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FreeBallinLeaderboard DB   DEC 2014

DFW IDP rankings are based on the following scoring setup: Tackles: 1 pt (0.5 for assists); Sacks: 4 pts (2 for assists); Tackles for loss: 1 pts; Interceptions: 4 pts; Passes defensed: 1 pt; Fumbles forced: 2 pts; Fumbles recovered: 2 pts; Defensive TD: 6 pts; Safeties: 5 pts.

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RankPlayerPos.AgeTeamBase DefenseGary BeaudetteBill CerviSean KirbyBruce KimbroughAvgChangeSkinny
1Harrison SmithFS25MIN4-311321.75He's a proven DB1 in Zimmer's defense, where he should have a productive contract year in 2015.
2Morgan BurnettSS25GB3-423111.751st in tackles among DBs through 12 weeks, he's got an enourmously high floor and 3 years left in GB. Could use some INTs.
3Jonathan CyprienSS24JAX4-332253Cyprien hasn't missed a snap in weeks 3-12 and is the tackle leader among DBs over that span.
4Eric WeddleFS29SD3-485465.75Weddle's been a consistent volume tackler for years and should continue to be for 3 more years in SD.
5Reshad JonesSS26MIA4-346585.754Signed through 2017, he's been a clear DB1 post-suspension.
6Barry ChurchSS26DALTampa 268746.25Similar to 2013, Church is playing behind a battered front 7. He won't reach last years' tackle counts, but the floor is high.
7Kenny VaccaroSS23NO3-49911109.75Vaccaro's struggled to produce consistently for both NFL and IDP purposes inhis 2nd year. His job is secure with injuries to Bush and Byrd.
8Kam ChancellorSS26SEA4-31012989.754Like Thomas, Chancellor's a high floor player on the basis of tackle volume, but has limited weekly upside in SEA.
9Mark BarronSS25STL4-37717910His role has been small in STL, but should grow during his 2015 contract year.
10Earl ThomasFS25SEA4-35462610.25-6Thomas is a steady option, but has limited upside in SEA, posting only 1 week with double digit tackles.
11Antoine BetheaSS30SF3-41411811113Surprisingly high tackle opportunities in SF have made Bethea a nice option in his age 30 season.
12Deone BucannonSS22ARI3-41310121312Assisting heavily in run defense, the fantasy points per snap are impressive, but he needs a bigger role to be a high end option.
13Donte WhitnerSS29CLE3-41216101513.25He's been reliable, but has only provided 1 double digit tackle game since his hot week 1.
14Hasean Clinton-DixFS21GB3-42414131215.75He's gaining steam as an every-down, high-floor/low-ceiling FS in his rookie year.
15Michael GriffinFS29TEN3-42823161821.25Michael Griffin is the most attractive TEN S after the Pollard injury, but holds questionable value post 2014.
16Bernard PollardSS29TEN3-42313153621.75A ruptured Achille's ends his age 29 season. He's been as consistent as they come at DB.
17TJ WardSS27DEN4-31517243222Despite a handful of sacks/INTs, the tackle opportunities just aren't sufficient in Denver to make Ward more than a DB3-4.
18Tyvon BranchSS27OAK4-32636197228Another foot injury ended the 2014 season for one of the most consistent high end DBs. He'll be 28 next year.
19Tyrann MathieuFS22ARI3-41120233522.25-8After MCL/ACL repair, he never became an every down player before needing thumb surgery. He'll look to reclaim a productive role in 2015.
20Antrel RolleFS31NYG4-31619461423.753Rolle will plug that hole in your roster, but has minimal long-term value at age 31.
21Robert BlantonSS25MIN4-33837141626.25Trailing far behind Harrison Smith in name recognition, Blanton leads the secondary in tackles.
22Rashad JohnsonSS28ARI3-42220326.5For now Johnson's proven he can be an efficient every-down every-down SS. It's unclear how this secondary will look in 2015.
23Ryan MundySS29CHI4-32235302227.25He's the highest scoring DB in CHI, but largely because he's one of the few that's stayed healthy. He may not be there in 2015.
24James IhedigboSS30DET4-33424322127.75He's had some low floor weeks in terms of tackle volume, but it's buffered by decent pass-rushing opportunities.
25Reggie NelsonFS31CIN4-32929332629.25Cincy's FS is leading the secondary in tackles in his 31-year-old season.
26Jairus ByrdFS28NO3-43515412729.510A torn lateral meniscus ended Byrd's season early. He was an every down player, averaging 5 TKLs/game in his first year with NO.
27TJ McDonaldFS23STL4-32128501929.510McDonald's held an every-down job after the arrival of Mark Barron. It's likely STL wants him to succeed.
28Malcolm JenkinsFS27PHI3-42033254530.75-133 INTs in his first 3 weeks padded his stats and have masked some very low floor weeks.
29William MooreSS29ATL3-43227283831.2514He's averaged >6 fantasy pts/game each of past 4 years, he's as safe as they come. He's returning in week 13 from an extended absence (shoulder).
30Calvin PryorSS22NYJ3-41831314631.5His snaps have taken a dive in recent weeks. He'll need to prove he can handle a bigger role for 2015.
31DJ SwearingerFS23HOU3-42525265532.75-10Mediocre tackle numbers and meager big plays limit his upside.
32Kyle FullerCB22CHI4-31927187133.75Fuller's come back to earth a bit after a hot rookie start, but remains a reasonable option among CBs.
33Mike AdamsFS33IND3-44440361734.25He had a rocky start, but has shown the potential for high tackle weeks, despite some very low floor performances.
34Dashon GoldsonFS30TBTampa 23346274136.75Goldson is trending down, which might not be a fluke for safeties in Lovies Tampa-2 defense.
