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Episode 8

An unconventional look at the world of dynasty football through the eyes and minds of two fantasy football junkies.

  • I am fairly certain that is the Jets General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum: - Dan

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    • There could be a trend going on here, involving Tebow.  I stumbled upon this before and after picture of former Broncos General Manager, Brian Xanders. – Gino

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  • You can tell it is the offseason when the supplemental draft is dominating the NFL headlines. - Dan
    • It could be worse, we could be back to this: – Gino

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  • When Mike Martin was drafted by the Tennessee Titans, his girlfriend, who happens to be a Velociraptor, was thrilled. - Dan

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  • Martin’s faithful steed, also a blonde, had a similar reaction. – Gino

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  • Eagles backup running back, Dion Lewis, was arrested this week.  That is all.  You were supposed to laugh as soon as you read “Eagles.” - Dan
    • If the Super Bowl was a snowball fight, the Eagles might actually have a chance to win one. – Gino


  • As you can see in the top picture, the Jets are getting creative in trying to find ways to meet Revis’s newest contract demands. – Gino
    • Next week Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano are having a lemonade stand and bake sale. - Dan


  • In an effort to reduce temptation for Roethlisberger, the Steelers are going in a different direction with their cheerleaders.  It seems to be working, since the change, Big Ben related sexual harassment incidents are down 30%. – Gino

 Double Coverage   Episode 8

    • After the new cheerleaders were hired, Mike Tomlin mysteriously began wearing these glasses on game day. - Dan  Double Coverage   Episode 8


  • At a local camp, Gabbert shows the children how best to throw off your back foot while fearing for your life. – Gino Double Coverage   Episode 8
    • After his throwing demonstration he showed them how to nurse their wounds and cry on the inside. - Dan  Double Coverage   Episode 8


  • Adrian Peterson got arrested for resisting arrest.  Isn’t that getting shot because you didn’t get out of the way of the bullet?  You’d have to ask the question why did you shoot at me in the first place. – Gino
    • If OJ Simpson isn’t in jail, I think Peterson will be just fine.  I couldn’t find the actual video of the incident.  This was the closest I found: - Dan


  • BREAKING NEWS:  Josh Gordon is a football god.  He will rule the NFL as well as fantasy football.  He poops gold. - Dan
    • There’s only one NFL player that defecates priceless ore and, if necessary tractor tires. – Gino Double Coverage   Episode 8


  • There have been numerous reports of Jordan Traver Uttal (aka Mark Sanchez) presenting himself as Tim Tebow and committing crimes.  That is one way to win a quarterback battle. - Dan
    • This bank robbery picture, taken at Bronx Wells Fargo, was just released: – Gino Double Coverage   Episode 8


  • Raider Nation fights to forge a new identity after the passing of Al Davis.  They have talent scattered on their roster, but I just can’t see them pulling it all together and finding a happy ending. – Gino
  •  Double Coverage   Episode 8For some reason this picture reminds of Tom Brady: - Dan

 Double Coverage   Episode 8


  • Tim Tebow turns water into wine and makes Hitler angry: - Dan
    • It’s almost impossible to top that video.  The only thing I can do is post this one.  I’ve used it before.  I don’t care.  If Dan let me, I’d put it in every episode. – Gino