Dynasty Experts Q and A: 2016 Week 7

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them.

This week we’re looking at players to potentially buying high or low, given their performance after six weeks of the regular season and projecting what they might do for the rest of the season.

1.) Dak Prescott & Tony Romo
Burgandy – I haven’t seen enough of Dak to jump on the bandwagon just yet. I know I know. I’m probably the only one. His price is going to be ridiculous right now because his owners believe he is the second coming of Tom Brady.  Dak looks legit right now. His upside is limitless, but he still has to reach it. Dallas is doing a great job of not only control the game on the ground, but giving him a ton of time to throw. Any QB in the league will look good if you give him time. I couldn’t fault anyone for chasing after Dak, I would guarantee that I can spend less money on another QB that will give me the same fantasy production. I just don’t believe his ultimate upside will be worth the price quite yet.  Romo is done. Stick a fork in him if he is not smart enough to stick a fork in himself. Nothing to be gained by mixing him back into the fold for Dallas. The future is now. 

Luke Grilli – The hot button topic in the fantasy football world is “Dak or Romo? Romo or Dak?”. Ummm gosh…this is tough. Dak has been such a good fantasy asset his season and  I see no reason why that won’t continue as the season moves along. I guess I’m going to go with Dak after seeing him and the Cowboys head into Lambeau in a playoff type atmosphere and get the W. Jerry Jones may love Tony Romo, but he loves winning more and Dak gives him the best chance of winning right now./span>

Brian Hawkes – Can I opt to pass? I’m not buying Dak at his current price, and I’m not buying Romo because he’s not reliable enough to make it through a full game if you were bold enough to start him. 

Josh Johnson – Some will need more convincing on Dak but what is certain is Romo brittleness. Even if Romo takes another snap this season I do not see him stringing more than two healthy games together. Sure Dak will have some growing pains but Carson Palmer and Eli Manning have made a living throwing more INTs than TDs throughout their careers. Dak is probably 20 starts away from entering Top Five QB potential but he is winning games without Dez Bryant. As the season progresses so will Dak’s deep chances along with more TD passes and those dreaded INTs. Hopefully the threat of Romo will keep Dak at a reasonable price point.

2.) Terrance West & Kenneth Dixon
Burgandy – This will be another pass for me. I can’t invest into this situation. Kenneth Dixon is simply this year’s rookie class version of Terrance West. Both are very talented all-around backs. Both could be solid RB2s with upside. Your guess is as good as mine as to which is going to be the guy. There is no reason for Baltimore to buck the West-Train just because there is a slightly newer model in the garage. Results are what matters and West is getting them. Dixon will have his day, but I just can’t feel good about this situation and I don’t believe either have talent levels that place them safely above anyone that could be mixed into the fold next year. 

Luke Grilli – Unfortunately for Kenneth Dixon, the sprained MCL has really put a damper on his rookie season. Preseason and early season reps are key for  a rookie as they learn the physicality an speed of an NFL game. With Terrance West playing well and having a strangle hold on the Ravens backfield, it only hurts Dixon more and more. Even if Dixon shows flashes this season, the backfield belongs to Terrance West until further notice. I like West as a weekly RB2 with TD upside.

Brian Hawkes – Can I pass again? Neither player has solidified themselves with efficiency or volume for me to be interested in investing. I would need to see volume of carries clearly shift to one player, and also see some sustained efficiency to show the player is the real deal. West has had two productive games where he’s seen the lion share of carries – one of those he was very efficient at 5.38 YPC (v. Oakland), and the other he was not efficient at 3.78 YPC (v. NYG). I need to see more before I’d invest in West.

Josh Johnson – I bought West for 2017 5th a week prior to the season starting. I also claimed him in a startup for $70 (season-long budget $1000). I have been pretty happy with him so far and I am starting really think he has found home. I love Dixon and think he can be a three down player. However I am sure when or where that opportunity arise for him. His draft capital is far higher that his actual current value is, so if I own him I would sell him to the highest bidder and ask for an extra third round pick to make I have no regrets.

3.) LeSean McCoy
Burgandy – McCoy looks legit again. I believe that the juice is still worth the squeeze at this point. I would proceed with caution and the days are slowly starting to dwindle, but I would definitely be interested in price shopping McCoy at this point. The 3 year window looks solid if you include the rest of this one, leaving you plenty of opportunity to make the price worth it in production this year and still yield a solid return on your investment if you sell him this off-season. 

