Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 14

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:
1.) What is your generally philosophy when setting lineups for the playoffs? Is it ballsy or more conservative?
Burgandy – Its all based on projections and match ups.  I am an aggressive player by nature and that typically doesn’t change in the playoffs. If I am an underdog, it gets amplified even more. I will target high risk/high reward players and hope more boom than bust. If I am a heavy favorite I will target more solid and stable production. Really though at the end of the day, I am going to roll with the lineup that got me into the playoffs in the first place.  My studs will always start…no exceptions. If a 2nd tier player is up against a brutal match up, I will go off script. 

Luke Grilli -I like to think that my starting lineups are one in the same whether it be the regular season or the playoffs. Now with that being said, I definitely tend to be a bit more conservative if the team I am playing is either on par with my squad or I am the clear cut favorite. If I come into a match up knowing it will be an up hill battle, well that’s when the Taylor Gabriel’s of the world may see some time in the starting line up.

Josh Johnson – I think it’s important to be ballsy and gamble on certain situations but don’t get too cute. Most owners that make the playoffs will not admit this but they probably have a weakness on their team. If you are able to pinpoint what that weakness is I would suggest exploring all options. Look at everybody available on the waiver wire that you know is going to start this week. Scour the injury reports to find the “next men up.” Playing the matchup can be tricky but look back at the weeks where your potential starters were successful. See what kinds of opponents they succeed against. Finally, always remember to start your studs and do not leave any bullets in the chamber.

Shaun Laibe – My playoff philosophy is simple:  go with the guys that got you there.  If your team was good enough to have made the playoffs, then you’ve done something right along the way.  I would advise against getting cute this time of year.  Benching a stud player because of a bad matchup is the best way to lose in Round 1.  In the case that you do have a legitimate decision to make, do your research.  Take the time to read up on your options and make the best decision you can with the information available. 

2.) Rank these Three QBs for Week 14: Tyrod Taylor vs PIT, Ben Roethlisberger @ BUF & Andy Dalton @ CLE?

Burgandy –  Ick.  Can I say a 3-way tie for gross?  No?  Ok.  Well I will go with Big Ben because between him, Brown, Bell, and this week’s breakout start Ladarius Green, anything is possible even in Buffalo..even in December… even against a very stout defense.  Tyrod would be #2 due to is dual-threat capability. That leaves Dalton in what I believe is a trap game (if there is such a thing for Cincy).  The Browns definitely don’t want to finish the season with no wins.  They are playing a little better of late and this interstate match up is always competitive and typically ugly. 

Luke Grilli -Give me Big Ben, Andy Dalton and Tyrod “T-Mobile” Taylor. It comes down to this. Ben has a stud receiver in Antonio Brown and an emerging target in Ladarius Green. Plus, Ben is a Top 5 fantasy QB that could go off for 40 points at any time. He has to start here. Dalton also has a big target in Eifert and the Bengals are playing the putrid Browns. Dalton’s floor is much higher than the other two QBs, but his ceiling is much lower because of his lack of weapons and what I expect to be a heavy dose of Jeremy Hill and Rex Burkhead against the Browns. Finally, T-Mobile comes in last because I have no idea what to expect from him week to week. One week he looks like the next Randall Cunningham, the next week he looks like the next Vince Young. In the playoffs, give me the 2 QBs with a higher floor.

Josh Johnson – 1.) I expect Tyrod to really pressure the edges of the Pittsburgh Defense. Conversely I believe Ryan Shazier will probably be Taylor’s spy but the good news there is just when you think you can count on Shazier he gets hurt. TyGod for the sneaky win. 2.) Big Ben is always a safe but versus a pissed off Bills team back on their home field? 3.) the Red Rifle shredded the Eagles but let’s not overreact!

Shaun Laibe –  1.) Big Ben takes my top spot based on the talent surrounding him.  Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown are two of the best play makers in the league.  Look for Roethlisberger to get them the ball early and often.  2.) Tyrod Taylor probably has the highest floor of the three due to his rushing ability.  As you start the Playoffs, however, I prefer players like Roethlisberger with the higher ceiling.  3. Andy Dalton has a great match up on paper, playing Cleveland this week.  The Browns are playing at home, though, and are coming off of a bye week to boot.  The “Battle of Ohio” figures to be a low scoring affair.  Side Note:  The weather forecast for Cleveland and Buffalo both call for snow on Sunday, so none of these Quarterbacks are ideal.

3.) Sit one of these WRs for Week 14: Sterling Shepard vs DAL, Donte Moncrief vs HOU, Golden Tate vs CHI or Will Fuller @ IND?

