* 6′ 3″

* 255 lbs

* 4.89 40 yard dash

* Every down TE

The reason I have Dwayne Allen currently ranked #1 on my rookie rankings ahead of Coby Fleener is simply the “all-around” factor.  Allen will never compare to Fleener in terms of speed.  He is not the quickest with a clocked 40 at 4.89.  Allen has more value however because he is an every down TE.  It won’t matter if the team wants to run or pass, this guy is the MAN! Allen’s athleticism is off the charts.  Just watch two catches on his highlight reel below, to see what I’m talking about.  Watch from 30 seconds in, until 1 minute in, if you want to see the athleticism of Allen.  Allen is an outstanding blocker and has a great understanding of blocking schemes.  He can line up at TE, WR, or H-Back, which means he will be on the field A LOT!  Allen needs to improve upon some drop issues.  He has shown that he likes to run before the ball gets there.  He needs to continue to work on his separation skills, and maybe shedding a few pounds would help his overall quickness.  Fleener is hot right now because he is simply a match up nightmare with his height and speed and in fantasy football and everyone locks on the pass catching tight end.  He may end up being the number one tight end in the draft, but Allen is by far a better all-around tight end and will have an opportunity to be on the field at all times.  He may take a bit longer to develop into a pass catching machine at the next level, but he will have all the chances.

Watch Highlights Here:
Burgandy 3-4-12