Episode 17

An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

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  • Roy Helu has been placed on the injured reserve and Ryan Grant has joined the mess that is the Washington backfield.  I like what I see from Alfred Morris though and it is a real possibility that he sticks around longer than most think. – Dan
    • I bought Alfred in a few leagues.  He’s looking very good.  I’d be lying if I wasn’t concerned about the Grant signing though.  Of course, with Shanahan, I’m worried about Steve Slaton and he’s not even on the team. – Gino


  • Joe McKnight is moving to cornerback.  Allen Bradford was converted to linebacker by Seattle.  I am just saying that there is still hope that Beanie Wells can be a productive NFL player. – Dan
    • The Jets are brilliant.  Take an underachieving athlete with a poor work ethic and get him involved on both sides of the ball.  Next they should move Shonn Greene to the equipment manager position. – Gino


  • Injured or not, Reggie Bush has continued to impress me.  If he is on the field is a lock to have RB1 point totals. – Dan
    • I’m starting to regret the endless walking boot jokes that I made at his expense.  He’s exceeded my expectations. – Gino


  • Both Andre Brown and Alfred Morris are scoring as RB1s after three weeks of the season. – Dan
    • I totally saw that coming.  Brown did it with only 2 weeks of substantial work.  I guess your leagues shouldn’t have voided that preseason trade of Chris Johnson for Morris and Brown. – Gino


  • AJ Green may be the best wide receiver in football.  I realize that typing that is offensive to all of the Calvin Johnson worshippers.  I apologize. – Dan
    • I’m offended. – Gino


  • After playing disc golf with Dan last week I would say he displays the balance of Tashard Choice, the coordination of Roy E. Williams and the durability of Ryan Mathews.  He left PA doubtful with a sprained cankle. – Gino
    • While I was there, Gino confessed to brushing his teeth with Preparation H when he was younger.  Also, he isn’t very nice.  I had just fallen and was in severe pain and he was more concerned about retrieving a disc he threw in the water. – Dan


  • First of all, I’ve never once had oral hemorrhoids since that incident.  Second of all, what was I going to do, try and help him up?  I’d have to jerry rig some sort of pulley system to make that happen.  And third of all, he was the reason I threw it in the water in the first place, due to poor positioning of his drive. – Gino
    • I would love to live in your fantasy world.  We were using my drive and not yours because it was awesome.  I will agree with you that you couldn’t do anything for me though.  You are weak. – Dan


  • Week 4.  Return of the Head.  It’s back! – Gino
    • I feel so nostalgic.  Maybe we can repost the Subway statues of CJ Spiller, Mark Ingram, and RG3.  Or we can post the Jahvid Best picture with the Darth Vader helmet.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Jerome Simpson’s head is still disturbing.  It’s a good thing the actual refs appear to be returning.  I don’t think the replacement refs could handle that noggin. – Dan


  • Andy Reid left the door open to replacing Michael Vick during a press conference.  He later firmly backed Vick on a radio show.  Vick’s turnovers are a serious concern and it isn’t impossible to think they will consider moving to Nick Foles if they lose a few games. – Dan
    • It will be so much harder for me to aggressively hate Vick if he’s on the sideline.  I hope he keeps his job. – Gino


  • Say what you want about the replacement refs but they were entertaining.  They will be missed: – Dan  
    • My personal favorite was one of the officials calling a penalty on “red team”  I’ll miss them. They were so bad, I think they deserve two videos. – Gino
  • I’m still saying buy Doug Baldwin.  None of the Seahawks wide receivers have stepped up while he was hurt and they have a better quarterback in Wilson.  He’s not throwing for a ton of yards, but the potential is there.  Mancrush is going strong. – Gino
    • Wilson hasn’t thrown for a ton of yards because he is short.  Yeah I said it.  Actually, I have been pretty impressed with Wilson so far and Golden Tate has shown flashes but the opportunity is there for Wilson to pick up right where he left off last year. – Dan


  • Jamaal Charles is truly elite.  He’s a special player and he proved it once again. – Gino
    • Todd Haley knew how to use him better.  **This comment is meant to annoy Gino.  Do not take it seriously. – Dan
      • (It worked). – Gino


  • As an Alfred Morris owner, I was far more worried about Helu than I currently am about Ryan Grant.  Of course, I’m still worried. – Gino
    • I am worried about Mike Shanahan.  Not about his running back usage.  I am concerned about his health.  No human should be that shade of red: – Dan
  • I haven’t seen human face colored so unnaturally, since Tom Coughlin during the 2008 championship game in Green Bay. – Gino

  • All I know is he returned to normal his color by the time he won the Super Bowl. – Dan


  • I have watched every Giants game for years.  Andre Brown looked better the last two weeks than any Giants running back has looked in at least two years.  Don’t discount his long term value. – Dan
    • Interesting.  Still nobody will sell me David Wilson. – Gino


  • Kellen Winslow has added the Patriots to his list of teams he can leave and then complain about. – Gino
    • He is like Axl Rose but without the talent. – Dan


Dan and I have been searching for weeks for opponents worthy enough to challenge our gridiron prowess.  Ultimately, we realized the search was fruitless and decided that my 3 and 4 year old daughters would serve as suitable representatives for everyone that isn’t us.   Each week, the four of us will pick winners from 6 NFL games and we’ll post and analyze the results in DC.

Well week 3 results are the week’s standing:
Shea –     2 wins 4 losses
Gino –     4 wins 2 losses
Dan –         4 wins 2 losses
Gia –         2 wins 4 losses

Here are overall standings:
Shea –     11 wins 7 losses
Gino –     10 wins 8 losses
Dan –         9 wins 9 losses
Gianna –     6 wins 12 losses

Things are normalizing here.  Beginner’s luck no longer applies and the brats are falling into line.  I canceled my trip to Vegas, since I no longer think I’ve fathered a gifted handicapper.   I have, however, taken some steps to get Gianna some special help.  I wanted to start her with the most rudimentary and simple football analysis I could find, so I have her watching NFL Network. – Gino  

It was wise of you to have her watch the NFL Network.  She isn’t so slow that I would recommend ESPN.  I am a little concerned that after three weeks of this I am still two games behind a three year old.  I think during my visit to Pennsylvania I got in her head though.  I gave her a stuffed monkey and then threatened to decapitate it Toy Story style.  Trash talking children is one of my many gifts to this world. – Dan

Here are this weeks games:

  • New England @ Buffalo
  • Seattle @ St. Louis
  • San Francisco @ New York Jets
  • New Orleans @ Green Bay
  • Washington @ Tampa Bay
  • New York Giants @ Philadelphia

Shea     Record (11 – 7)     Age:  3     Ht:  3’2″     Wt:  33 lbs

  • Buffalo
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans
  • New York Giants

Gino     Record (10 – 8)     Age:  38     Ht:  5’3″     Wt: 103 lbs*
(*In High School)

  • New England
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Green Bay
  • Washington
  • New York Giants

Dan     Record (9 – 9)     Age:  32     Ht:  5’9″    Wt:  103 lbs*
(*In 2nd Grade)

  • Buffalo
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Green Bay
  • Tampa Bay
  • New York Giants

Gianna     Record (6 – 12)     Age:  4     Ht:  3’1″     Wt:  30 lbs

  • New England
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington
  • New Orleans
  • New York Giants

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