Dynasty Experts Q and A: Offseason Week 4

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:

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1.) How does this Super Bowl run effect Matt Ryan’s value moving forward and where will you be taking him in dynasty startups or redrafts next season?

Luke Grilli -Matt Ryan can take a dumb in his pants (I hope he does) in this Super Bowl and he is still a Top 5 QB pick. I liked him a lot before his MVP season, so I don’t see his value going up a ton in my eyes. He is relatively young (32 next season) and has a battery of weapons at his disposal (Julio, Sanu, Freeman, Coleman etc), so if you are looking for your franchise QB in the 5th round, I wouldn’t bat an eye taking him there. Same goes for redraft.

Alan Satterlee – Ryan should be flying up the boards for 2017 after being perhaps the steal of the draft this year in redrafts and dynasty leagues. Ryan has been elite all year and the Super Bowl run has only reinforced where his career is at. Coming into the playoffs I had discussions with many people asking who I thought would win the Super Bowl and I said Atlanta. Most would say — what?! Now many are saying, you were right and I didn’t realize how good Atlanta was. My point being, for many people this playoff run is going to change their opinion on Ryan. Also, Ryan isn’t being talked about as a future Hall of Fame quarterback but he will be after this season. Averaging 4,189 passing yards per season over nine years, Ryan already has moved up to #23 all-time in passing yards (Ryan actually begin as a starter the same year as Aaron Rodgers, and Ryan has 874 more passing yards than Rodgers and Ryan is two years younger). In another 4-5 years, Ryan will likely surpass Dan Marino in all-time passing yards. 

Luis Tirado – Ryan has always been an underrated quarterback throughout his career, despite posting some incredible stats. It’s his time to shine and his value is huge, provided he continues to have such amazing offensive weapons around him. Look for his fantasy value to skyrocket come next season, especially if he does the unthinkable and takes down the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

Shaun Laibe –  Matt Ryan’s dynasty value is going to experience the “Joe Flacco effect” in the weeks to come.  Is he elite?  Is he not elite?  Regardless, the Super Bowl attention is going to give Ryan’s perceived value a bump.  Matty Ice just finished off a whopper of a regular season, finishing with over 4,600 yards.  He’s been about as consistent as they get, throwing for more than 4,000 yards in six straight seasons.  Ryan should be a sure fire QB1 in 2017 and I would expect the fantasy drafts to reflect that. 

2.) Can Adrian Peterson at 32 years old have another 1,000 yard season possibly with a different team?

Luke Grilli -AP may prove me wrong, but I’m washing my hands of AP this season. I had him in a few redraft leagues and his performances/injury may have killed it for me. Long thought of as the best running back to play the game, we have seen the last of an elite Adrian Peterson on Sundays.

Alan Satterlee – On the one hand, Peterson is soon to be 32-years-old and coming off a bizarrely-bad season with a 1.6 yards-per-rush average. But on the other hand, he is Adrian Peterson. Frank Gore just did it at age 33. People no doubt would have said no way to John Riggins as well after a couple of poor seasons in 1981 and 1982, but then he popped for 1,347 yards and 24 TDs in 1983 at age 33. AP is one of the greatest of all time, and yes he does have the talent to log another 1,000-yard season — IF, and although it does depend on where he goes. Peterson will be a lot healthier going into 2017 than he was 2016. 

Luis Tirado – I don’t see another 1,000-yard season personally, no matter where he ends up. Sure, he’ll give a team a significant boost in their running game but injuries and age have caught up with him. If anything, he could be brought in and used in multiple ways in a smart offensive game plan. One that doesn’t overuse him but puts him in a position to succeed. But another 1,000+ yard season? Not happening again.

Shaun Laibe – The list of 32 year old running backs with more than 1,000 yards is a short one.  With that being said, I’ll never doubt Adrian Peterson.  The mileage on AP’s legs over the past three years has been rather light, averaging just 128 carries per year over that span.  Given a clean health and a bell-cow role, I would not rule out another 1,000 yard season. 

3.) What type of interest will WR Michael Floyd garner in free agency and what is the best landing spot for his fantasy value?

Luke Grilli -I expect Floyd to sign a 1 year “prove it” deal in order to cash in in 2018. If he were smart (which his off field transgression show us he may not be), then he would stick around in New England if they will have him. With Amendola due about $6 million next year (if he doesn’t take another paycut), Floyd may see limited snaps in 4 WR sets behind Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell, but playing in a system that he has been able to digest for the past few weeks and off season, he may be able to break through and see some significant snaps and cash in.

Alan Satterlee – Not much. The reality is Floyd is not all that talented in the grand scheme of things (he averages less than 50 catches and less than 5 TDs per season in five NFL seasons). People will remember how Floyd had one catch for three yards (with two drops) in the AFC Division Round of the playoffs and then he was a healthy scratch the next week. That’s on the field! Off the field, he still has the DUI to deal with and he could get jail time for that — plus his court date is right around when free agency begins. In dynasty, sell him for anything you can get (a 3rd) and to me he’s hardly worth keeping and wasting a roster spot on. 

Luis Tirado – I think he’s scared off a lot of teams with his off the field issues. Despite having good talent, he’s doing all the wrong things to prevent teams from trusting him enough to take a chance on. Unfortunately, I think the majority of teams will stay away and his value will continue to decrease. Hopefully, he gets on the right path but if not, he’ll find himself out of the league in another year or so. I’d say the best team would be one that has quality veteran receivers above him to kind of take him under their wing and keep him on the right path.

Shaun Laibe – Michael Floyd is a rare athletic specimen at 6’3” and 220 pounds.  With that said, there is clearly something missing.  Floyd had a terrific year in 2013 in which he caught 65 balls for 1,041 yards.  Since then, his career has drastically tapered off.  There was a glimmer of hope when New England picked him up following his drunken driving episode, but a case of the drops has limited him to being a healthy scratch in recent weeks.  He needs to be in the right situation under quality leadership in order to truly thrive again. 

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