35LaRon LandrySS30IND3-43734295238-5Landry came back to minimal snaps post-ban. His run-stopping play style is IDP-friendly if he regains a bigger role.
36Charles WoodsonSS38OAK4-35755212038.2519The 38-year-old is the top DB in many scoring formats and states he plans to play one more year.
37Eric BerrySS25KC3-4182840.75-30Berry's left the team for medical reasons, but has been a DB1 when healthy.
38Dawan LandrySS31NYJ3-44748224741Landry is arguably playing the best football of his career. He should hold an every-down role despite the presence of Calvin Pryor.
39Alterraun VernerCB25TBTampa 25344382941Lovie's Tampa-2 defense has made Verner one of the more consistent CB options.
40Ron ParkerSS27KC3-430344041.25In Berry's absence, Parker will likely continue as SS, where he's been a top 15-20 option thus far.
41Prince AmukamaraCB25NYG4-34847522342.5He's been an increasingly consistent option at CB, but suffered a torn Biceps and will return for a 2015 contract year in NY.
42Jonathan JosephCB30HOU3-46046422443Joseph's still one of the better CBs to own in IDP, but has been trending down over the past 4 weeks.
43Brock VereenFS22CHI4-34032397045.25Pick #131 in the draft, his value will be limited by Conte's health for now.
44Glover QuinFS28DET4-35145374845.25He's a distant 2nd behind Ihedigbo in the DET secondary in terms of IDP points per snap.
45Tony JeffersonSS22ARI3-4175546.5With Mathieu healthy and Bucannon developing, Jefferson's role is dwindling.
46Da'Norris SearcySS26BUF4-342434947.5Coverage deficiencies have Searcy off the field for significant snaps, but his use in run defense makes him almost IDP relevant.
47Mike MitchellFS27PIT3-43933487248-7Ryan Clark's old FS spot has been consistent, but provided very little upside for Mitchell.
48Kendrick LewisFS26HOU3-43147546148.25He still leads the HOU safeties in tackles, but DJ Swearinger will get more sack opportuinities.
49George IlokaSS24CIN4-32749457348.5Iloka is a young every-down SS, who has been helping the Bengals more than IDP owners with meager tackle volumes.
50Aaron WilliamsFS24BUF4-3305449.5-21Not an every down player, the weekly floor is very low for Williams in 2014.
51Kemal IshmaelSS23ATL3-453473749.5The 2013 7th round pick was producing even before the Moore injury, but will likely take a backseat down the stretch.
52E.J. GainsCB22STL4-32550
53DeAngelo HallCB31WAS3-45841535050.53Hall's done for 2014, but has been arguably the most consistent CB in fantasy. He'll be in WAS for 3 more years.
54Eric ReidFS22SF3-452425451It's been rough in 2014 with only 2 weeks over 4 combined tackles.
55Joe HadenCB25CLE3-43051.25
56Major WrightSS26TBTampa 250445151.56He's the surest bet to fill in to Lovie's system after the departure of Barron, giving him some 2014 value.
57Terrence BrooksFS23BAL3-4363951.75The rookie is struggling to earn a consistent role, but is showing rare flashes of promise behind some struggling starters.
58Roman HarperSS31CAR4-343495951.75-73 INTs have saved an otherwise disappointing 2014 stat line.
59Louis DelmasFS27MIA4-35954356052An every down player next to Rashad Jones, Miami has been trialing Delmas in different roles in late 2014.
60Stevie BrownSS27NYG4-346385152.75-13He lost his job in NY, but he's a talented player seeing some increased reps behind aging starters.
61Rahim MooreFS24DEN4-350436353-9The DEN secondary just hasn't proven useful for IDPers in recent years. 2 TKLs/week won't cut it.
62Leodis McKelvinCB29BUF4-33953.5
63Dez SouthwardFS24ATL3-4414554.5Southward's a smart, big, fast safety who has some depth chart climbing to do before he's IDP-relevant.
64Shamarko ThomasSS23PIT3-445526755-10Negative PFF grades and the arrival of Mitchell forecast at least 1 more year as the #3 option in PIT
65Matt ElamSS23BAL3-4426255.25-27A 2014 breakout candidate, Elam flopped in all categories. His role is minimal in baltimore.
66Chris ConteFS25CHI4-356436455.25-3Conte is marginally ahead of rookie Brock Vereen, but has struggled with numerous injuries in 2014, including two concussions.
67J.J. WilcoxSS23DALTampa 2505255.25Decent tackle opportunities are present, but he needs to improve his play to keep taking advantage of them.
68Husain AbdullahSS29KC3-4444055.25An every-down FS for most of the year, it's easy to imagine KC gives him a lot of work in his 2015 contract year.
69Patrick ChungFS27NE3-45357Patrick Chung is probably the NE DB to own for 2014 production. Still, he's in a large tier of low ceiling DBs.
70Troy PolamaluSS33PIT3-45557496957.5-101-3 years left in the tank, he was remarkably durable last year and you know what you're getting with Troy.
71Lemarcus JoynerFS24STL4-3495358.5The arrival of Barron certainly doesn't bode well for STL's plans to unleash their rookie.
72Shawn WilliamsSS23CIN4-354566858.5-8Williams would need an injury to Nelson or Iloka for 2014 relevence, and even then it's not a slam dunk.
73Devin McCourtyFS27NE3-4566559.5He's a great safety, but it just hasn't translated to great IDP production.
74Nate AllenFS27PHI3-47462.25He's fended off Wolff and is fairly consistent tackler.
75Jason VerrettCB23SD3-45562.5After a strong start, the rookie CB was placed on IR with a torn labrum.
76Charles TillmanCB33CHI4-37562.5Tillman's been one of the best IDP CBs, but unfortunately is done for the year. He'll enter a new system at 34 years old in 2015.
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