Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 2

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:

1.)Who is your juiciest waiver claim after the week one action?
Luke Grilli – I was fortunate to pick this player up last week, but I’ve seen him available in my friend’s leagues and that player is Jeremy Kerley. This offseason and preseason, we heard about how Bruce Ellington was going to be the next great slot receiver because he was in Chip Kelly’s offense. Well, his season was over before it started thanks to a bum hamstring. Insert Jeremy Kerley who has already impressed with a 7 catch/61 yard evening and would have had a 40+ yard TD if Blaine Gabbert didn’t overthrow him. If he stays healthy, Kerley is a solid PPR WR3.

Brian Hawkes – Jeremy Kerley. Heading into the season I was all over the Bruce Ellington hype train. Shortly after Ellington went down, the 49ers traded for Kerley with a specific role in mind – to be their slot guy. He drew an impressive 11 targets in week one, and should be on most owners fantasy radar. Chip Kelly slot receivers have averaged 103 targets since he transitioned to the NFL; Kerley will be a factor due to target opportunity alone.

Josh Johnson – Thanks to no waivers in the Scott Fish Bowl and an unnamed startup I could possibly spend about a fourth of my waiver budget on Eli Rogers. I don’t think any other free agent can match his role in their offense . Tajae Sharpe was also available in my #SFB480 bracket. Thanks to my cheapassedness I missed on both throughout!

Bill Latin – Justin March LB KC… What?  You think an #IDP guy is gonna give you offense?  I love his skill set.  He was doing very well last season when he got injured.  KC thought enough of him to stash him on IR.  Now he is starting in the middle.  He played on about 70% of the snaps and was productive, which is a great start.

2.) Which player’s fantasy stat line surprised you the most?
Luke Grilli – I’m taking this from a “he surprised be in a negative way” and that’s Travis Benjamin. The targets and catches were there, but where was the yardage? Benjamin finished the afternoon with 7 catches for 32 yards…that’s less the 5 yards per catch. After averaging 14.2 yards a catch in Cleveland last season…what the hell was that? I think San Diego will figure out how to use their new toy soon enough, but his Week 1 stat line was surprising to say the least.

Brian Hawkes – Theo Riddick. Riddick is a known commodity in PPR leagues due to his significant targets and steady production. He is not, however, known for scoring touchdowns. Prior to his performance last week, Riddick had one career rushing touchdown, and seven career receiving touchdowns. That equates to one touchdown every 6 games…and Riddick scored twice in week one! I don’t expect his touchdown production to continue based on his career stats, but his week one performance was an encouraging sign in the post-Calvin era.

Josh Johnson – How about CJ Anderson doing his best Matt Forte impression on Thursday night versus Carolina! A receiving and a rushing touchdown are you kidding me I thought this guy was no good. Why did I spend such a high pick on Devontae Booker who is currently averaging one fumble per game on his career. No wonder Trevor Siemian looked like the ultimate game-manager. I don’t know if this will be the norm but Anderson has experience in that scheme and he sure showed it by looking very very comfortable.

Bill Latin – Jerrell Freeman LB CHI had a great outing!  All the buzz has been Danny Trevathan, who had a good outing as well.  Freeman looked sharp, healthy and decisive.  I think those two are going to be busy all season long.  I love Freeman at his price, especially as a one year play.

3.) Which player’s fantasy stat line disappointed you the most?
Luke Grilli – Adrian Peterson: 19 rushes for 31 yards. YUCK. In the words of one of the best cinematic character ever, Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Brian Hawkes – Todd Gurley. I don’t think anyone expected the Rams, and particularly Gurley, to look as bad as they did against the 49ers. There was talk after the game that 49ers players were able to identify Rams plays based on formation and motions. I would expect the coaching staff to mix it up going forward…that better be the case…or the Rams, and Gurley, are in for one very long season.

Josh Johnson – JJ Watt was severely underwhelming. Which begs the question, if your franchise player isn’t fully healthy why is he playing in week one? It’s not like there is a playoff berth on the line? Maybe he made a difference and open things up for his teammates. However the difference he made for me was the difference between a win and a loss…I lost!

