Perine deserves the kind of love that Mixon truthers are preaching about.

I have recently stated that a noteworthy concern for 2017 TE prospect O.J. Howard is that he is more safe than sexy. So for this argument we will say Perine is safe and Mixon is sexy! However, is it fair to call the player that rushed for more college yards than Billy Sims, Demarco Murray and Adrian Peterson such a simple term as safe. Perine is also a little sexy and I think he projects as better Pro RB than Mixon. Both backs have the size to be early down guys and Mixon probably has better hands but he is not the blocker that Perine is. Mixon lacks the upper body strength comparatively so. In fact I would not be surprised if Perine is one of the top finishers in the bench press at the combine in a few weeks. Let us not forget that Perine does not have the off-field domestic battery history that has embattled Mixon and will continue to haunt him. Perine simply has that “it” quality. What is “it” you ask? It is that desire, love and commitment to the game he was so humbly honored to be involved with as a college student. There is also a maturity there with Perine that nobody will assume that Mixon has until they spend a good deal of time with him. Yet several teams do not and will not have him on their board because of his Ray Rice-like past. And speaking of Rice I came across this tweet recently from Matt Hamilton a morning anchor from Newschannel 10 in Amarillo, Texas

Now my new friend Matt is not the commish of the NFL but he does bring up a very valid point. How is this any different? A video exists of both incidents that is bottom line. I do not wish to make this dilemma all about such a heinous situation but it is a very prevalent and important topic that should not be ignored.

Again Perine’s desire alone is reason enough to make the reasponsible choice come draft day. If you question Perine’s desire I suggest you watch him play through the pain of severely injured ankle vs Clemson to close 2015-16 season that same ankle required surgerical repair shortly thereafter. Mixon also suffered a concussion in that game so make sure you tick that con box when evaluating Mixon.

I myself would feel comfortable taking Perine as early as 1.05 in a dynasty rookie draft. I also realize he is a guy that I could get as late 1.10 to 2.02 range in the right kind of scoring system. Mixon is top eight pick regardless because his on-the-field appeal. Perine is value and Mixon is risk.

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