Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football.  Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them.  We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas.  Here we go:


1)  Out of these three TE’s, who do you like the most?  Josh Hill, Eric Ebron or Austin Sefarian-Jenkins?

Burgandy – I’m a big ASJ guy.  He came on late for me and never did overtake Ebron in my rankings last year, but he’s shown me enough to know that if he ever gets a legit QB down there, he will be a match up nightmare and a redzone super threat.  Ebron has the most upside as a pure receiver, but I just simply don’t trust Stafford.  He’s barely shown he can support two options let alone 3 or 4.  I think he is good enough to put up a solid season or two and if Ebron develops, he could be a fantasy monster.  Kind of a Fleener VS Allen comparison only ASJ is the Allen version that will hopefully stay on the field.  It’s easy to get excited about Josh Hill taking over a vacant position left by one of the best TEs in the business, but I’m far from sold and will be staying away from just about everything in NOs NOT named Brandin Cooks.

Sean Kirby  It’s tough between Hill and ASJ for me.  I just haven’t seen enough from Hill to convince me he’s ready to shoulder the entire load in NO.  While I don’t think Josh Hill can fill Graham’s shoes, I do believe ASJ could go a long way to filling Vincent Jacksons void when he eventually leaves the roster.

Jay Stoltenburg – I like Ebron the best of the three simply because I believe he has the most potential hands down.  Some are expecting Josh Hill to put up TE1 stats just because Jimmy Graham did in the same offense but Graham is a much more talented receiver than Josh Hill no matter which way you spin it.  ASJ “should” have a better year than last year but that isn’t saying much.  Ebron, on the other hand, is receiving optimism from his team that he is ready to take a big leap this year and is likely to see a much bigger role in a much better offense than ASJ and possibly Hill with the offseason moves this year.  Unlike Hill or ASJ, I have heard Ebron mentioned as a TE2 this year.  Ebron is the easy choice for me if I had to pick one of the three listed.

Jeff Melbostad  It’s not even close in my book.  Ebron is far and away the best talent and is arguably in the best situation as well.  Detroit is a team that will put up great passing numbers and Ebron will develop and be the best player of these three.  Just this week Lion’s coach Jim Caldwell stated Ebron is having a great offseason and will be more productive in 2015.  After posting a stat line of 25/248/1 in his rookie year that’s a pretty easy prediction to make but I really like him a lot going forward.  I love the size/speed combination that Austin Seferian-Jenkins brings to the table so he’s my second choice.  He’s not in a great situation but at 6’5″ he’s a matchup nightmare for defenses and could be a great redzone target.  Hill is, in my opinion, fools gold.  He falls into a “great” situation which is actually a complete mess in New Orleans.  People are excited because of what Jimmy Graham did with Drew Brees but Graham is not a remotely viable comparison to Josh Hill.  He could easily be replaced by a draft pick or free agent at any time.

Alan Satterlee – That’s a really tough question.  Dynasty-wise I would take Ebron, mainly given that he was drafted Top 10 overall in last year’s NFL Draft perhaps more than anything.


2)  Can Andre Williams and Shane Vereen hold dynasty value in that crowded backfield in NY?

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England PatriotsBurgandy- Anything is possible but in this equation we are missing one very key element in Rashad Jennings.  Williams is the power and goal line back.   Vereen is the pass catcher and 3rd down guy. Rashad is the best combination of all of them but can’t stay healthy.   Running back roulette is looking like the game that will be played in NY.  Assuming Rashad goes down to injury at some point, I think they can both be startable in a pinch/flex situation.

Sean Kirby  No, and that’s not even to mention Rashad Jennings.  Williams and Vereen offer very complimentary skills and could easily become a thunder and lightning tandem.  In such a scenario, they could be viable low ceiling RBs for fantasy.  I’d give the nudge to Vereen in PPR settings.  However, even that minimal value gets blasted if Jennings stays on the team.  His skills are somewhat between Williams and Vereen, but he should eat into Vereens role more.  I’m holding these players to see exactly how the situation evolves, but I’m not expecting much from any of them.

Jay Stoltenburg – I am not sure any of the Giant’s running backs hold much value in dynasty or even a re-draft league for that matter.  Vereen will definitely give Eli another option as a receiver out of the backfield but I don’t see him doing much more and that is if he can stay on the field.  Williams may be somewhat productive if you are in a touchdown heavy league as he will likely get a fair amount of chances to tote the rock across the goal line but that is about it for me.  I would not look to add either to my roster and if I had either, I would be looking to sell them.

