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DFW IDP rankings are based on the following scoring setup: Tackles: 1 pt (0.5 for assists); Sacks: 4 pts (2 for assists); Tackles for loss: 1 pts; Interceptions: 4 pts; Passes defensed: 1 pt; Fumbles forced: 2 pts; Fumbles recovered: 2 pts; Defensive TD: 6 pts; Safeties: 5 pts.

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RankPlayerPos.AgeTeamBase DefenseGary BeaudetteBill CerviSean KirbyBruce KimbroughAvgChangeSkinny
1Luke KuechlyILB23CAR4-311111Tackling machine, non stop motor and never comes off the field. Safest LB #1.
2Lavonte DavidOLB24TBTampa 222222145 combined tackles, 20 TFLs, 5 INTs, 6 sacks and 9 PDs in 2013 good fit for new scheme
3Mychal KendricksILB24PHI3-455344.25If Kendricks can reduce the missed tackles he may crack the 100 solo mark, 3 down LB, finally healthy in 2014
4Vontaze BurfictOLB24CIN4-3331034.75Burfict took the next step last year 170 tackles, 3 sacks and 8 PDs, 3 down LB, has dealt with a series of inuries throught the first 10 weeks
5Bobby WagnerILB24SEA4-344474.75Wagner is a 3 down LB with a great motor, but stats limited by the quality of SEA D
6C.J. MoselyILB22BAL3-4665127.25Sideline to sideline, 3 down LB, he will start opposite Smith, early canidate for DPOY
7Alec OgletreeOLB23STL4-377967.25Ogletree had an amazing fantasy rookie season, 117 combined tackles, 5 FF, and 9 PDs, playing better towards end of 2014 season
8DeAndre LevyOLB27DET4-31111758.5Change in D scheme has made Levy go from a quality LB 2 to an elite LB #1
9Kiko AlonsoILB24BUF4-31212699.75Will miss all of 2014. Still only 23 and will return next year
10NaVorro BowmanILB26SF3-415812810.754Elite when healthy, but will not be back from ACL/MCL injury until week 15 at earliest, may miss entire season
11Paul WorrilowOLB24ATL3-499151111-3Undrafted LB out of Deleware, was 2nd to only Burfict in tackles per snap, 3 down LB. picking up where he left off last year
12Ryan ShazierOLB22PIT3-4815111712.75Great combination of speed, blitzing ability and coverage skills, WILB, 3 down LB, had trouble staying on the field as rookie
13Curtis LoftonILB28NO3-4142081614.5Lofton is a durable, consistent 3 down LB - best as a #2 LB but has weekly LB #1 ceiling.
14Patrick WillisILB29SF3-41616131314.5Willis is sufferied through an injury plagued 2014 season, posted the worst numbers of his career and now on IR
15Chris BorlandILB23SF3-41313211415.25After Willis went down to injury Borland has become a top 5 :B recpordong double digit tackles in 3 of 1st 4 gns.
16Sio MooreOLB24OAK4-31010261816Moving to weakside with the arrival of Mack.. 3 down LB and play maker if not for injury would have had a shot at triple digit tackle numnvers
17Jerod MayoILB28NE3-41718171917.75Injury plagued 2011 and 2013 seasons, when healthy he is a top 12 LB - 3 down LB. Will now miss 2014 season
18Jamie CollinsOLB24NE3-41914232119.252nd round pick in 2013 really impressed when called on in playoffs, Breakout candidate as 3 down SLB in 4-3 sets,ILB in 3-4
19Paul PoslusznyILB30JAX4-32132141019.255Finally started showing his age last year, but still puts up good FF numbers. Will miss remainder of 2014 season
20Telvin SmithOLB23JAX4-32717182221Undersized at 218 lbs, great coverage LB, future WLB for Jags, will be a subpackages player to sart the year. Seeing 3 down action as of week 12
21Lawrence TimmonsILB28PIT3-42223251521.25Timmons will move from Mack WILB to Buck ILB, tackles will suffer, needs sacks to approach past production.
22Keenan RobinsonILB25WAS3-42424172021.25Played very well in the preseason, great range, will start at ILB alongside P Riley, in 2014
23Anthony BarrOLB22MIN4-32321162721.75Barr looks fantastic early in the 2014 season, producing tackles to go along with sacks.
