Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 13

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:

***First three questions submitted by Wendell Bera from Milwaukee, big thanks to Wendell***
1.) You have $1.00 left and a WR position to fill. Who do you spend your last dollar on as a stash player for next year? We’re looking at players like Devin Smith/Charone Peake from the Jets or Mike Thomas/Pharoh Cooper of the Rams, any of the other rookie Cleveland WR not named Coleman. Or some other off the radar player, rookie or otherwise?

Luke Grilli -I know it hasn’t been a great start to his career, but I’d take a flier on Devin Smith. He was a former 2nd round pick that has had trouble getting healthy, but Brandon Marshall isn’t getting any younger and Eric Decker is no lock to be back at the beginning of 2017. Smith could see his future role grow if he is able to get on the field this season and get some valuable reps. Let’s not remember, a year ago he was a 2nd round pick out of THE Ohio State.

Brian Hawkes -Charone Peake. I liked Peake’s athletic profile ahead of the 2016 draft, and he’s actually been productive in spots this season. I lean towards him as a stash because the target opportunity should be there for him as Brandon Marshall likely retires, and Eric Decker (30 years old) recovers from injury in 2017. Peake offers a big body, combined with excellent deep speed, to be a factor.

Josh Johnson – Give me Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins please. He was an absolute vacuum at Colorado State (238 receptions in 38 games) and he should see an increased role in 2017. I believe he could be very Terrence Williams or Seth Roberts like and with more snaps hopefully better. There is also a possibility that Terrelle Pryor could chase a big free agent contract thus opening up a huge hole in the Browns offense for Higgins to snatch up.

Bill Latin – Gimme Jaron Brown.  A good comp for him is Marvin Jones.  Contract year, coming off injury with good metrics.  Worth a buck all day.

Shaun LaibeI’d spend my last $1 on the unmentioned Jets receiver, Jalin Marshall.  The undrafted rookie out of Ohio State has been sprinkled into the offense throughout the season, hauling in 11 receptions for 140 yards and 1 TD thus far.  Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will both be over the age of 30 entering the 2017 season.  Father time will catch up with them both soon.

2.) You have $1.00 left and a RB position to fill. Who do you spend your last dollar on as a stash player for next year? Here we have players like Jonathan Williams from Buf, Buck Allen, Tyler Ervin, Josh Ferguson, T.Cadet/D. Lasco available.

Luke Grilli -I think Tyler Ervin is the long term handcuff to Lamar Miller in Houston. For that reason alone, I would pick him up and either stash him or try to get a late pick from the Lamar Miller owner in the off season.

Brian Hawkes – I’m saving my dollar. I believe the running back position, in general, is about to be turned upside down with the incoming 2017 rookie class. The incoming rookie class will make stash RBs that are available now completely irrelevant next year, and they may very well uproot some of the productive 2016 starting RBs.

Josh Johnson – Keith Marshall may not have the draft pedigree but he certainly has the metrics (40-time in the 4.3s) . Without the injury history he probably would have the metrics and the draft pedigree. Rob Kelley has shown well. But, head coach Jay Gruden has never been beholden to one back. He will ride the “hot hand” and when healthy Marshall is a blazer. Also don’t forget Dallas rookie RB Darius Jackson who will likely be thee handcuff in Big D next season. I probably like Lasco the best out of names you gave. He has elite metrics but that Saints offense is so hard to predict who will shine week-to-week.

Bill Latin –  I will spend my buck on Keith Marshall.  I am a metric/production snob.  He fits the bill.  Kelley is a nice story but he’s just a guy and we all know about Matt Jones…I like the ceiling.

Shaun Laibe – I’m a big fan of Daniel Lasco.  The running back position is as volatile as ever and Saints starter, Mark Ingram, has already been benched once this season.  As long as Drew Brees is around, there will be a plethora of touchdowns to go around in New Orleans.  Lasco is worth $1 for that reason alone. 

3.) You have $1.00 left and a TE position to fill. Who do you spend your last dollar on as a stash player for next year? Just about anyone that isn’t already listed as the starter on a particular team is available?

Luke Grilli -I’d take a flier on A.J. Derby here. I’m not sure he is all that great, but neither are any of the TE options from the Denver offense. Derby is relatively young (25) and has seen an uptick is usage since he was traded to the Broncos.

Brian Hawkes – Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been dropped in several of my leagues. I’m happy to stash him for $1. His combination of athleticism, college production, and situation make him an intriguing prospect at the TE position. 

Josh Johnson – I really like Ben Koyack from Jacksonville. With Marcedes Lewis lost for the season he is getting a chance to play. The 2015 7th rounder is 6″5″ and 270 pounds of Irish muscle. He has 10 receptions over the last four games. If the Jags can somehow get out of the Lewis contract (he would be paid 7.5 million of the next two seasons) Koyack could find himself seeing legitimate snaps every week. I also love Trey Burton of the Eagles. If played in New England or New Orleans he might be considered one of the most electric TEs in the league. And guess what he is a free agent at season’s end. With Zach Ertz on the books until 2022, Burton should be free to join a more exciting offense. And speaking of expiring contracts Jack Doyle in Indy will also be a free agent this offseason. That means basketball convert Erik Swoope could be Andrew Luck’s middle of the field stretcher. He has elite athleticism and red zone vert-abilities.