Bill Latin –  Mychal Kendricks was a no-show.  They are only playing him in base, which is a huge mistake.  He is one of the most athletic LB’s in the league.  He is a firm hold, but is not going to be startable in his current role. (Walks away shaking head, as a tear rolls down his cheek…)

4.) Who is the fantasy beneficiary with Keenan Allen lost for the year?
Luke Grilli – I’m hoping that Antonio Gates will take over as the possession receiver in the offense, but I will say it is concerning that he didn’t record a catch after Allen went down in Week 1. Gun to my head, I’m going with Gates as being the main beneficiary, but I also expect Travis Benjamin to jump into the WR2 conversation as he gets more comfortable in the San Diego offense.

Brian Hawkes – Melvin Gordon. I’m playing the contrarian here, but hear me out…Gordon was drafted highly for a reason – and he’s fully healthy. This injury presents an opportunity for the Chargers to redefine their offense and lean heavily on their running backs, which includes Danny Woodhead in his typical role, but also includes an increased workload for Gordon. Let’s not forget the last time Ken Whisenhunt was OC in San Diego, 2013, the Chargers were 6th in the NFL in rushing attempts. It’s time for a return to glory!

Josh Johnson – Bow wow wow yippee yo yippie yeah bow wow wow yippie yo yo yo it’s the Travis Benjamin show! I could pontificate on Tyrell Williams or Dontrelle Inman but come on we saw Benjamin fly up and down the field with who exactly as his quarterback in Cleveland last year? Now he’s got Philip Rivers and he is the number one target! The new dawg is ready to bark! Disclaimer I am an overhyped Travis Benjamin owner, RUFF! Also if I may be so bold to point out that Antonio Gates may finally be washed up and Hunter Henry is still a sticky baby just out of the birth canal.

Bill Latin – This is a muddy mess.  As old and “Dad-Slow” as Gates is, it has to be him.  He is reliable and will most likely see an increase in targets.  If he were to get dinged up I would be all over Hunter Henry as well.  The WR corp is going to take turns having 6 catch/58 yard games…

5.) What on earth can Todd Gurley owners expect the rest of the way, after his team’s brutal showing on national television?
Luke Grilli – OK. As the resident Todd Gurley honk who own him in multiple leagues, I am going to go the route of the great Aaron Rodgers and say “R-E-L-A-X…Relax!” It’s Week 1. We all know Case Keenum isn’t good and frankly, I’m not surprised that Gurley struggled against the 49ers, considering that if that dog crap team has one strength, it is stopping the run with Navorro Bowman. People forget that he is a stud because he’s been hurt so much lately. Listen, will Gurley have a ton of soft defenses to run against because teams are focusing on stopping the passing game in LA? No. But, Todd Gurley is that good that he can make something out of nothing. I mean, his stat line (17/47) was better than Adrian Peterson’s (19/31) and I don’t hear anybody freaking out about his season? Give it a few weeks and let that offense figure it out. If by Week 5 we are seeing more of the same, the panic button can be hit.

Brian Hawkes – Remember when Adrian Peterson was shut down in week one on national TV last year versus the 49ers (10 rushes for 31 yards, 3 receptions for 21 yards)?…me either. Adrian led the NFL in rushing in 2015. Gurley will be fine. 

Josh Johnson – As a non-Gurley owner I can’t wait to see what the people that own multiple shares of him will bitch about. Case Keenum stinks worse than a poopy diaper in pile of rancid tomatoes! We know Gurley has the talent but you still need someone to block and someone to catch passes to keep the defense on their heels. Obviously nobody is ready to sell low on him or would they even think of doing such a thing but this year is not the year for Gurley. The good news is you only need to average 60 yards per game to get to 1000 on the season hopefully he can maybe even find the end zone 6 to 8 times as well. My own personal message to Gurley owners would be to pray for health and be crafty when benching him.

Bill Latin – I think he is going to squeak out some decent games and finish as a low end RB1 high end RB2.  For where he is drafted that is grossly underperforming.  If he is healthy he really can not be benched.  It is really a case of grit your teeth and just take it.

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