24James LaurinaitisILB28STL4-32525202523.75Good 3 down LB but Ogletree really ate into his stats and that should continue.
25Jerrell FreemanILB28IND3-42022292624.25D'Qwell Jackson joined the Colts, he could be serious competition for tackles.
26Preston BrownOLB22BUF4-31819362925.5Brown is playing WLB for the Bills and he also plays in some of the team's subpackages. Could be MLB in 2015
27Justin HoustonOLB25KC3-42626332226.754Houston had 11 sacks in 11 games last yr. before ending up on IR, is on pace to finish as top 12 LB in 2014
28D'Qwell JacksonILB31IND3-43332242528.5Will play along side Freeman and they will likely cancel out each other's upside when on the field together
29Jelani JenkinsOLB22MIA4-32828313129.5Jenkins is a 3 down WLB who has produced quality numbers when given the chance to play
30Karlos DansbyILB33CLE3-43433272429.5Will fit right in Pettine's 3-4 & should be a productive 3 down LB but age is concern.
31Khalil MackOLB23OAK4-33030374034.25Will be used as hybrid OLB and DE in pass situations,havoc wreaking pass rusher.
32Brandon MarshallLB25DEN4-332312835.5The injury to Trevathan has given Marshall a shot at quality production this season and possibly a role long term.
33Brian CushingILB27HOU3-43534433336.25-3Cushing carries big injury risk but he should be the Mike LB in Crennel's new D.
34Sean LeeILB28DALTampa 24747322437.54Tore ACL in right knee out for 2014 season, just can't stay on the field
35Thomas DavisOLB31CAR4-33635493238He had a great 2013 in his first healthy season since 2008. He's one of the better SLB options.
36Perry RileyILB26WAS3-44039353938.257Fletcher retired, Skins resigned Riley 3 yr deal, has limitations but opportunity as well.
37Danny TrevathanOLB24DEN4-34545283538.25After a breakout 2013, Trevathan has missed most of the 2014 season with duplicate knee injuries.
38Von MillerOLB25DEN4-32929386039-4Had ACL surgery in Jan.,look like he has returned to form, active in box score and sack column, 3 down LB.
39Daryl WashingtonILB28ARI3-446462242399Was suspended for the entire 2014 season. 3 down LB and playmaker when on the field.
40Stephen TullochILB30DET4-338373540.25Tulloch tore his ACL while celebrating a sack and will miss the rest of the 2014 season
41Derrick JohnsonILB32KC3-45554302340.55Johnson tore his achilles and will miss the entire 2014 season.
42Christian JonesILB23CHI4-35338344642.75Jones went undrafted - was signed by CHI, may compete for starting job in 2015. SLEEPER candidate 2015
43DeMeco RyansILB30PHI3-44343464343.75Consistent tackler, 3 down LB, will make his share of big plays, turns 30 this season.
44Bruce CarterOLB26DALTampa 2373652443Up and down 2013, needs to play better vs the run, nice start to 2014, needs more consistancy to increase value.
45K.J. WrightOLB25SEA4-33942475144.75Wright is the Hawks 3 down starting WLB, great range and cover skills, value limited by overall quality of Seattle D
46Avery WilliamsonILB22TEN3-431336545Looks like a natural fit as SILB in Horton's 3-4 scheme. Role may increase next season with top 20 LB potential.
47Wesley WoodyardILB28TEN3-442414645Woodyard is a nice fit in TEN, the emergence of Avery Williamson has affected his production..
48Nigel BradhamLB25BUF4-351503045.5Bradham flashed talent early in 2014, he has settled into a 3 down role for the Bills and looks solid.
49Demario DavisILB25NYJ3-45251443545.5-5Disappointing 2013 season and started off slowly but he is starting to live up to expectations in 2014.
50Anthony HitchensILB22DALTampa 2283447.5Hitchens will battle for reps at, LB, may have inside track until Durant returns
51David HarrisILB30NYJ3-448485049.25Turned 30 in January, consistent tackler, not many big plays.
52Daryl SmithILB32BAL3-458573851Great 2013 season, turned 32 this year, hard to repeat 3 Ints, 5 sacks and 18 PDs.
