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DFW IDP rankings are based on the following scoring setup: Tackles: 1.5 pt (0.75 for assists); Sacks: 4 pts (2 for assists); Tackles for loss: 1 pts; Interceptions: 6 pts; Passes defensed: 1 pt; Fumbles forced: 3 pts; Fumbles recovered: 3 pts; Defensive TD: 6 pts; Safeties: 2 pts; no P/K return yards.

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RankPlayerPos.AgeTeamBase DefenseTom BradburySean KirbyBruce KimbroughBen Samuelsjay leistenChangeSkinny
1Luke KuechlyILB24CAR4-311121Tackling machine, non stop motor and never comes off the field. Safest LB #1.
2Lavonte DavidOLB25TBTampa 222212Could have supplanted Kuechly as tackle and fantasy pt leader if not for 2 missed games.
3C.J. MoselyILB23BAL3-443455An incredibly instinctive every-down ILB, Mosley made a huge splash in his rookie year.
4DeAndre LevyOLB28DET4-354538A new scheme made Levy elite in 2014. Would it have happened if Tulloch was on the field?
5Bobby WagnerILB25SEA4-336674Wagner is a 3 down LB with a great motor, but his upside is limited by the quality of SEA D
6NaVorro BowmanILB27SF3-488363Bowman is recovering slowly from ACL/MCL, but is the last man standing after Willis/Borland retirements.
7Alec OgletreeOLB23STL4-3651246Ogletree has now posted two top 12 finishes in his first two years.
8Mychal KendricksILB24PHI3-4778107Two elite playmakers in one LB corp can't be good for Kendricks' IDP value.
9Jamie CollinsOLB25NE3-499989Collins was a 3-down SLB who flashed major playmaking ability, but Mayo's return could stir things up.
10Kiko AlonsoILB24PHI3-41210251111Recovering from another ACL injury, Alosno moved to PHI, where he'll compete with Kendricks for tackles.
11Ryan ShazierOLB22PIT3-41011171220Great combination of speed, blitzing ability and coverage skills, he had trouble staying on the field as rookie
12Keenan RobinsonILB25WAS3-41615151912The 25-year-old took over as the WAS LB to own, but might not be a direct London Fletcher descendent.
13Eric KendricksILB23MIN4-313181617163Likely the MLB between Barr and Greenway, hopefully Zimmer finds a way to keep all 3 on the field for 3 downs.
14Telvin SmithOLB24JAX4-31113221817Undersized and great in coverage, recent reports suggest he's an every-down LB in 2015.
15Vontaze BurfictOLB24CIN4-3151430914The instinctive every-down WLB has suffered head and knee injuries with potential long-term implications.
16Curtis LoftonILB29OAK4-31417181323-4Lofton is a durable, consistent 3 down LB, who will try to recreate his IDP success in Oakland.
17Jerod MayoILB29NE3-42625131410Extensive injury history and great play by Hightower/Collins clouds Mayo's 2015, but he's been an LB1 when healthy.
18Paul PoslusznyILB30JAX4-3172172322Will return from Biceps injury and look to post top 5 tackle volumes again in 2015, assuming Telvin Smith doesn't eat into his production.
19Paul WorrilowOLB25ATL4-319121131196The UDFA continued to be a tackle monster in his 2nd year, despite less than stellar real-life grades.
20Jelani JenkinsOLB23MIA4-32016142127Miami thinks they have found a long-term answer with Jenkins at WLB.
21Sio MooreOLB25OAK4-32222212013Loftons arrival shouldn't threaten his every-down snaps at WLB
22Anthony BarrOLB23MIN4-32119331515Barr surprised as an every-down SLB, but Zimmer will need to find a way to keep him on the field with new LB and DL talent.
23Stephone AnthonyILB22NO3-41823192925Anthony made a Herculean climb up draft boards and lands in a Curtis Lofton-sized void in NO.
24Justin HoustonOLB26KC3-42320311624The 2014 sack leader again will return to KC and likely post modest tackle #s.
25Preston BrownOLB22BUF3-42524272426Alonso's departure may open an every-down opportunity for the promising sophomore.
