Episode 20

An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.


  • Juan Castillo once said in an interview that he’d take a bullet for Andy Reid.  I guess he just did.  I expect that Vick blamed Castillo for his rash of turnovers.  I only say that because Vick is a scumbag. – Gino
    • Juan is dumb.  If someone was aiming anything at Andy Reid there is no way to NOT hit him.  He deserved to be fired just for that statement. – Dan


  • John Fox’s conservative offensive approach will probably be applauded because they got the victory over the Chargers.  I think he forgets that his quarterback is Peyton Manning, not Jake Delhomme. – Gino
    • Just when normal NFL fans had blocked out the traumatic experience of watching Jake Delhomme play, you had to bring him up.  Thanks. – Dan


  • There’s been some whispers that the Ravens defense will be better off with Ray Lewis not on the field.  I don’t buy it.  Even if he did lose a step, you can’t replace that kind of leadership on the field and neither Ellerbe or McClain strike me as elite options. – Gino
    • Ray Lewis is one of the all time greats and I feel lucky to have seen so much of his career.  I doubt the team is better off without him.  His leadership and football IQ make him an extra coach on the field. – Dan


  • Who the hell is Cee Lo and why is he yelling at me about football? – Gino
    • Cee Lo?  I thought that was Warren Sapp screaming at me. – Dan


  • Phillip Rivers looks like the ball is too hot to hold onto when he throws.  His erratic throwing motion hurts the eyes and the souls of anyone watching.  Plus, he sucks. – Dan
    • I managed to uncover some rare footage of Rivers perfecting his throwing form at the Charger’s practice facility. – Gino


  • Norv Turner’s teams are undisciplined and just a general let down.  The fact that he still has a job is just as troubling as Jerome Simpson’s head or this picture of Al Roker: – Dan

  • People were surprised by Simpson’s mysterious back injury this past week.  I think it’s a miracle his spine can support that cranium for consecutive minutes, let alone 26 years.  Also, there’s something inherently wrong with a skinny Al Roker. – Gino


  • Rotoworld’s love affair with Ryan Mathews makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. – Gino
    • Half of fantasy football owners have the same love affair.  It baffles me.  Jackie Battle is clearly superior. – Dan


  • It’s official.  AJ Green is the best receiver in football.  If you disagree, you are wrong. – Dan
    • He’s no Brian Hartline, but he ain’t bad. – Gino


  • Correction:  AJ Green is second to only Brian Hartline amongst NFL receivers.  Fun fact:  Hartline is white. – Dan
    • Brian Hartline trained until his toenails came off.  Think about that.  Seriously, he did, google it. – Gino


  • I have never been a fan of Jahvid Best and I wasn’t optimistic heading into this year.  Another year lost on the injured reserve and even I am curious what they aren’t revealing to the public.  This is just another reminder that the NFL is changing the way it views concussions and their lasting effects.  Don’t take it lightly. – Dan
    • I guess the helmet didn’t help him.- Gino



  • What’s wrong with Al Roker’s superman belt in that picture?  I guess you can lose the fat, but you can’t lose the sloppy. – Gino
    • It bothers me that you noticed a minor flaw in Al Roker’s midsection. – Dan


  • Beyonce has been confirmed for the halftime show of the super bowl.  If Jay-Z is around there’s a chance my ultimate super bowl dream will be satisfied and the half time performer will be beat up on stage. – Gino
    • I just had the same reaction as you did to the Ryan Mathews love on Rotoworld.  Yes:  we have vomit. – Dan


  • Richard Sherman congratulates Tom Brady on a well played game after Seattle’s 24-23 win over the Pats. – Gino
    • We had some Cee Lo and Warren Sapp confusion.  Now I think we have Richard Sherman/Busta Rhymes confusion. – Dan


  • The Chiefs have managed to surround Matt Cassel with quarterbacks that make you actually miss him when he’s gone.  That’s special. – Gino
    • I am pretty sure Norv Turner has used the same strategy when assembling his coaching staff.  He is surrounded by people that make him look like a genius.  In reality, he is the smartest dumb guy. – Dan


Dan and I have been searching for weeks for opponents worthy enough to challenge our gridiron prowess.  Ultimately, we realized the search was fruitless and decided that my 3 and 4 year old daughters would serve as suitable representatives for everyone that isn’t us.   Each week, the four of us will pick winners from 6 NFL games and we’ll post and analyze the results in DC.

Well week 6 results are the week’s standing:
Shea –       2 wins 4 losses
Gino –       4 wins 2 losses
Dan –         5 wins 1 losses
Gia –          4 wins 2 losses

Here are overall standings:

Gino –     22 wins 14 losses
Dan –      20 wins 16 losses
Shea –     16 wins 20 losses
Gia –       16 wins 17 losses


This is getting embarrassing  My wife’s children are not performing well. – Gino

I am not ready to get cocky but one more week of this dominance and I will be calling Gianna and Shea for some cry inducing trash talk.  Prepare yourself emotionally girls.  – Dan

Here are this weeks games:

  • Tennessee @ Buffalo
  • New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
  • Dallas @ Carolina
  • Baltimore @ Houston
  • Arizona @ Minnesota
  • Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Gino     Record (22– 14)     Age:  38     Ht:  5’3″     Wt: 103 lbs*
(*In High School)

  • Buffalo
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Minnesota
  • Pittsburgh

Dan     Record (20 – 16)     Age:  32     Ht:  5’9″    Wt:  103 lbs*
(*In 2nd Grade)

  • Tennessee
  • New Orleans
  • Carolina
  • Houston
  • Minnesota
  • Pittsburgh

Shea     Record (16 – 20)     Age:  3     Ht:  3’2″     Wt:  33 lbs

  • Buffalo
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Minnesota
  • Cincinnati

Gianna     Record (16 – 17)     Age:  4     Ht:  3’1″     Wt:  30 lbs

  • Tennessee
  • Tampa Bay
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Arizona
  • Cincinnati

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