Burgandy – For a playoff matchup this one would be easy for me. I’m sitting Shepard here without hesitation. The other 3 offer an upside that Shepard just can’t compete with at this point. Fuller may have the most upside vs a very leaky Colts secondary. Stafford is red hot and looking for a division title for the first time in forever. Him and Tate are clicking on all cylinders and at home VS Chicago is tasty. Moncrief offers a red zone factor that the others can’t compete with and is ultimately the tie-breaker between sitting him vs Shepard. 

Luke Grilli -I have to agree with Burgandy here. Shephard is the only player I have n0 faith in the be consistent. The way they have been playing, Moncrief and Tate are must starts, while Will Fuller is an upside play even though he has a JV QB throwing him the ball and sometimes forgets how to catch a football.

Josh Johnson – I am sitting Golden Tate. Mainly because the game-flow should limit the Lions big play chances as I see them winning the game handily in the second half. Will Fuller is bound to gash the Colts deep at least from once. Sterling Shepard should see plenty of targets as the Giants will likely be playing catch-up. Moncrief has six TDs in his last seven games and/yet I expect T.Y. Hilton and Dwayne Allen to garner a lot of attention thus Moncrief should be end zone dancing again.

Shaun Laibe – I’m benching Will Fuller in this scenario.  This opinion is entirely solely on Fuller’s association with the atrocity that is Brock Osweiler.  Sterling Shepard is a close second, but he played well against Dallas in Week 1, so I think he’ll be heavily involved once again this week.  Moncrief has been a touchdown machine lately and Tate is the Lions go to receiver.  Start both with confidence this week.  

4.) Sit one of these RBs for Week 14: Terrence West @ NE, Bilal Powell @ SF, Jordan Howard @ DET or Frank Gore vs HOU?

Burgandy – This one is a little tougher. I’m going to sit Frank Gore. West has proven to have a nose for the goal line whereas Indy is more likely to throw the ball in those situations. Houston is tough up front and Indy (while improved) still struggles running the ball to begin with. Powell has the best match up and Howard is the best fantasy back of the 4.  Gore rides the pine in this scenario. 

Luke Grilli -Now here, I will respectfully disagree with my fellow DFW-er Burgandy and send Bilal Powell to the bench. What has this guy done to warrant any true fantasy value? The past two weeks, he has only accounted for 46 yards of total offense and has 1 reception to his name. Nah, can’t roll with this guy. At least with the other options, you know you are seeing 15+ touches and goal line opportunities.

Josh Johnson – Frank Gore to the bench! No way he even gets a short yardage TD. Maybe he salvages his day with 4-6 receptions but I am not using him. Powell seems to always have a solid PPR floor and it’s San Francisco! West is still a key piece for the Ravens who coincidentally love him in the red zone. Howard had  a monster game with three TDs last week and if you played him then you likely HAVE to use him again this week.

Shaun Laibe – I can’t start Bilal Powell this week after his clunker in Week 13 when he rushed once for 3 yards.  He has been the most “boom or bust” of this bunch.  This is the time of year when you absolutely cannot afford a “bust” week. 

5.) What is your biggest “Sit or Start” decision for Week 14?

Burgandy – I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this question. So I will just pick a couple players I am torn between.  Willie Snead playing in TB vs CJ Fiedorwics playing in Indy with a 1.5ppr for TEs.  I’m leaning CJ. 

Luke Grilli -Simple. Todd. Gurley. II. I have him in two leagues where I am torn. I need to decide if I want to start him over Frank Gore in one league and then Thomas Rawls in another. The match up with Atlanta is enticing, but I really have lost all faith in him. I just know that once I DO bench him, he will break out and get 20+ fantasy points while I watch in disbelief.

Josh Johnson – It’s a coin toss between Cole Beasley (@NYG) or Brandon LaFell (@CLE). Beasley has played out his mind this season. I still cannot believe I dropped him in our prestigious DFW48 league prior to the start of the season. I think he is the safer player since he has only had one game under eight PPR points all season. LaFell is a bit of gamble especially with that dreaded Q stamp this week. He gets Cleveland and he has been very solid with AJ Green out. He screams WR3 value this week. Since he will be my WR5 behind Odell Beckham, T.Y. Hilton, Larry Fitzgerald & Michael Crabtree I think he is worth the gamble.

Shaun Laibe – My toughest decision this week was playing Malcolm Mitchell over Corey Coleman.  Mitchell has come on strong as of late, scoring three touchdowns in the last two weeks.  Since Baltimore brings the top ranked defense to New England, I figure the Patriots will be throwing early and often.  With RGIII back for the Browns, Coleman might get a few chances at a deep ball, but I wouldn’t expect much else from him this week.

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