An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.


  • Darius Heyward-Bey will probably be out on the field this Sunday against the Falcons.  Time for Carson “The Chemistry King” Palmer to throw horrible passes to a new wide receiver. – Dan
    • Palmer has bigger problems than who he should be throwing the ball to.  He needs to fire his publicist for approving the advertisement above: – Gino


  • I am mildly annoyed by the Patriots success in running the ball.  I still don’t see anything special with Stevan Ridley. – Dan
    • He’s really not that impressed with you either. – Gino


  • My friend, Jeff Haseley ‏@JeffHaseley, tweeted this:  Get this! Mark Sanchez entering wk 6 has 6 TDs, 6 INTs, 66.6 QB rating, 6.6 YPA and a long of 66 pass yds. God is saying to start Tebow. – Gino
    • I am pretty sure Nostradamus predicted this battle between good and evil. – Dan


  • When asked about his knee, Martellus Bennett revealed that he, “messed some shit up” while playing the Cleveland Browns.  Bennett is definitely a wordsmith as well as breakout tight end.  Until he improves his health though, he is probably better off on the bench of your fantasy teams. – Dan
    • The Black Unicorn has 3 good knees and 1 bad one.  Saddle him up, trot him on the field and ride to victory. – Gino


  • Shonn Greene has forced 1 missed tackle in 79 touches this season.  It’s sad that I think he’s overachieving. – Gino
    • If he had a cool nickname like “The Black Unicorn”, I bet he would have doubled that total.  Also, I just got an email from Stevan Ridley.  He is a big fan of mine.   – Dan


  • Stephen Hill is a good buy right now.  He had a good first week and injury has taken him off the radar.  Add in the fact that Jeremy Kerley is currently the top receiving threat for the Jets, I think Hill has a great opportunity when he comes back. – Dan
    • He’s definitely the best Hill on the roster, that much is for sure.  Jason Hill did not impress with his opportunity.  Everyone is so distracted by who might be throwing the ball on Sundays for the Jets, that I don’t think many people have had time to consider who might catch it. – Gino


  • Jermichael Finley will never be a top fantasy tight end.  I have never been that high on him and don’t think the hype (last year in particular) is deserved. – Dan
    • A picture is worth a 1000 drops. – Gino


  • Vick Ballard will be the Colts starting running back while Donald Brown is sidelined.  Now is the time to buy really cheap if you have interest. – Dan
    • Or now is the time to sell him before anyone notices his 2.0 yard per carry this season.  I honestly don’t know what to think of him.  We’ll see what he does with his opportunity. – Gino


  • It’s a good thing the Rams have great depth at wide receiver.  Otherwise, this Amendola injury could set them back. – Dan
    • They should trade one of their young prospects for a conditional 2015 pick.  Wait, they already did that. – Gino


  • I am floored.  I don’t understand it.  Brian Hartline was healthy but he didn’t reach 250 yards.  How can this be??? – Dan
    • My perception of fantasy has been permanently damaged by this unforeseen anomaly.  Is it possible he tops 300 yards next week to correct the error in the matrix? – Gino


  • There are so many ways to alter that Carson Palmer picture to make it inappropriate and offensive. – Dan
    • Here’s one:
    • Oh snap!  Devil horns.  Oh no he didn’t!  – Gino


  • The Packers managed to lose to the Colts.  That makes about as much sense as this: – Dan
    • Everything is not always as it seems. – Gino


Dan and I have been searching for weeks for opponents worthy enough to challenge our gridiron prowess.  Ultimately, we realized the search was fruitless and decided that my 3 and 4 year old daughters would serve as suitable representatives for everyone that isn’t us.   Each week, the four of us will pick winners from 6 NFL games and we’ll post and analyze the results in DC.

Well week 4 results are the week’s standing:
Shea –     2 wins 4 losses
Gino –     4 wins 2 losses
Dan –         4 wins 2 losses
Gia –         3 wins 3 losses

Here are overall standings:

Gino –     18 wins 12 losses
Dan –         15 wins 15 losses

Shea –     14 wins 16 losses

Gianna –     12 wins 15 losses

Here is the girls reaction to being shown the updated standings of the contest:

In all honesty, this was in response to my children thinking my wife was going to drive.  It may seem like an overreaction, but in the children’s defense, my wife is Asian.  Before I get a bunch of hate mail about torturing my children, I ONLY do it when we’re short on material for double coverage. – Gino

I will vouch for Gino.  His wife is Asian. – Dan

Here are this weeks games:

  • Dallas @ Baltimore
  • St. Louis @ Miami
  • Indianapolis @ NY Jets
  • Kansas City @ Tampa Bay
  • NY Giants @ San Francisco
  • Green Bay @ Houston

Gino     Record (14 – 10)     Age:  38     Ht:  5’3″     Wt: 103 lbs*
(*In High School)

  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Indianapolis
  • Tampa Bay
  • NY Giants
  • Green Bay

Shea     Record (12 – 12)     Age:  3     Ht:  3’2″     Wt:  33 lbs

  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • NY Jets
  • Tampa Bay
  • San Francisco
  • Houston

Dan     Record (11 – 13)     Age:  32     Ht:  5’9″    Wt:  103 lbs*
(*In 2nd Grade)

  • Baltimore
  • Miami
  • New York Jets
  • Tampa Bay
  • New York Giants
  • Houston

Gianna     Record (9 – 15)     Age:  4     Ht:  3’1″     Wt:  30 lbs

  • Baltimore
  • Miami
  • NY Jets
  • Tampa Bay
  • San Francisco
  • Houston

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