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DFW IDP rankings are based on the following scoring setup: Tackles: 1.5 pt (0.75 for assists); Sacks: 4 pts (2 for assists); Tackles for loss: 1 pts; Interceptions: 6 pts; Passes defensed: 1 pt; Fumbles forced: 3 pts; Fumbles recovered: 3 pts; Defensive TD: 6 pts; Safeties: 2 pts; no P/K return yards.

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RankPlayerPos.AgeTeamBase DefenseTom BradburySean KirbyBruce KimbroughBen SamuelsJay LeistenAvgChangeSkinny
1JJ WattDE26HOU3-4111111Watt is the best DE in the game, your team has a significant weekly advantage if you roster him
2Jason Pierre-PaulDE26NYG4-3222352.8JPP was a stud in 2014 and will have to prove his consistency and health under the franchise tag in 2015.
3Robert QuinnDE24STL4-3453223.2The 2013 sack leader didn't record a 2014 sack until week 7 but continually pressured the QB and finished strong.
4Chandler JonesDE25NE3-4545434.2Impressive tackle volumes are a result of NE's dynamic defensive front, including some OLB usage.
5Calais CampbellDE26ARI3-4334584.6On the growing trend of stud IDP 3-4 DEs, Campbell posts high tackles for a DE, but has a new DC in 2015.
6Everson GriffenDE27MIN4-3666677.2Griffen broke out in 2014 and should return to a similar role in Zimmer's 2nd year as head coach.
7Carlos DunlapDE26CIN4-37981248Impressive 2014 tackle counts were complemented by 9 sacks, although Johnson's return could dampen his impact.
8Ezekiel AnsahDE25DET4-397128613On limited snaps, Ansah hit both double digit sacks and 40+ tackles. Elite potential is there if he played 90% snaps.
9Muhammad WilkersonDE25NYJ3-4810771111.4The arrival of Todd Bowles and Leonard Williams clouds Wilkerson's 2015 outlook.
10Rob NinkovichDE31NE3-4121111141011.6Similar to Chandler Jones, NE's 3-4 allows Ninkovich to rack up tackles.
11Fletcher CoxDE24PHI3-41089161412.23Cox is a solid tackle producer but needs to add sacks to enter the truly elite tiers.
12Sheldon RichardsonDE24NYJ3-4141413919134The arrival of Todd Bowles and Leonard Williams clouds Richardson's 2015 outlook.
13Cameron JordanDE25NO3-4172017131716-3Jordan was inconsistent and sack-dependent in 2014. The roster looks similar in 2015.
14Greg HardyDE26DALTampa 2201824401517The elite talent will miss 10 games and enters a new scheme in DAL.
15Corey LiugetDE25SD3-4152122181817.47Boasting great tackle volumes, Liugets a high floor player and a great value in tackle-heavy scoring.
16Charles JohnsonDE28CAR4-31819202013184A decent finish didn't make up for a dreadful start in 2014, but 72 QB hurries/hits hint at what could have been.
17Cameron WakeDE33MIA4-316161011919.4-512 sacks and positive PFF grades were nice, but meager 2014 tackles and older age lessen his dynasty appeal
18Vic BeasleyDE22ATL4-3191723192422-18Beasley will be designated 4-3 DE in ATL's new scheme, but will be a situational player to start.
19Dante Fowler Jr.DE20JAX4-3263426152023.6-19Jacksonville's new LEO rusher will miss 2015 with a torn ACL and won't contrubite before 2016 or later.
20Leonard WilliamsDT20NYJ3-4111515234822.4-20Landing in Todd Bowles 3-4 is great for his IDP outlook. Meeting Wilkerson and Richardson is less encouraging.
21Olivier VernonDE24MIA4-3211321331622.4-6Although not dreadful, Vernon's season was disappointing after his 2013 breakout.
22Aaron DonaldDT23STL4-3232519173222.211He set the standard for rookie DTs in 2014 and should be top 3 at the position.
23Jurrell CaseyDE25TEN3-4131214103523.2-4Elite tackle #s and 7 sacks made Casey a DE1 in most formats.
24Chris LongDE30STL4-3272631222924-3Playing too little and too late in 2014, we know Long should play better next year.
25Michael JohnsonDE28CIN4-3283140302625Johnson returns to the city, where he originally had success under Zimmer. Will there still be opportunities for IDP success?
26Gerald McCoyDT27TBTampa 2242228213127.8-9McCoy signed a 100 million dollar contract and has excelled in the Bucs Tampa-2 when healthy.
27Cornellius CarradineDE26SF3-4343318312131.819Justin Smith's "retirement" opens the door for Carradine, but Armstead could also push for snaps.
28Michael BennettDE29SEA4-3292727253026.8Increased snaps and positive real-life grades didn't translate to great IDP #s, as Bennett remained a DE3 in SEA.
29Cameron HeywardDE26PIT3-4222425392532.4-3Heyward was a very consistent, low ceiling DE2-3 in a role that shouldn't change much in 2015.
