An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

 Episode 2

  • This is the most disturbing mutant head protruding from someone’s midsection since Kuato in Total Recall.  – Gino
    • That is too nerdy a reference for me.  All I know is this picture of Oprah is gross. – Dan


  • I am a hardcore Giants fan and every year I see some of my favorite incoming rookies get drafted by my rivals.  I was a big Sean Lee fan coming out and was praying the Giants would take him.  Seeing him go to the Cowboys was like a dagger in the heart.  This year, the big dagger was the Eagles drafting Vinny Curry. – Dan
    • Uh, yeah, I wasn’t listening. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on in that Andre Smith picture. – Gino


  • Nick Fairly was arrested for the second time this off season.  He was charged with DUI and eluding the police.  At least he didn’t eat the pot.– Dan
    • He did.  Taking Leshoure’s advice, he washed that sh*% down with plenty of water.– Gino


  • David Garrard plays disc golf.  That means he’s probably cooler than you.  Seriously, disc golf is that cool.  If you’re not playing it, you’re hurting your chances of winning your dynasty league. – Gino
    • Every day that goes by that you don’t throw a disc, Jesus kills a kitten. – Dan


  • Right now the Miami Dolphins starting wide receivers are Brian Hartline and Davone Bess.  They have an unconventional and oft-injured running back in Reggie Bush.  The primary backup (Daniel Thomas) is plodding and ineffective.  Why do we care who the starting quarterback will be?  I see absolutely no positives in this offense. – Dan
    • David Garrard is there and he’s a disc golfer, that’s why we care. – Gino


  • Norv Turner is the Norv Turner of head coaches. – Dan
    • Jerry Reese says he’s the JPP of Norv Turners. – Gino


  • The Bears treatment of Matt Forte pretty much sickens me.  You really couldn’t ask a guy to do more for your organization or your team.  He played out his contract and deserves to get paid.  They reward him by paying for free agent Michael Bush and now there are rumors they may extend Cutler (2 years left on contract) before even considering Forte.  Any money they would waste on Cutler, should be spent on Forte. – Gino
    • Speaking of the Bears, Lovie Smith is the Norv Turner of the NFC. – Dan


  • Why is the typical NFL referee a 74 year old white guy? – Dan
    • Andre Smith ate all the younger, more tender, referees. – Gino


  • I was a big Shonn Greene supporter a few years ago.  I have since sobered up.  The Jets have nothing that really stands out at running back which is kind of shocking for a team built on defense and possession football.  Bilal Powell is a guy to watch here.  He was hyped a bit last year but has gone under the radar since.  I think he could carve out a nice spot for himself this year.  – Dan
    • Considering Greene’s technique of flailing his fingerless stumps in a desperate attempt to snare passes out of the backfield, I think, even without gaining another all purpose yard, he overachieved for his career. – Gino


  • James Starks is looking like the unquestioned starter for the best offense in football this year.  Yet he’s slipping by, ignored in drafts.  I just got him at 12.01 in a dynasty start up filled with quality owners.  I understand the injury risks and I understand the position’s production is limited in that offense, but still, as an RB 4, I’ll take him all day. – Gino
    • If he played disc golf I would have taken him in the 4th. – Dan


  • I fall into the same trap every year with incoming rookies.  Typically you hear about guys going overboard for a certain rookie or all rookies.  With me, I develop an intense hatred for specific players immediately.  Last year it was Daniel Thomas and Jon Baldwin (tied).  This year I had it set in stone. I was going to go out of my way to hate Chris Polk.  I thought he would get over drafted and I would be justified in my outrage that anyone could possibly like him.  I feel like a real jerk having such hatred for an undrafted free agent though. – Dan
    • Few things are sadder than wasted hatred. – Gino


  • Based on Shonn Greene’s ineffectiveness, I was buying Joe McKnight this off season. until I heard he gained 15 pounds eating McDonald’s this off season.  If it had been Chic-fil-A I would have let it slide. – Gino
    • McKnight was trying to bulk up so he could fit into his sweater vest hand me downs from Rex Ryan. – Dan


  • People defend Alex Smith too much.  To be fair he didn’t (directly) lose any games for the 49ers but he certainly didn’t win games for them.  He isn’t a playmaker.  If you look at the breakdown of who he completed passes to throughout the season he was certainly no more than a game manager.  His job was too keep his defense rested.  That is fine, but if the 49ers want to take it to the next level, they need to get Kaepernick ready to take the field. – Dan
    • Jim Brown says Alex Smith is fine, that’s enough for me. – Gino


  • Reports are saying that Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring was bought by Charlie Sheen.  Charlie is probably hoping that LT sprinkled some cocaine on it over the years. – Dan
    • Cocaine residue.  #winning. – Gino


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