Bill Latin –  Delanie Walker will be 33 next season and will be in last year of his contract.  Jace Amaro did well in spot duty there.  I like him as a cheap stash.

Shaun Laibe – I think you could get the best bang for your buck with Matt Lengel, the little known Patriots tight end. The rookie out of Eastern Kentucky has huge shoes to fill with Gronk expected to miss the next two months, but at 6 feet 8 inches and 265 pounds, he’s got some pretty massive feet of his own.  Scoop him up and wait for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to do their magic.

4.) Can you enlighten us all on a trade you made or didn’t make this week, as most trade deadlines happened this week?

Luke Grilli -I gave up Randall Cobb for Greg Olsen and a mid to late 2017 2nd round pick in DFW48. Due to injuries, I’m pretty sure I am out of the playoffs, but I felt that the window to move Randall Cobb for solid value was closing, so I wanted to strike while I still could. Being a Gronk owner, I can now either roll with Olsen moving forward and try to trade Gronk for a top tier RB or WR, or go with a 2 TE set in my starting lineup. Both options I would be happy to go with.

Brian Hawkes – I was offered quite a bit for Sammy Watkins in several leagues. I rejected all offers because: 1) He’s proven to be productive when healthy (not trading production for picks/ potential production), 2) His injury is one that is proven to produce fully productive players in the long-term (Julio, Dez, etc.), 3) His schedule is incredibly favorable for the playoff run.

Josh Johnson – I was offered Allen Robinson and Kenny Britt for Melvin Gordon. Call me crazy, hell call me ludicrous but I turned it down. My team is not making the playoffs this season but I have enough talent to see myself being a contender next year as I am hovering around the .500 mark. So why would I trade a stud running back (also have Tevin Coleman, Jay Ajayi and Devontae Booker) if I will likely have to lean on him next year. Since I believe my future is so bright I would much rather trade my first round pick for a receiver than trade one of my players who already has proven himself on a NFL field. It will be a mid-1st and I am not likely to replace Gordon with that pick.

Bill Latin – In my very first every dynasty league I needed to make some moves to seriously compete.  I traded Ameer Abdullah and two late third rounders for Matt Ryan.  I also traded Allen Robinson, a mid first, and late third for Odell Beckham Jr.  I moved up in standings, power rankings, and am set up to compete for the championship.  Big thanks to Jay Meyers, as he talked me through both of these trades.  He’s very adept at the nuances of making a run.

Shaun LaibeI recently traded away Dez Bryant for Allen Robinson and a 2nd rounder.  The team acquiring Bryant is contending for a championship while I am already out of playoff contention.  Dez is clearly having the better season, but I still believe Robinson, who is five years younger, is the better dynasty asset.  Getting a 2nd round pick was just the cherry on top. 

5.) Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone is there one player you are extremely thankful for this season?

Luke Grilli -I’m not proud of my drafting skills this season. A few of my swings ended up being big misses, but I will say that I held onto Davante Adams in a couple dynasty leagues and that has paid off for me. On the flip side, I also dropped him in 2 leagues where I am desperate for a solid WR, so I guess he has been bittersweet for me this season.

Brian Hawkes – I’m thankful for Frank Gore. I drafted zero RB in many leagues and Gore came very cheap. He’s been extremely consistent for me, and allowed me to load up on premium WR/TE talent in the early rounds (AJ Green, OBJ, Jordan Reed).

Josh Johnson – In my “home” league I picked up Marcus Mariota off of waivers and I have been riding him ever since. I had tried the wait on QB approach in the draft and ended up with tandem of Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton. The was such a vexing every week decision. When Mariota was dropped I pounced. In this redraft league last year I finished outside the money (or out of the Top 3) for the first time in a decade. Now 9-3 I have all but wrap up a first round bye, as I look to restore order. I know I should focus on an expert league but if I am not winning my friends and family league who I am? Universally in expert dynasty leagues Jamison Crowder has been ridiculous given his mid to late round ADP. I own not-enough but plenty of copies and he is keeping me a float. Sometimes where I have no business being in contention.

Bill Latin – This has to be Melvin Gordon.  I actively pursued him in nearly all of my 16 leagues and was able to acquire him on 2/3 of them.   The stars aligned with Danny going down.  Melvin has taken the reigns and ran with them.  Opportunity plus pedigree equals production.

Shaun LaibeI am most thankful for David Carr this fantasy season.  He started out as a backup Quarterback on several of my dynasty teams, but has quickly turned into a weekly starter.  At 25 years old, there are many years of huge success ahead of him.

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