An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

 Episode 6


  • I know both sides got chummy towards the end of the lockout, but this is ridiculous. – Gino
    • If Roger wanted “easy” players he should target the Bears quarterbacks.  They drink. – Dan


  • With the MJD contract situation looking more and more dire, Rashad Jennings is an interesting pick up.  However, don’t be surprised if they sign one of the free agents still available, like Cedric Benson or Ryan Grant. – Gino
    • What is going on in that picture?  Who made the first move?  I have so many questions. – Dan


  • It is reported that Ladainian Tomlinson signed a one day contract with the San Diego Chargers so he could finish his career where it began.  The truth is he signed with the Chargers because they need another running back.  Once he realized that Norv Turner wasn’t fired in the offseason, he called a press conference and retired. – Dan
    • It recently came out that LT had spoken with the Broncos before signing with the Chargers.  I’m thinking that the Chargers were his second choice as a retirement option.  After the way they treated him several years ago, can’t say I blame him. – Gino


  • Darrelle Revis potentially holding out again is total bull$#@*.  This would be his third holdout since entering the league and somehow he is still underpaid?  That four year, $46 million extension he signed at the beginning of the 2010 season means nothing now. – Dan
    • Rather than compare his earning to other cornerbacks, Revis, self declared ruler of Revis island, is instead targeting other rulers of islands as a cornerstone for a new deal.  In 2006, Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s worth at around 900 million. Revis feels that’s a good starting point. – Gino


  • I went through Dan’s video collection to find the perfect theme song for this DC.  Here it is: – Gino
    • Now every time I look at the picture of Goodell and Poe, I hear that song playing. – Dan


  • The Brown’s coaching staff blame concentration, and not hands, for Greg Little’s drops in his rookie season. Working with a quarterback that held him back while still being relatively new to the position, Little still put up an impressive 61 catches his rookie season. I think he takes a big step forward in 2012 and could pass 80 catches as well as increase all other numbers. – Dan
    • Hopefully he can handle all his future success with as much class and maturity as he did his first touchdown. – Gino


  • Jamarcus Russell is fatter than Dontari Poe.  I think he put on more weight so Roger Goodell would stop trying to kiss him. – Dan
    • Purple Drank is known to be a very high caloric drink. – Gino


  • Apparently, Doug Martin was stellar at picking up blitzes during OTA practices.  He must have delivered some very stern looks or harsh words to rushing defenders, because OTA practices do not allow pads or hitting. – Gino
    • It’s the thought that counts and Doug was thinking about picking up the blitzers.  On a side note, LaGarrette Blount has been in trouble multiple times for punching people.  Jim Schwartz likes to push.  I would pay to see those two go at it with Ed Hochuli officiating the fight. – Dan


  •  In Philadelphia, it is illegal to put pretzels in bags based on the Act of 1760.  My point is Andy Reid should be in prison. – Dan
    • It’s a glandular problem, here’s proof: – Gino


  • Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree are solidly atop the 49ers depth charts at wide receiver with Mario Manningham working in the number three spot.  Now Alex Smith has so many options to not throw to while he dumps off passes to running backs and tight ends. – Dan
    • I had it all planned out to post a video of his epic final drive in the divisional playoff game to show you what’s up, but when I watched it, every pass was to Gore and Vernon Davis.  On a side note, Gregg Williams was frantically stalking the sidelines as his defense gave up the game and I couldn’t help thinking, ‘Did that affect the head, Gregg?  Is your head affected?’ – Gino


  • After the disaster with the bounty scandal, the Saints have a long way to go to rebuild their image.  Coming to contract terms with the face of their franchise and one of the truly elite players in the NFL would be a good first step. – Gino
    • I agree.  Resigning Devery Henderson is imperative to the long term stability and success of not only the organization, but the city. – Dan


  • Dan swears he didn’t have to look up the spelling of Hochuli in the previous blurb.  I don’t believe him for a second.  It’s not in the same class as Ndamukong Suh or Nnamdi Asomugha, but still, we’re talking about Dan here. – Gino
    • I have no defense, so instead I will share an amusing video: – Dan


  • Maurice Jones-Drew believes he can catch Emmitt Smith’s rushing record.  He’s only 11,501 yards behind him.  I find it impossible to say anything negative about pocket Hercules, so I’ll say that MJD is sure to be a better announcer than Emmitt. – Gino
    • That’s unpossible: – Dan


  • The more I research Goodell situation, his move on Poe made sense.  Take a look at what went before him. – Gino

1.1 Andrew Luck

1.2 Robert Griffin III

1.3 Trent Richardson

1.4 Matt Kalil


1.5 Justin Blackmon


1.6 Morris Clayborne (shown here with the bowl used for his haircut)



1.7 Mark Barron


1.8 Ryan Tannehill (Roger would have made a move here, but Ryan’s wife was watching like a hawk.)



1.9 Luke Kuechly


1.10 Stephon Gilmore


At 1.11, Dontari Poe was looking REALLY good, and Roger went for it.  Gilmore, at 1.10, tried to show Roger how to shape his lips for the kiss, but he ignored the advice. – Gino

    • If Roger had to think about who to go after that is a problem.  My first choice would have been Lauren Tannehill.  My second choice is definitely the bowl.  Oh, and I finally realized what bothers me the most about this picture.  I can’t see Roger’s hands. – Dan