53Donald ButlerILB26SD3-441407351.258Butler has struggled to stay on the field since turning pro, has been removed from sub packages and is playing less than 50% of snaps as of week 13
54Christian KirkseyILB22CLE3-45453504951.5Needs to play better vs the run to start at ILB opposite Dansby, looked great in coverage during preseason.
55Koa MisiILB27MIA4-34444487252Won Fin MLB job, may not play in nickel package, could limit his snaps, high ankle sprain week 1
56Rolando McclainMLB26DALTampa 26766413652.5McClain has looked very good at time early in 2014 as the Cowboys 3 down MLB, needs to stay on the field
57Jon BeasonLB29NYG4-349585352.75Turned 29 in January, 3 down MLB WHEN he is on the field.
58Emmanuel LamurOLB25CIN4-36361424552.75At SLB, Lamur is the every down backer next to Burfict.
59Chad GreenwayOLB31MIN4-36968393753.25Zimmer's WLB pos made Burfict a volume tackler, though Greenways not as quick at age 31.
60Larry FooteILB34ARI3-450496654Larry Foote has emerged as the Cards best LB, production is not consistant nor is playing time as team uses heavy safety rotation
61Nick RoachILB29OAK4-356555654.53Turns 29 this year, 3 down LB, dealing with a nasty concussion that cost him multiple games to start the 2014 season.
62Prince ShemboOLB23ATL3-459585555.75Good motor, moved to ILB and has played very well in the preseason. Splitting reps with Bartu, may need another year
63Jacquian WilliamsOLB25NYG4-36867454456Williams won the 3 down WLB job for the Giants, he is raw but should improve with reps
64Mason FosterILB25TBTampa 260595756.75-5Looks good in Tampa's new scheme, 3 down LB, could approach top 24 LB numbers in 2014.
65Vincent ReyILB27CIN4-364625959Failed to win the MLB position, but will backup all 3 LB positions and contribute on special teams. Looks solid when given opportunity to play
66Kevin MinterILB24ARI3-466645859.75Had a huge opportunity with Washington suspended but has never produced in NFL and is playing just a handfull of snaps per game.
67Justin DurantMLB29DALTampa 265636160Durant tore his right bicep and as placed on IR ending his 2014 campaign. Should be in mix in 2015
68Lance BriggsOLB34CHI4-3575660.25Briggs will turn 34 this season, looks like he may be losing step ot 2 may be last season
69Jon BosticILB23CHI4-371705461.5Bostic is earning more reps as the season goes on, should have an opportunity to be a 3 down MLB in 2015
70Jadaveon ClowneyOLB21HOU3-461607662Clowney will play OLB for the Texans, should have sacks but tackles will limit upside, great preseason. Injuries limited 2014 impact
71Craig RobertsonILB26CLE3-44862.5
72Devon KennardLB23NYG4-3626462.75Jon Beason has missed a good deal of the preseason and Kennard has looked good and may earn season reps
73Sean WeatherspoonOLB27ATL3-47271406862.75Missed 14 games in 2 years and will miss all of 2014 with a ruptured Achilles.
74Aldon SmithOLB25SF3-474577063Troubled but talented sack specialist., was suspended for the first 9 games of the 2014 season.
75Jason WorildsOLB26PIT3-4547163.25In the last 12 games of 2013 Worilds really improved recording 40 solos and 9 sacks.
76Dont'a HightowerILB24NE3-470697466Hightower will be a 2 down LB for the Pats. His lack of reps on passing downs limits his ceiling.
77Arthur BrownILB24BAL3-476617666Ravens drafted Mosely in the 1st rnd, Brown will take a back seat until Smith is gone possibly as early as 2015.
78Jameel McClainMLB29NYG4-36266
79Tahri WhiteheadMLB24DET4-36767.25
80Zach BrownILB25TEN3-46567.5Tore pectoral muscle week 1 and will miss the 2014 season. Should return in 2014 with shot at starting ILB job
81Josh MaugaILB27KC3-46967.75
82Manti Te'oILB23SD3-4737268.25Injured again, Te'o needs to prove he can be effective on third downs if he is to be anything but depth.
83Lamin BarrowOLB24DEN4-3757369Barrow did not earn a starting role, he should play his way onto the field sooner rather than later
84Kyle Van NoyOLB24DET4-37569.25