26James LaurinaitisILB28STL4-32733252221He's a solid 3-down LB, but Ogletree has relegated him to an LB3 role in IDP.
27Lawrence TimmonsILB29PIT3-432272930312015 could be his first year coexisting at Mack WILB with a healthy Shazier at Buck ILB, tackles may suffer.
28Derrick JohnsonILB32KC3-43234233939An achilles injury could slow a 32-year-old Johnson, but he's got at least 1 more year in KC.
29Christian JonesILB24CHI3-43637362732A good ILB will emerge from CHI, but it's not clear if it's Bostic, Foster, or Jones.
30Brandon MarshallLB25DEN3-434352838334Marshall excelled in Trevathan's absence and likelyearned a role long term.
31D'Qwell JacksonILB31IND3-43026123271-3A top 10 finisher in combined tackles, Jackson would be ranked higher if he wasn't well over 30.
32Sean LeeILB28DALTampa 23128174651After a torn ACL, Lee will now be a WLB behind a vastly improved D-line.
33Jerrell FreemanILB29IND3-433382633436It makes sense for the RFA to return to IND, where he'll be consistent, but with limited upside next to D'Qwell Jackson.
34Khalil MackOLB24OAK4-33546352835The arrival of Del Rio and Lofton could spell decreased/different usage for Mack.
35Demario DavisILB26NYJ3-42431352667ILBs did well under DC Todd Bowles in ARI. Will Davis be the beneficiary on the NYJ?
36Karlos DansbyILB33CLE3-44029104715Dansby was a consistent volume tackler in CLE, but durability concerns are increasing at age 33.
37Benardrick McKinneyILB22HOU3-44532413537McKinney is likely the ILB to own in HOU immediately, as Cushing hasn't been an every-down player.
38Paul DawsonOLB22CIN4-35040394318If Burfict has trouble returning from microfracture surgery, Dawson could slide in pretty seamlessly. But that's a big IF.
39Shaq ThompsonLB/S21CAR4-3284134283Landing in CAR doesn't solve Thompson's position uncertainty. He's unlikely to break out at LB before Thomas Davis steps down.
40Perry RileyILB27WAS3-442304447346Riley's likely got 2 years as an every-down LB in WAS, but isn't the London Fletcher
41Jon BosticILB24CHI3-42925374564A good ILB will emerge from CHI, but it's not clear if it's Bostic, Foster, or Jones.
42Daryl WashingtonILB28ARI3-439395140363Previously a 3 down LB and playmaker, his suspension(s) may spill into 2015.
43Von MillerOLB26DEN3-437384636544One of the better sack producers, shifting to a 3-4 scheme won't help his consistency.
44K.J. WrightOLB25SEA4-34145464941Wright is the Hawks' 3 down starting WLB, great range and cover skills, though upside is limited by overall quality of Seattle D
45Emmanuel LamurOLB26CIN4-347455744Lamur is another SLB, who has proven the position can be productive in IDP.
46Avery WilliamsonILB22TEN3-438446556429Every-down ILBs in TEN are TBD, but Williamson is young and has a shot to be one of them.
47Danny TrevathanOLB25DEN3-4565038Three significant knee injuries marred his 2014. His role is unclear in DEN's new 3-4.
48Stephen TullochILB30DET4-3304866-4Tulloch tore his ACL, allowing Levy to dominate at MLB. He'll be healed for 2015, but isn't a lock to reclaim his role.
49David HarrisILB31NYJ3-44336505463The 31-year-old is a consistent tackler, and will work next to Demario Davis as Bowles' ILBs.
50Alvin "Bud" DupreeOLB22PIT3-457592921The Steelers have a new freakishly fast and explosive 269 lb OLB. Good for them, but not necessarily IDP.
51Nigel BradhamLB25BUF3-448542570Bradham's path to an every-down role became a lot clearer when Alonso moved to PHI.
52Shane RayOLB22DEN3-4442813The speedy undersized pass rusher is likely to start in a rotational role.
53Devon KennardLB24NYG4-3373478-12
54Denzel PerrymanILB21SD3-4404268-19An elite run stopper, coverage deficiencies may make him a two-down thumper.
55Eli HaroldOLBSF3-455406Harold is an athletic pass rusher, who checks all the measurable boxes, but is an 3-4 OLB.
