Dynasty Experts Q and A: Offseason Week 2

Each and every week we will ask our dynasty experts several questions regarding fantasy football. Our expert panel will answer anything you throw at them. We’ll look at buy-low and sell-high players along with trade questions we receive during the week from our followers as well as other general dilemmas and draft questions. Here we go:
1.) Last year Odell Beckham infuriated his owners by getting suspended for Week 16 (championship week), this year he pissed off actual Giants fans with his boating antics and few dropped passes. Are you down grading his dynasty value because of these incidents?

Luke Grilli -I get it. ODB is a pain in the ass, but if you are discounting him for these reasons, I’m buying. With all the headaches comes arguably the greatest beginning to a receivers career in NFL history. I get why people would be scared of him, but with a career per game average of 7.5 catches for 96 yards and just under a TD, Odell Beckham is my clear cut #1 dynasty asset.

Brian Hawkes – No. Odell’s fantasy finishes since entering the league: WR7, WR5, WR4. He’s 24. Next question please.

Josh Johnson – I would like to downgrade him slightly but who besides Antonio Brown is worthy to be above him. At this point Zeke is the only other player I would consider over Beckham in a startup. Yet, that would also be very dependent on league settings. Where I own Beckham I know I will not get full value given the current circumstances. I am not worried as I rode Beckham to a second place. Current public perception is not grand at the moment but this does not call for drastic measures. #LeaveAsIs 

Mike Krafick – ODB is the 1.01 in a Dynasty Start-up Draft for me and a boat trip to Miami or disappointing performance in a few games does not change that.  He’s 24 years old and he’s had at least 90/1300/10 in each of his first 3 seasons in the NFL, it really doesn’t get any better than that.  If the Beckham owner in your league is frustrated with his recent performance then he or she may be willing to part with him, now is the time to make an offer while the “disappointment” is still fresh.

2.) Rank these soon to be free agent WRs: Kamar Aiken, Ted Ginn, Jeremy Kerley, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kenny Stills, Terrence Williams & Kendall Wright?

Luke Grilli -Stills, Wright, Patterson, Williams, Aiken, Ginn and Kerley. Kenny Stills impressed me this year. He will kill you with drops every now and again, but he showed us he still is one of the better deep threats when he can hold onto the ball. Kendall Wright may be an odd second choice, but I think he just needs a change of scenery so he can be a PPR WR3 again.

Brian Hawkes -None of these players are talented enough to succeed if they end up in a poor situation. None of them are significantly better than the other. That being said, I would rank them solely based on their landing spot and the target opportunity each situation offers.

Josh Johnson – Kenny Stills scored nine TDs this season for Miami. He has found success on two different NFL teams. Both of those teams had competitive WR depth charts. By the way Stills turns just 25 years old in April. The 27-year old Kendall Wright has only been healthy enough to play in 21 games over the last two seasons. But, if he signs with a pass centric offense he has the potential to WR2-3 for the next couple of seasons. He has had the most success in the past of the bunch. Maybe Kamar Aiken is a late bloomer? In the right situation (Detroit!?) he could flourish. Remember he was buried by two veterans in Steve Smith & Mike Wallace in 2016. He also endured a OC change in a very up and down yet supposedly “win now” season in Baltimore. I don’t see him fading away any time soon. Cordarrelle Patterson has a distinct advantage because he offers return abilities. That may not immediately translate into targets or offer much Fantasy value. Yet, if Patterson makes a roster he will have to fall somewhere on the WR depth chart. He has always been too intriguing for OCs to ignore. Terrance Williams has not matured as a player much throughout his career. A dropoff in targets of 30 from 2015 to 2016 is very concerning. He has been mostly healthy and his medium size should continue to give him opportunities. He is a decent complimentary piece and a perfect roster rounder especially in best ball formats. Jeremy Kerley surprised us all in 2016. If you have him on a roster currently you can hold him and see what landing spots emerge. Ted Ginn is basically an older version of Cordarrelle Patterson and nowadays Carolina might be the only team that knows how to use him.

Mike Krafick –  Stills, Wright, Patterson, Aiken, Williams, Ginn, and Kerley.  Hard to believe that Stills is only 24 years old, combine that with the production we’ve seen on the field he could see a nice value bump if he lands in a good situation.  I just can’t quit Kendall Wright, he’s always banged up but if he can put together a healthy season I think he could get back to the production he was putting up in his first couple seasons in the league.  Patterson will never be an elite WR that fantasy owners thought he would be after a great rookie season, but I do think he can be a good fantasy asset if he ends up in an offense that’s more creative than Minnesota.  CPatt would make a nice offensive weapon for a team like the Steelers that get creative with their play calling and how they use their personnel.  I do not understand the way that the Ravens used (or didn’t use) Kamar Aiken, he showed in 2015 what he can do with an opportunity.  I don’t really have much to say about the other 3, I do not expect them to be very valuable in fantasy regardless of their landing spots……meh

3.) Dynasty Dilemma: Kevin White vs Breshad Perriman?

Luke Grilli -With Steve Smith gone and Mike Wallace being solid, but not great last year in Baltimore…I like Breshad Perriman over Combine All Star Kevin White. There is way too much turmoil in Chicago right now and I’d rather take the oft injured athletic freak with consistency at QB…and that is Breshad.

Brian Hawkes – Perriman. Both players will have a significant uptick in target opportunity in 2017, but I have to go with the guy who is likely to have a proven QB and the team that has led the league in passing attempts for two consecutive years (Ravens). The Bears will likely have a rookie QB, a strong defense, and a young stud at RB in Jordan Howard. That has all the makings of a ball control, slow paced offense. Give me Perriman every time.

Josh Johnson – Not so ironically in the same the rookie draft I took Kevin White at 1.04, I took Breshad Perriman at 2.04. I thought I had a tandem to contend for years to come! Fate had a different idea and that same team is picking 1.06 this year. They both ooze the most overused word in dynasty “POTENTIAL!” I guess I would choose White if Alshon Jeffery walks and if he moves in with training staff he could final breakout. Perriman still has Mike Wallace to compete with in the short term. Eventually I feel Perriman could be a 80-90 catch guy, he still needs some fine tuning to convince the Ravens he is more than a Torrey Smith clone. White has all the tools to breakout in 2017 and when he is peaking I will trade him for a very large return.

Mike Krafick –  I am the wrong guy to ask about these two players, I don’t really buy into either of them becoming elite options.  Neither player can stay on the field and I think both are just a bunch of potential, they’re just a tease.  Of the two, give me Kevin White since he has better draft pedigree and a potentially good situation (if Alshon leaves).  I think Perriman got over rated in the pre-draft process because of a fast 40 time at his pro-day, he’s shown flashes but I think that’s what he is a flashy player that will make some plays but he is not a player that will emerge into anything more than a low end WR3 in fantasy.

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