Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 10

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:
1.) Who has been your best waiver claim so far this season?
Burgandy – Boy.  I’m a pretty active WW guy, so this will be like pulling a name out of a hat.  Jack Doyle has been very solid on a couple of my rosters. Marquis Lee has also been a nice add thus far. I haven’t started him, but he’s at a point where he at least has 2-3rd round rookie pick value again.  Lastly, Kaepernick is playing well. Despite the record and a defense that is abysmal, Kaep is actually playing pretty dang good football. 

Luke Grilli – I have gotten lucky week to week, but no longevity unfortunately. I had a few weeks of Jacquizz Rodgers, Ty Montgomery and the likes, which worked well for that week, and in a few leagues, I was able to nab Derek Carr, but have yet to start him over Aaron Rodgers. My trade offers fell on deaf ears, as this was a 12 team league, so good news is I have two Top 5 QBs on my roster…while a lot of teams don’t have one!

Brian Hawkes – Cole Beasley. In PPR formats, Beasley has been about as consistent as any owner could hope for and he’s actually the WR23 overall. He is an excellent WR2 on my roster who starts every week, regardless of matchup.

Josh Johnson – Probably Jatavis Brown. Although he appears to be out for a couple more weeks, I have seen enough from this rookie to convince me great things are coming. Even after missing week nine he is still the top scoring IDP rookie. Take that Deion Jones! Also in my redraft home league a nabbed Marcus Mariota and I have enjoyed letting him lead my squad.

2.) What is the best sell high scenario that you pulled off this year?
Burgandy – Bailing on Sammy Watkins 2 days before he was put on IR was about as good as it got.  The deal was I gave Sammy and JT for Jimmy Graham and Stephon Diggs. At this stage in the season I am confident that even IF Sammy had been healthy, Diggs would be matching him in Fantasy production.  Graham was a risky buy-low move that is paying off 10 fold.  Lateral move at WR with a massive upgrade at TE.

Luke Grilli – I gave up Ty Montgomery and Lamar Miller for Mike Evans in a league where I drafted well and picked up some RBs late. Evans has been an animal, and in this league where receivers score the same as running backs, I like his ROS schedule and production more than Lamar’s. Ty Montgomery has been nice, but I’m not sure how big of a role he will have once James Starks comes back from his knee injury.

Brian Hawkes – I was able to include Wendell Smallwood (who I drafted at 3.3) in a deal early this year and acquired a future 2nd round pick in return. Smallwood has ability, but Sproles emergence this year has prevented him from contributing. At this stage, I’m pleased with a 2nd rounder for him.

Josh Johnson – I convinced a Shady McCoy owner to give me a 4th and a 7th for Mike Gillislee. This was in a full IDP league so the 4th is a essentially a 3rd and I should be able to turn that into something useful. Eddie Jackson or Taywan Taylor anyone?

3.) Would consider moving for your 1st round pick if you have the best record in your league?
Burgandy – Absolutely.  You should always consider moving your pick.  That’s just good thinking.  That’s not to say you have to move it, but you should always be considering it whether you have the best record or not. If you have the best record at this point, first your pick is going to be in very late part of the draft where rookie success stories drastically diminish in %.  AND, you are also chasing a championship and likely have at least one weakness on your squad unless you have managed to avoid all injury bugs. 

Luke Grilli – Definitely. If you are in first place, your pick is likely going to be a later one, so why not get a player that can help you get the title? If you really want that first round pick after you win the title, it shouldn’t be all that expensive considering it’ll fall at the end of that round. Hell, I’ve been known to trade my first round pick well before I even get to the point that playoffs are in the forefront of my mind. Weeks 9/10, I’m taking the veteran player who can help me this year, rather than the unknown next year.

Brian Hawkes – Yes. In my experience, first rounders hit at about a 50% rate – and the hit rate decreases as you move down in the first round. As a contender, I’d be happy to trade a late first for a known commodity that could help my team succeed in the playoffs.

Josh Johnson – I certainly would! You could easily turn that into a high 2nd and a player that can help you with your stretch run. Plus trading that pick (before its officially 1.12) will make it appear more valuable then it will truly be this offseason. Right now it’s a 1st round and according to everybody and their mother the 2017 class is full of Fantasy football saviors. You must dangle the sausages when the puppies are drooling. Wouldn’t you prefer to add veteran depth  then draft a prospect outside the top 10.

4.) Who is your best second round pick from the last three years?
Burgandy – In the last couple years I have picked both Devonta Freeman and David Johnson in multiple leagues in the very early 2nd round.  Most know I was conducting the Devonta Freeman train a couple of years ago as well as being bullish on DJ. 

Luke Grilli – I was able to grab Jeremy Hill towards the beginning of the 2nd round in a league or two. I figured that even though he was in a timeshare, the Bengals thought enough of him to give up a 2nd round pick for him. So I did that same. It’s worked out pretty well so far.

Brian Hawkes – I have traded out of the 2nd round two out of the past three years…and my one pick was a bust in Andre Williams. That being said, my best 3rd round pick is Derek Carr. He’s shaping up to be an excellent QB.

Josh Johnson – Let’s see here, Keith Marshall, Breshad Perriman and Mike Thomas (LAR) that’s a triple no. Devontae Booker is certainly a warmer body that Mike Davis, right? But seriously let’s hear it for Eric Kendricks. He looks to be a super stud for years to come on one of the league’s top defensive units. After trading NaVorro Bowman for a late 1st (I evidently pocketed Jay Ajayi) I need to find the next great LB/tackle monster so I took Kendricks with 2.04.

5.) What is your stance on the dynasty trade deadline? Some say week 10-11 or the week before your playoffs start, while others want no deadline at all?

Burgandy –  I am fine with no deadline…IF…and only if there are protections put in place. Many leagues require a full year’s deposit to move a 1st/2nd round future pick.  I believe the same rule could apply in leagues with no deadline. There can be way to much collusion and manipulation done at the tail end of a season.  If you make it mandatory that any trades that happen after say week 11 have a full year’s pre-paid price tag on them, it helps ensure the validity of the trade. In free leagues, there should be a hard deadline. No exceptions. 

Luke Grilli – I think you need a deadline whether it is redraft or dynasty. It should get to a point in the season where you say, “This is my squad and I’m rolling with them.”

Brian Hawkes – I prefer a deadline to prevent collusion in the playoffs. Having a deadline forces owners to have some foresight and do their homework prior to their playoff run.

Josh Johnson – No deadline means contending teams will be able to down cycle their picks and potential to bottom feeders who think they are building the greatest team in the history of sport come 2018. It seems like a rich get richer scenario but with a little luck and careful scouting it should create an intriguing competitive balance. It could also maximize the reward for those teams that love trading away their rookie picks. That is if they are patient enough to wait.

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