*223 lbs

*4.43 4o yd dash

Lets not make the same mistake the BCS does and discount any non-big conference team….or its players.  Doug Martin is a guy to watch this draft class.  His upside is equivalent to Ray Rice.  Yep, that is a bold claim I know, but this is a guy to seriously consider with an early 1st round pick.  His numbers are not off the chart at Boise, but most of that is due to Kellen Moore and a pass 1st mentality.  Martin had the best 3-cone time at the combine this year with 6.79, he has good field speed, and can catch the ball.  Martin is built like a bowling ball (jezz, where have I heard that before) and can really blow through, spin, and jump out of tackles.  He needs to work on his pass protection and lateral speed/running is not his strength.  This guy is extremely athletic having played DB early in is Boise career, and also runs a good screen.  So what I’m saying is, if Martin can improve his pass protection enough to be on the field on 3rd downs, he may have the best potential to be that “every-down back” that we are all looking for.

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