New York Giants v  St. Louis RamsJeff Melbostad – There are so many mouths to feed in that Giant’s backfield that I don’t see anyone running away with the job or putting up reliable fantasy stats.  If there’s one guy I had to bet on doing so I’d roll with Rashad Jennings over either of these two.  Sure he’s old at age 30 but he’s easily the most reliable option in that offense if he can stay healthy.  Andre Williams holds solid long term value and I think can develop into the Giant’s RB of the future but I don’t see him running away with things in 2015.  Vereen will always hold PPR value (averaging about 50 catches the past two seasons), but his inconsistency and inability to stay healthy limit his upside.  I’d stay away from the whole situation in the short term but I do think that because of the crowded situation Andre Williams represents a good buy-low in dynasty.

Alan Satterlee – I think they hold value for sure.  They have separate roles and can co-exist.  Williams will be the grinder and should be a goal line phenom I think with more experience.  I like Williams to crack 10 TD’s in this offense this year.  Conversely, Vereen will get the receiving work and that’s his niche.  Now or at some point I would sell Vereen in dynasty whenever the getting is good.


3)  Thoughts on Josh Huff becoming fantasy relevant?  Do you believe he is ready to take on a bigger role this season?

Burgandy – I am very excited to own Josh Huff in a couple leagues.  I don’t see any way he DOESN’T become FF relevant this season.  Philly has cleared out the competition.  Huff is a very physical receiver so don’t let the 5’11” height fool you. He is more than capable of playing on the outside.  He is an Oregon/Chip Kelly guy so he knows the system very well and that’s all it is going to take this year unless they go after a WR in the first couple rounds or get a late FA signing.

josh huffSean Kirby – If Huff can be successful anywhere, it’s Philadelphia.  They’ve sent numerous signs that Huff is a player who fits their mold.  The first vote of confidence came when they drafted him in the 3rd round of a stacked WR class.  Second, numerous stories came out of Huff’s rookie offseason/preseason, where the the Eagles were reportedly very high on him.  Finally, they let Maclin walk without much of a fight.  Obviously, Kelly is comfortable with him.  Any receiver drafted is more likely a threat to Riley Cooper.

Jay Stoltenburg – I am a fan of Huff this year and feel he is primed to take on a lead role in Philadelphia.  He has shown that he has that big play potential and can also keep up with a fast paced offense such as the one the Eagles are insistent on running.  So yes, he definitely is fantasy relevant and yes, he is ready to take that next step and take on a bigger role in the offense because he really has no choice as he currently has no competition!  If you can get this guy on your roster for a low price, I would jump on it while you can.

Jeff Melbostad – I’ll believe it when I see it with Huff.  There are many who are excited about his prospects but he’s a smallish WR and doesn’t have the type of talent to ensure he’s a starting WR long term.  I will admit he’s in a great situation to prove me wrong and put up big numbers.  I just don’t think it’s necessarily likely to happen.  We’re still a long way away from the start of the 2015 season and the NFL draft and the rest of free agency will tell us far more about what Philly plans with Huff.  Granted Chip Kelly is making it clear that he’ll give guys he’s familiar with (aka from Oregon) more than their fair share of chances, so Huff may luck out in that respect.  Still, with many folks crowning him their WR2 and a fantasy WR2 he’s an obvious sell at this moment because the chances of either happening just aren’t as sure as many would have you believe.

Alan Satterlee – I would say a big yes to this one.  With no Jeremy Maclin someone has to get that work.  You have to like how Huff knows the offense having played under Chip Kelly at Oregon, and Kelly knew what he was getting when he somewhat surprisingly drafted Huff in the 3rd round last year.  Huff has nice PPR sleeper potential in 2015.


4)  I have to make a decision to cut or re-sign by 3/31 in a contract dynasty league.  What are the chances Branden Oliver becomes the primary back for the Chargers?

Burgandy – As of right now he’s in great shape.  SD is NOT.  Even if he is that man in SD, Rivers is all but gone next year and that team’s window is basically closed in my opinion.   His dynasty prospect are very limited regardless of what happens.  SD is sure to bring in competition and just about any of the top 15 RBs in this draft will push Oliver to the limit.  Without seeing rosters or contract details, I would cut Oliver and go shopping somewhere else.  Especially before the draft. This early in the season you will most definitely have the opportunity to lock up at least a couple of “Olivers” in your FA auctions.

