybe someday Tim Tebow will be the Oprah of television. – Dan
    • Live! will only be viewable on widescreen TV’s now to accommodate Strahan’s central incisor gap. – Gino


  • It is scary when Jason Pierre-Paul says he has only reached 50% of his potential. – Dan
    • Plus he works part time for the training staff, helping players in and out of the ice tub. – Gino


  • It doesn’t seem like the Packers are going to give a big contract to Greg Jennings.  I would recommend buying Randall Cobb now if you can.  Next year could be huge. – Dan
    • I agree with making a move now, because I think he’s going to start making plays this year.  I see his value trending steadily upward through the season. – Gino


  • I’m listed as Questionable with a thumb for this Sunday’s game after repeatedly mashing my mute button during Wednesday’s pregame pageantry. – Gino
    • You are more durable than Jahvid Best.  I believe in you. – Dan


  • Maybe in Taken 3, Liam can find Dez Bryant in the second half. – Gino
    • I don’t think a screenwriter can make a believable script with that topic. – Dan


  • Ben Roethlisberger says he will miss a game if necessary, to witness the birth of his first child.  There’s no way he’d miss out on the opportunity to make a move on the nurses while his wife is securely in stirrups. – Gino
    • When he heard this, Mike Tomlin’s response was this: – Dan


Dan and I have been searching for weeks for opponents worthy enough to challenge our gridiron prowess.  Ultimately, we realized the search was fruitless and decided that my 3 and 4 year old daughters would serve as suitable representatives for everyone that isn’t us.   Each week, the four of us will pick winners from 6 NFL games and we’ll post and analyze the results in DC.

Here are this weeks games:

  • Jacksonville @ Minnesota
  • Buffalo @ New York Jets
  • Carolina @ Tampa Bay
  • Pittsburgh @ Denver
  • Indianapolis @ Chicago
  • San Diego @ Oakland

Gianna     Record (0 – 0)     Age:  4     Ht:  3’1″     Wt:  36 lbs

  • Minnesota
  • Buffalo
  • Carolina
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Oakland


Shea     Record (0 – 0)     Age:  3     Ht:  3’2″     Wt:  43 lbs

  • Minnesota
  • New York Jets
  • Tampa Bay
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Oakland


Dan     Record (0 – 0)     Age:  32     Ht:  5’9″    Wt:  ?*

(*Scale Broke During Attempt)

  • Minnesota
  • Buffalo
  • Carolina
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Oakland


Gino     Record (0 – 0)     Age:  38     Ht:  5’3″     Wt: 103 lbs*

(*In High School)

  • Minnesota
  • New York Jets
  • Carolina
  • Pittsburgh
  • Chicago
  • San Diego

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