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Episode 7

An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

Dedicated to our dear friend, Unregistered Carl


  • Kickers are people too.  Except Jeff Reed.  That guy is freak. - Dan
    • I think you’re being unfair to Jeff.  It’s clear he’s just another guy. – Gino

 Double Coverage   Episode 7


  • There’s a mini hype train forming for Eddie Royal in San Diego.  He did flash a lot of talent early in his career and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he carved out a role in their offense. – Gino
    • I would like to once again use this platform to advocate for the morbidly obese to be covered by the Rooney Rule.  I need a new job.  Also, I would like to see Gino  interview as well so it should cover the alarmingly, vertically challenged. - Dan


  • It’s going to be interesting if the Dolphins get the first overall pick next year.  Do they take Matt Barkley?  They have to in my opinion.  The way things are shaping up, with Daniel Thomas as their second most explosive offensive weapon, their defense is going to have to be lights out for this to not be a possibility. - Dan
    • Who’s the first, Anthony Fasano?  I know it’s not Bush because walking boots severely restrict explosiveness. – Gino


  • Sebastian Janikowski is the scariest man in the NFL and he is a KICKER. How scary do you have to be to transcend the kicker position?  – Dan


  • Joe Flacco is dumber than a box of rocks if he thinks he can get Tom Brady money.  The Ravens are dumber than Joe Flacco if they give it to him. - Dan
    • I think the confusion here is that Flacco is talking about 2000 Brady money, when he was drafted in the 6th round. – Gino


  • One time, I traded for Eddie Royal and put him in my starting lineup as a bye week fill in.  He scored two touchdowns and I got 0 points.  The team I played against got 12 points from Royal’s touchdowns.  There’s a fantasy riddle for you.  No joke.  (Be the first to answer the question correctly for a chance to win Dan’s Collector’s Edition, Director’s Cut Brokeback Mountain Blu-Ray DVD) – Gino
    • I have a feeling that Chuck Norris has something to do with this issue. - Dan


  • According to Adam Schefter, Andy Reid has a head coaching job with the Eagles for as long as he wants it.  It makes sense, if you calculate his pay by the pound, he’s an absolute bargain for the Eagles. – Gino
    • Remember the Dream Team? - Dan


  • Rumors are that Greg Childs will fill in for the suspended Jerome Simpson to begin the 2012 season.  That is a large helmet to fill. - Dan
    • Even Chuck Norris would think twice before trying to round house a head the size of Simpson’s. – Gino


  • I don’t care about this enough to look up his name, but the Bucs kicker is celebrating because he just saved 15% by switching to Geico. - Dan
    • Martin’s celebration tradition was carried on by his younger brother, with considerably worse results. – Gino


  • This year for Halloween, Chuck Norris wanted people to think he was tough so he dressed as Sebastion Janikowski. - Dan

 Double Coverage   Episode 7

  • You’re a brave man to talk down Chuck Norris.  In an effort to avoid a roundhouse, I’m going to stay on his good side and provide visual evidence that Chuck is a better kicker than Janikowski. – Gino

 Double Coverage   Episode 7


  • Chicago Bear’s Mike Tice has decided to eliminate the seven step quarterback drops this year.  Most view this is as courtesy to the defenses, decreasing the distance blitzers must cover before getting the inevitable sack. – Gino
    • People think this is to help the offensive line block for Cutler.  The real issue is that Cutler can’t count to seven. - Dan


  • Russell Wilson continues to get a ton of buzz in dynasty circles.  He is short in terms of NFL quarterbacks.  I am not sure I buy it.  I mean, Gino is short (in terms of human beings) and Wilson succeeding would be like Gino succeeding as a quarterback on a junior varsity team or in the CFL. - Dan
    • I feel like I got off easy with this insult.  I think he should have put, “Gino is short (in terms of lawn gnomes)” and “…would be like Gino succeeding as a quarterback on a junior high school team or in the CFL.”  Aim higher next time Hoss. – Gino


  • Daunte Culpepper thinks he is done with the NFL.  I think he is a little slow if he just figured that out. - Dan
    • Chuck Norris played disc golf once, he aced the first hole.  Here’s what the basket looked like when he was done with it. – Gino

 Double Coverage   Episode 7

  • Dan goes to bed at 7pm.  Seriously.  Not joking.  Right after Golden Girls. – Gino
    • Gino has a “nonsexual” mancrush going on with Mark Wahlberg.  Since we are airing dirty laundry lets take off the gloves bro. - Dan


  • The Jaguars haven’t had long term contract talks with Josh Scobee in months.  I think they have completely given up on scoring points and are focusing their financial attention on their 3rd round punter. - Dan
    • I think I see what’s going on here.  Draft an alcoholic wide receiver.  Insist Blaine Gabbert is your guy.  Don’t satisfy MJD’s contract demands so he holds out.  Ignore Josh Scobee.  They’re trying to lock up the 2013 1st overall pick to land Caleb Sturgis, top ranked kicker in the nation. – Gino


  • Blount’s fantasy points scored will be more than double Doug Martin’s.  You heard it here first. – Gino
    • You shouldn’t drink and write little man. - Dan

   Double Coverage   Episode 7

  • I hope Brandon Weeden doesn’t hold out too long.  He is already almost old enough to be washed up. - Dan
    • I think he’s still young enough to have a decent NFL career but the picture they chose of Weeden for the Cleveland Browns program is raising some eyebrows. – Gino

 Double Coverage   Episode 7


  • Chad Ochocinco plans to play in the NFL until he’s 40 years old.  He honestly believes that it might take him that long to learn an offense. – Gino
    • He already looks 40. - Dan

  Double Coverage   Episode 7


  • As far the Wahlberg things goes, I liked him in Boogie Nights, and not just the part where he flashed his Johnson.  I mean, it was an important part of the movie, but, not to me.  Well I mean, as a person who liked the film, it was important, in that it was important to the film, but it wasn’t important to me on a personal level.  I think I cleared that up. – Gino
    • Yes you made it clear but what I think you meant to say is: - Dan


  • According to a Pro Football Focus study, over the last three years, Wes Welker was second to only Brandon Marshall in dropped passes.  This comes as a shock to me.  Just as an observer, I had always considered Welker to have great hands.  Maybe that big super bowl drop was not as surprising as it seemed at the time. – Gino
    • Do you know who knows more than PFF or Gino???  Rob Bironas: - Dan