Sean Kirby – Since you submitted this question, the SD coaching staff has come out claiming their comfortability with their current RBs.  Of the current RBs on the team, Oliver seems the most likely to be a “primary back”, but a committee seems likely on any roster with Danny Woodhead.  Making this decision before the draft will be difficult.  I’d be inclined to resign him, as I’m guessing the price is relatively low.

Branden-Oliver2-Jay Stoltenburg – I actually offered a trade for Oliver this offseason hoping I could land as a “buy low” player but got rejected so if he comes at a low cost towards the cap, I would hold him for now unless something changes before the end of the month as the Chargers are rumored to be looking to add another running back after letting Ryan Matthews leave.  I am certain that if they do not land a free agent RB at the right price, they will look to add one in the draft and will possibly do so either way.  Oliver is definitely a risky player but he did post a couple nice 100 yard rushing games and can catch the ball so I think he has a very decent chance of being the primary back for the Chargers which is exactly what he is today……the primary back!

Jeff Melbostad – I like Oliver a lot.  I think he’s got a pretty good chance to start off the season as the primary back in San Diego but I do think they’ll add more options at the position through the draft.  Since you need to make your decision before we see how early that take a RB it’s not an easy question to answer.  I do think it’ll be pretty clear how comfortable the Chargers are with Oliver as their lead back when we see how early they draft a RB.  Until that happens I’m happy owning him and would encourage you to keep him if you can.  Obviously it depends on how expensive Oliver is and what your other options are but he proved himself capable in 2014 putting up 2 or 3 very nice fantasy games in a tough situation for an undrafted rookie.  You could gamble on far worse options so I’d take a chance on Oliver without knowing more about your situation.

Alan Satterlee – Near zero percent chance.  I think you can cut him in dynasty actually.  San Diego will likely have two backs above Oliver before the 2015 season is my bet.


5)  I’m joining a 32 team, double player pool (everyone can be picked twice) dynasty league this week.  They’ve been playing for 12 seasons so the three new teams (myself included) will take part in a dispersal draft of all the players from those three rosters and those three teams rookie draft picks. I’ve played fantasy sports for 10+ years but this is my first foray into a dynasty league. With me joining an ongoing league what should my strategy be in this dispersal draft?  Load up on picks for the upcoming rookie draft, try and fill out some semblance of a starting lineup, RB depth?Any insight or direction to a link on your site that might help out would be greatly appreciated.

Burgandy – This is essentially a 16 team league with the 2 sets of players.  You are already going to be at a disadvantage more than likely.  Owners don’t rarely give up “good” teams so you are probably dealing with a pretty limited selection.  First, do your homework. In a 16 team league you are going to need to dig DEEP.  Look at depth charts and opportunities.  Guys that just got promoted from the practice squad are fair game if you know what I mean.  Second, value.. value… value.  Looks for rookie picks, falling production players, and DEFINITELY load up on as many startable QBs as you can. QBs are premium in a 16 team league. Some will wait on them which is fine in a 12 team standard league, but if you can get 2-3 solid QB2 with upside you will have added trade value.  Picks are definitely right up there as well.  This could be a very long answer so I will just say, take the best player available. If you end up with 1 RB and 12 WRs that is fine. The value will be worth it in the trading market after the draft.  This is of course assuming there isn’t positional roster limits.

Sean Kirby – I’d spend some time with the dispersal pool before making that decision.  My guess is that the 3 teams the dropped out weren’t very competitive and therefore your options will be limited with regard to “studs” and even “solid veterans”.  If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be afraid to rebuild.  It might stink this year, but it should make the league more enjoyable int he long run.  I’d try to get a sense of what your 3 dispersal partners are doing.  I’d zig when they zag.  If it becomes obvious that they’re rebuilding, I’d start grabbing a competing team.

Jay Stoltenburg – The answer to this question has everything to do with potential of the players available in your dispersal draft which is usually not great since most, but definitely not all, teams that abandon a dynasty leagues have not managed their team over the last year or two and are throwing in the towel but that is not always the case.  I have been in a league with a dispersal draft but have not participated in a dispersal draft personally although I have taken over a team that was severely mismanaged.

With that said, the best advice I feel I was given when I first took over an orphaned dynasty team was to stockpile draft picks, trade my aging players and rebuild which worked out quite well.  So if your player pool in your dispersal draft is not that great, I would not worry about RB depth but rather concentrate on stockpiling draft picks and younger players with potential while compiling a decent starting roster if possible so you can hopefully squeak out a win or two in weekly matchups to keep it interesting.

If your player pool for the dispersal draft is greatly depleted, then hopefully the other two teams in the draft are under the impression they can win now and will go after those players that are aging out of the league while leaving the young players with potential and draft picks for you.

