Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 17

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:
1.)Potential available QBs via trade or free agency Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, A.J. McCarron, Colin Kaepernick or Jimmy Garoppolo who do you want the most and fantasy wise where is there best situation?
Burgandy – I don’t see Kelly or Kaep leaving SF. The offense was DEF not the problem in SF and if Kaep had even one legit WR (Say an Alshon Jeffery) he could be lethal. That said, Jimmy G is easily the best NFL QB of this group. Bortles anywhere else would be even more of a disaster. The dude is just not good and if you can’t win with those offensive weapons and a solid defense, YOU are the problem… …and he is.  I’d love to see KC move on from Alex Smith. Jimmy G with Tyreek, Kelce, Maclin, and a decent ground game would be sweet. 

Brian Hawkes – Give me Tyrod Taylor. He has been a steady fantasy producer in a run dominant scheme in Buffalo. Ideally, I’d love Houston as a landing spot.  The Texans have all the pieces to support a successful QB (Stud WR, strong RB, etc.), they play indoors, and they play against cushy opponents in the AFC South (Indy, Jacksonville, Tennessee).

Josh Johnson – Blake Bortles in the Chip Kelly scheme anyone? It seems like a long shot and who knows how long Kelly will remain in the Bay or in the NFL for that matter. Yet, you can jumpstart a franchise by bringing in a experienced QB. Or they could draft a QB and pray they make the playoffs in 3 or 4 years. Get Bortles, draft a real WR and some O-line help and there you go. I do realize the Kelly scheme thrives on speed at all positions and Bortles 4.93 40-time isn’t scary. But is 7.08 3-cone speaks to his short area quickness and mobility. That may be far more important than straight line speed. Also if Arizona is in the starting QB market I want that guy! Even is it’s McCarron!

Mike Krafick –  I know Blake Bortles was terrible this year but he’s someone I could see bouncing back, especially if he ends up somewhere else or if Jacksonville brings in a good Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator.  I really like his weapons in Jacksonville, he just needs to be put in position to be successful.  I like Josh’s idea of Bortles in S.F. with Chip Kelly but I’m not expecting that to happen, think it’s more likely that the Jaguars bring in someone like Josh McDaniels or some other offensive minded HC to work with Bortles & fix his issues.  He’s a top 3 pick, I do not expect them to give up on him yet. 

2.)Is rookie sensation Tyreek Hill the next Percy Harvin or Darren Sproles?

Burgandy –  I, like Josh would also trade high on Hill, but he is definitely a weapon and will explode for owners from week to week. I see him used more in a Harvin role vs a Sproles role. Both returned kicks and punts… I expect that, but Harvin was primarily a WR vs a RB whereas Sproles was a RB vs WR.  So with that logic in place, I see KC utilitizing more in the receiving game. 

Brian Hawkes – I’m not buying into the Tyreek Hill hype. I know the guy has been scoring TDs, but I don’t see the volume to support any long term success.

Josh Johnson – Teams will catch up to Hill’s gimmickry. I do not doubt that he is weapon but I would trade high if owned him. Like with Harvin one injury lead to many others and the rest is history. Sproles is so special and his longevity is an uncanny and unique achievement. I respect what Hill has done but I just do not see a decade plus of production there.

Mike Krafick –  Is it Ty-Freak Hill or Ty-Fluke Hill?  For me it’s more of the latter, I do not think he could possibly keep up this pace of scoring long TD’s on such limited touches.  Hill has 9 Touchdowns on 77 offensive touches, that’s a TD every 8.5 touches which does not seem sustainable.  Hill also has 2 return TD’s this year, one kickoff and another Punt return TD.  I don’t think that is something that can expected going forward as teams will look to kick away from Hill when he’s back there to return.  Unless Hill is shown to be used more consistently in the passing game, I think his production will continue to be streaky and unpredictable similar to Tavon Austin.

3.)You lost your championship or in the playoffs because this player(s) fizzled in December after a good September through November?

Burgandy – Jarvis Landry’s disappearing act last week cost me. Amari Cooper down the stretch was disapppointing, fortunately it didn’t cost me, but disappointing none the less. 