30Ndamukong SuhDT28MIA4-333384327413012A great option among DT's specifically, the NT will wreak havoc in a new uniform in 2015.
31Owamagbe OdighizuwaDE23NYG4-3383229343132.8-31OO lands on a rough depth chart, but has serious upside beyond 2015 as an explosive 4-3 DE.
32Mario WilliamsDE30BUF3-4474938282335-14The switch to a 3-4 is a major red flag, as Williams will likely begin 2015 as a 31-yr-old OLB.
33Randy GregoryDE22DALTampa 2323630383434-33Off-field concerns and a loaded depth chart hinder what was previously seen as limitless upside.
34Demarcus LawrenceDE23DALTampa 2312347324034.65Hardy's suspension offers Lawrence a chance to get his previously injured foot in the door.
35Kyle WilliamsDT31BUF3-4302833266444.8-331-year-old Williams' role will change with the arrival of Rex Ryan. Should remain productive, but may be reclassified to DE.
36Jerry HughesDE26BUF3-4454749242237.6-13Hughes is huge risk for becoming an OLB in Rex Ryan's 3-4.
37Demarcus WareDE32DEN3-4374835352738.4-12Changing schemes will likely make Ware an aging 3-4 OLB.
38Datone JonesDE24GB3-44954453941.26Jones was given a tiny role in 2014, playing drastically <50% snaps.
39DeMontre MooreDE22NYG4-32537423742-12Moore is a promising young talent who's opportunity will be challenged by the arrival of Odighizuwa, but JPP might not be back in 2016.
40Marcell DareusDT25BUF3-432413642.2-11Dareus will likely be Rex's NT, which has not been fruitful for IDP in recent years.
41Arik ArmsteadDE21SF3-4363041505843-41SF has room for Armstead to become a starting 3-4 DE, but he's a bit raw to jump into the role immediately.
42Sen'Derrick MarksDT28JAX4-33942364437.2-1235 tackles and 9 sacks were enough for a top 6 finish among DTs, before he tore his ACL.
43Justin TuckDE32OAK4-3424548494545.8-6A DE3 in 2014, the arrival of Mario Edwards Jr. could take some pressure off the aging DE.
44Kony EalyDE23CAR4-3403552654246.85Ealy had was minimally productive in his rookie year, but looks to take a jump forward in 2015.
45Willie YoungDE29CHI3-445434746-11Youngs breakout was brief and is likely over, as he'll be an OLB in Fangio's 3-4.
46Jared AllenDE33CHI3-416464348-15Allen could become an aging OLB in CHI's new scheme.
47Desmond BryantDE29CLE3-43943374947.2-6If Shelton can create disruption at NT, Bryant is one of the lead candidates to benefit.
48Sharrif FloydDT22MIN4-353395345.4Playing for Mike Zimmer, Floyd has top 5 DT potential
49Cedric ThorntonDE26PHI3-44836545047.8-112 sacks in last 2 years is discouraging, but he remains a high floor option thanks to tackles.
50Kerry WynnDE24NYG4-34846.4The young talent could land a bigger role eventually, but has serious competition on the depth chart.
51Geno AtkinsDT27CIN4-3352944373848-15Hopefully Atkins' slow 2014 was health related, as he's still a top 10 DT.
52Cliff AvrilDE29SEA4-349475149.8-7Avrill will still be involved in Seattle's DE rotation, where he should produce moderate sacks and meager tackles.
53Akiem HicksDE25NO3-4464664534651-10Hicks' miniscule 2 sacks weren't a mistake, as he only posted 25 hits/hurries.
54Ra'Shede HagemanDE24ATL4-3504260525952.618Switching back to a 4-3 could make Hageman a sneaky sophomore breakout candidate.
55Danielle HunterDE20MIN4-3434057566053-55Chiseled, freaky fast, and 6'6", Hunter landed in the right spot with Zimmer, but is still a project.
56Dontari PoeDT24KC3-4515557534After Suh, Poe has shown the biggest capability of generating pressure from the NT position.
57Lamarr HoustonDE27CHI3-4414448444954.4-7After getting a big contract, Houston was underwhelming in 2014 and needs to find a fit in Fangio's 3-4.
58Mario Edwards Jr.DT21OAK4-365683353.6-58Edwards is likely to play an interior 4-3 position, giving him upside in DT-required leagues.
59Clinton McDonaldDT28TBTampa 23855.4-3There's hope for the only Tampa DL who didn't disappoint last year, as Michael Johnson moves on.
60Wallace GilberryDE30CIN4-3505755.4-9Johnson's return likely spells the end of significant snaps for Gilberry.
61Dion JordanDE25MIA4-3555255.6-13A 2014 season long ban moves Jordan firmly into the bust category.
62Kroy BiermanDE29ATL4-344415555.6-27Bierman posted impressive tackle counts in 2014, but is likely a rotational DE in Quinn's 4-3.
63Margus HuntDE27CIN4-3585155.8Very raw, but physically gifted, the words "project" and "27-year-old" don't sound good together.
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