56Thomas DavisOLB32CAR4-34650555359631-year-old Davis is one of many players proving every-down SLBs are viable IDPs.
57Michael WilhoiteILB28SF3-4443743After surprise retirements, SF didn't address ILB in the draft, leaving Wilhoite as the favorite to start opposite Bowman.
58Daryl SmithILB33BAL3-43865Smith was an every-down LB2, but isn't the long-term answer for the Ravens or your fantasy team.
59Ryan KerriganOLB26WAS3-449605850-10The young OLB should valued highly in sack-heavy leagues.
60Demarcus WareDE32DEN3-430-33Changing schemes will likely make Ware an aging 3-4 OLB.
61Bruce CarterOLB27TBTampa 25258The Bucs will supposedly give Carter an every-down SLB role, but he's made little of big roles in the past.
62Christian KirkseyILB22CLE3-4495572-8While not a complete bust, preseason hopes were overly optimistic for Pettine's rookie. He'll look for a bigger role in 2015.
63Aldon SmithOLB25SF3-4635311In limited 2015 appearances, Smith only recorded 2 sacks but generated significant QB pressure.
64Brian CushingILB28HOU3-452495Cushing again struggled with health in 2014 and wasn't an every-down back even when healthy.
65Jordan HicksOLB23PHI3-44162Hicks will need more than good intangibles and athleticism to pass Kendricks/Alonso/Ryans on PHI's depth chart.
66Jake RyanILB23GB3-440GB had a big need at ILB and only picked up Ryan, who isn't the likeliest rookie to earn a 3-down role.
67Taiwan JonesILB21FA45A Shrine game stud, Jones is a run stuffer with good burst.
68Jadaveon ClowneyOLB22HOU3-44848Microfracture surgery was only part of a disappointing rookie season. He won't reach true upside without DE designation.
69Rolando McclainMLB26FA5155-5With Lee moving to WLB, MLB is McClains job to lose.
70Jerry HughesDE26BUF3-446-34Hughes is huge risk for becoming an OLB in Rex Ryan's 3-4.
71Wesley WoodyardILB28TEN3-4705616Woodyard got relegated to a smaller role last year, but could push for more snaps with a full offseason in TEN.
72Prince ShemboOLB23ATL4-35573-9Switching back to 4-3, ATL may limit his snaps in 2015.
73Craig RobertsonILB26CLE3-448-21
74Jacquian WilliamsOLB25FA3779-21Williams won the 3 down WLB job for the Giants, he is raw but should improve with reps.
75Kevin MinterILB24ARI3-45875Failed to breakout in a depleted LB corps in 2014. He's unlikely to ever be an every-down guy.
76Arthur BrownILB25BAL3-4765720Mosley was everything IDP owners hoped Brown could be. There's still a small chance to take the other ILB position from Smith.
77Jon BeasonLB30NYG4-353-19Beason seems likely to return to MLB for NYG, but will continue to be an injury risk.
78Nate OrchardOLB22CLE3-460Another edge rusher who will be lost to a 3-4 scheme.
79Anthony HitchensILB23DALTampa 2615Dallas is definitely willing to give him a chance, but he's yet to firmly grab the opportunity.
80Vincent ReyILB27CIN4-35960-20Was called on frequently to back up all 3 LB positions and looked solid when given opportunity.
81Ramik WilsonILB22KC3-46674-8Landing in KC certainly increases the Wilson's chance of becoming a significant IDP at the ILB position.
82Sean WeatherspoonOLB27ATL4-342684A season-ending achilles injury was the latest woe for the oft-injured free agent.
83Justin DurantMLB29ATL4-361-7Oft-injured and 29, Durant could be Quinn's WLB, a la KJ Wright.
84Jameel McClainMLB29NYG4-362-7
85Manti Te'oILB24SD3-44969Healthy down the stretch in 2014, Te'o still provided limited upside.
86Chad GreenwayOLB32MIN4-364Greenway's definitely slowing down, but continues to post decent tackle counts when healthy.
87Zach BrownILB25TEN3-44743-20Recovering from a torn pectoral, he'll look to claim ILB starting position in 2015.
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