Luke Grilli – Shady McCoy rewound the tape back to 2013 apparently. Fully healthy at the beginning of the 2016 season, he is finally performing the way I expected him to last year before he popped his hammy in preseason and basically played the season on one leg. Now, LeSean is domin…wait, he popped his hammy yet again in practice? Cripes. LeSean was arguably fantasy’s #1 RB and now his owners have to deal with yet another injury. We aren’t sure of the severity just yet, but if you can get an amazing return for him (I saw him go for Gurley and Edelman in a re draft league), you have to pull the trigger. A bad hamstring is something you don’t want your running back messing with. He doesn’t have his bye until Week 10, so we could be seeing him playing on one leg for the next 3 weeks and/or injure himself further.

Brian Hawkes – Gillislee? Shady is the real deal, and he’s a stud. That being said, I’m not buying high on him after his three touchdown performance. Add in the reports of a hamstring injury…I’m buying Gillislee and willing to overpay, if necessary. The Bills are clearly committed to running the ball, and their schedule is dreamy through the fantasy playoffs.

Josh Johnson – Well if Burgandy has flipped his switch on Shady I might as well let that light sign on me too.  With Sammy Watkins already on IR and Robert Woods getting dinged up last week, Shady hastily flourished. Please remember that was against the Navorro Bowman-less 49ers in tumultuous Buffalo. He is ripping up this season and  if I am contending I am buying up and paying the hefty asking price. He is not a longterm solution in my eyes. He is still a 28-year running back.

4.) Eddie Lacy
Burgandy – It’s hard to feel inspired by the 265lb Jerome Bettis wannabe.  GB has proven they are not committed to him or the run in general.  He recently went for a 2018 projected late round 1st. I’d be buying him all day at that price. I would just be surprised to see him priced that low at this point.  At this point I would have a hard time spending even a 2017 late round 1st on him. I feel like I could pin point a better talent/situation. 

Luke Grilli – Funny Burgandy said that Lacy went for a 2018 late projected 1st, because in a league that we do not play in together, that is exactly what I just bought him for. Maybe he listened to The Never Ending Glory Podcast (@GloryPodcast) where we talked about that trade, but I like him at that price. This ankle injury is worrisome, but I saw some great athleticism from the big fella even when he had the bum ankle. Will he be a Green Bay Packer next year, nah probably not, but  he will have a job in the NFL somewhere.

Brian Hawkes – I’d like a Cheeseburger Deluxe basket with fries, and a Heath bar concrete mixer….Oh, sorry…I was helping Eddie prepare for his rehab. Nope – not interested.

Josh Johnson – I would try to buy-low since he is in real danger of missing a game or two right now. It does seem like whenever he gets rolling and rattles off a few good games he gets injured. That has always scared me away from him. At this point in his career he is a RB3 who is not startable every week. Very matchup dependent… no longer a stud… not starting him or anybody for that against the Vikings. 

5.) James White & Dion Lewis
Burgandy – As long as you are the receiving back in NE, you will be fantasy relevant in any PPR format. I loaded up on Dion Lewis last year right before week 1 and have held him in almost every league. I also made sure to target James White for the recovery process. I am happy to say that that situation has worked out beautifully.  Lewis still needs to come back and prove he is the better back out the backfield (which he clearly was last year).  Worst case scenario, NE is gaining confidence in White and so is White. If Lewis isn’t the same, the heir-apparent is already on the roster. 

Luke Grilli – Dion Lewis SHOULD be the guy when he is 100% healthy, but we have no idea when that will be. Also, until James White struggles, I don’t see the Patriots moving on from him and possibly risk another injury to the always injury prone Dion Lewis. Clear as mud, right? Welcome to the Patriots backfield!

Brian Hawkes – I’m buying either of these players, assuming their owner is reasonable. The New England running back situation seems to always be a guessing game – that could leave current owners with a willingness to sell. Regardless, pass catching Patriots’ running backs are money in the bank. 

Josh Johnson – New England running backs not named after paraphernalia? No thanks. That is a beast of burden I choose not to endure. However, if this were a best ball league I would choose to own both or neither. Side Note: I traded Lewis for pick 1.14 in 16-team full IDP PPR league. I turned that pick into Myles Jack.

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