Brian Hawkes – AJ Green. Green carried my team through the early part of the season, but his hamstring injury completely derailed my WR production. I love the guy, but his injury was a huge blow.

Josh Johnson – Larry Fitzgerald and Jamison Crowder combining for 8 PPR points in a championship game left me embarrassed. I rode both basically all season and lived through some minor hiccups. Seriously though “Larry legend” in 34-31 shootout just 4 receptions for 31 yards? And Crowder my sweet Crowder 3 targets, 1 receptions for 3 mind numbing yards when your team drops 41 flipping points (spits on ground).

Mike Krafick –  Larry Fitzgerald, Amari Cooper, and Tyrell Williams were really disappointing down the stretch and cost me a shot at a championship in a couple different leagues.  Williams was the most disappointing for me because I traded for him specifically for his juicy match-ups weeks 14-16.

4.)Who are you actively looking to acquire this offseason?

Burgandy – I think Michael Crabtree is the WR to own in Oakland. I know that sounds crazy, but as the chain mover, his floor is substantially higher than Cooper’s with the same potential ceiling. He is thriving with Carr, and it’s really not surprising. 

Brian Hawkes – I’m actively looking to acquire Todd Gurley. He had a disappointing 2016, no question, but I trust his ability. I also trust the Rams will improve offensively with a new coach, and the acquisition of a top flight WR in free agency (Alshon Jeffery?).

Josh Johnson – As a general statement I would like to say I want to trade picks in exchange for veteran players. I know the reverse is a commonality in dynasty but if your league is super competitive you will find it hard to make up ground. That is unless you are a flawless drafter. I know full well that 2017 draft class is steaming with talent. That talent, is front-loaded and the hordes with thin it quickly. I am looking at players like J.J. Nelson, Tajae Sharpe (both 100 plus target possibilities in 2017 or 2018), Jalen Richard (exciting/game-breaking ability), Vonn Bell (matured a ton down the stretch), Trey Flowers (finding his niche and still under a feasible rookie contract) and whoever Oakland drafts to play ILB (if it’s in the 1st or 2nd round).

Mike Krafick – Alshon Jeffery, Keenan Allen, and Allen Robinson are guys that are coming off of disappointing seasons which may make them reasonably priced.  I’m trying to get proven players coming off a bad year that has their price depressed.

5.) Who are you actively looking to sell this offseason?

Burgandy – Brandon Marshall is a must sell. He’s probably going to only nab you a 2nd round pick, but honestly that’s going to be a solid get for him at this point. Hopefully he moves on, but it will have to be to the perfect situation to get anything close to the production his buyers will be expecting. Brandon Cooks is another who’s going to fall to the way side with an emerging Micheal Thomas. Old running backs like Forte and AP…and I’ll toss in Theo Riddick as well. 

Brian Hawkes – I’m selling a guy we’ve already covered in this week’s Q & A, Tyreek Hill. Hill has had an electric close to his rookie year. His production is sure to drive his value through the roof this offseason, and my recommendation would be to sell before he regresses back to reality. We’ve seen a meteoric rise from a rookie to close a season before (I’m talking about you Cordarrelle Patterson), and I’m not buying it. Sell, sell, sell!

Josh Johnson – Jurrell Casey is the least statistically sexy DE in the top 30 scorers at DE (according to the DFW36 scoring system). Three yawwwwn sacks? Really!!! #OnTheBlock…. Why oh why did I draft Jared Goff! I know the second I drop he will be a world famous athlete/Super Bowl MVP on a box of Wheaties. I would much rather trade him. You know how sometimes you like to sneak a player you like in on a multi-player deal? Well I would like slip you a Goff and watch someone else fall on that “sword of Damocles.” As much as it pains to me admit I will also dangle Latavius Murray. Twelve TDs for this soon to be 27-year-old/Free Agent who would have got 1,000 rushing yards again had he not missed 2 games. Yeah I would love to pull the trigger for two younger backs.

Mike Krafick – Julio Jones and Rob Gronkowski.  I do not own them anywhere so I can’t actually sell them but if I did I’d be looking to get out ASAP.  Both have dealt with nagging injuries over the past several seasons but they are still looked at as ELITE dynasty options valued as 1st Round Start-up picks.  Cash in while you still can, the cliff is coming!

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