The other thing I noted with new teams in your situation is that they immediately became active with trades so if you do decide to pick up some of those veteran players, I would strongly consider trading them if you can get fair value as many of the other owners in the league often feel that they are taking advantage of the “new guy” when they really are not if you look at what they give as compared to what they get!

Jeff Melbostad – In my opinion, the best strategy for a new dynasty team is moderation.  Don’t go bonkers over starters for 2015, but don’t solely target draft picks and pure potential guys either.  Until you know what you’ve got I’d recommend striving for balance.  Get a few starters, get a few solid draft picks and work from there.  If stray too far one way or another you’ll quickly find yourself in a bind.  Without knowing exactly which players will be available in the dispersal draft I’d target a combination of young WRs, solid QBs, the highest possible draft picks, and aging RBs in that order.  You should be able to make all four of those things happen and I think it’ll set you up nicely for the future.  Young WRs are the most valuable commodity in dynasty bar none.  In a league as deep and as large as this one QBs will come at a premium.  Draft picks are a commodity that will always hold value, even if you end up re-trading them.  RB is the position most easily replaceable in dynasty and so I’d just grab older, less valuable guys there and prioritize them last.  Good luck!

Alan Satterlee – I would load up on rookie picks for sure, and secondly (generally speaking) draft high-end young wide receivers to the point that others can’t believe that you are taking yet another one.  Stay aggressive!  Good luck.


6)  How does being traded to Seattle season affect the value of Jimmy Graham?  I have thought about trying to trade for him but am not willing to pay what he would have cost a year ago especially since he is coming off a very average season by Jimmy standards.

Burgandy – I think you can come to expect more “average” Jimmy seasons. I don’t think this will kill Graham by any means and I think he is very capable of posting another one of his stellar 85/1200/15 type seasons with Wilson, but I truly believe that will be the exception not the norm.  I know Wilson and Seattle hasn’t had anything like Graham before this season, but they also haven’t even gotten close to SNIFFING a decent FF receiving option with what they’ve had. Doug Baldwin was top dog last year with 63/825/3  and nobody even remotely close to that after.  In 2013 it was Golden Tate with 64/898/5 and in 2012 Sidney Rice with 50/748/7.  You get the gist.  Yes, Graham is a cut and a half above all those options, but his stat line of 85/889/10 from last year slides right in line with those other ones.  Graham will be Wilson’s favorite target there’s no doubt of that. I like him for about 85/900/10 which is a great TE year by almost any standards… except Jimmy Graham’s.

Sean Kirby – I think buying Graham right now will be difficult.  Owners are probably in denial about his situation and are trying to convince themselves he’s still worth multiple first rounders.  You can kick the tires in case the owner is panicking, but don’t offer New Orleans prices.  I suspect his value will be very volatile this offseason and there should be some low points you can capitalize on.

Jay Stoltenburg – I am not even considering buying Graham right now because his owners are not going to be willing to part ways with him for anything other than what his worth was a year ago so your concerns are legitimate.  I’m not saying he isn’t worth it in the long run but I am saying he isn’t worth it today because you are the one who would be taking all the risk and not the current Jimmy Graham owner.  I would wait and see with Graham as I am predicting his owners will be brought down to earth after they see his production in Seattle.  I may be wrong but I am not willing to be the one to take the risk for the price.

Jeff Melbostad – I happen to think that Graham will be just fine in Seattle.  There are a lot of nay-sayers who think it’s the end of the line for Jimmy but I just don’t see how the situation is much worse than New Orleans.  He’ll be by far the biggest weapon that Russell Wilson has ever had on the receiving side of things.  He’ll be a PPR monster and a target hog both inside and outside of the end zone.  With an aging Marshawn Lynch and a ripe young QB the team will be looking to pass more than they have in the past and Graham is just the weapon to make that happen.  All that said, it’s definitely worth sniffing around the Graham owner to see if he or she is panicking.  I don’t foresee you’ll get many bargains though and for good reason.  I think Graham is worth every bit of what owners are demanding and if you don’t want to pay that price then you won’t land him.  Sure there’s risk with any player going to a new team and situation but I think there’s far less risk with Jimmy Graham than many others would have you believe.

Alan Satterlee – I feel like I am on an island but I think Jimmy Graham will be plenty elite.  Pete Carroll will figure out how to use Graham and Russell Wilson is only getting better.  In redrafts this year, I would absolutely love a Jimmy Graham / Russell Wilson hookup at the right prices.



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