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RankPlayerAgeTeamDan HeinsJeff
Jay MyersAvgChangeSkinny
1Andrew Luck25IND1111.0I would like to officially welcome Andrew Luck to the hyper-elite tier of NFL/FF QBs
2Aaron Rodgers31GBP2222.0Everyone R-E-L-A-X... A-Rodg is still the best in the business and has his offense and the multitude of weapons locked and loaded
3Drew Brees35NOS3433.3Brees has been pretty blah overall considering the cushy schedule everyone thought he had. There is something just not quite right in NOs right now but no reason to panic.
4Cam Newton25CAR4343.7Cam just continues to do what Cam does. Post top 5 numbers despite a horrible running game and sketchy WR options
5Russell Wilson26SEA5555.0Wilson continues to show us what a class act he is on and off the field. A true leader and warrior, he will just continue to improve as his weapons do
6Matthew Stafford26DET7676.7Without Megatron Stafford is an average QB. He's inaccurate and reliant on talent around him.
7Peyton Manning38DEN61067.3Why not go back to back 50+ TDs? The guy is a machine and is not reliant on arm strength or his legs. He can play for awhile b/c of his understanding of the game
8Matt Ryan29ATL8787.7If the defense could ever stop someone, Ryan's numbers would be even better with a few more possessions each game
9Nick Foles25PHI98109.0Foles and the blitzkreig offense has come down to earth. There seems to be some offensive chemisty issues, but overall Foles has been "fine"
10Colin Kaepernick27SFO149910.7Same old Kaepernick.
11Tony Romo34DAL12151112.7If the back can hold up, Romo will just continue to deliver for the owners that waited on QB in their drafts
12Philip Rivers33SDC15111212.7See Tony Romo
13Ben Roethlisberger32PIT13131313.0If not for a 500 yard 6 TD effort in week 7, Ben has been pretty average. He's still a perfect QBBC guy however and the WRs are coming together in Pitt
14Tom Brady37NEP11141413.0Thought the old man was done? Think again. Never underestimate the GRONK-FACTOR or the heart of a champion
15Teddy Bridgewater (R)22MN10121913.7Horrible pass blocking and the loss of AP and Rudolph has Teddy limited. He will need time to get up to speed, but his poise is amazing as is his pocket presence
16Jay Cutler31CHI17171616.7Cutler is who we thought he was. Phenominal cosmic weapons... itty bitty consistency. Time to recognize him for what he is. Average.
17Robert Griffin III24WAS16201717.7RG3's upside is a distant memory.
18Andy Dalton27CIN19161817.7AJG completes Dalton.
19Ryan Tannehill26MIA20191518.03 years in and the growth curve hasn't changed at all for Tannehill. He's a serviceable QB but nothing more at this point
20Johnny Manziel (R)22CLE18182018.7Anyone out there think Zach Mettenberger would be starting before Manziel? Ya right.
21Joe Flacco29BAL22212322.0He's looked pretty good this year so far. Old man Smith has helped Flacco.. that and Justin Forsett??
22Blake Bortles (R)23HOU26222123.0Bortles is showing JAX why using a top 5 pick on a QB is a bad idea. He was the most overhyped player in the draft and he has a lot of developing to do
23Eli Manning34NYG23242223.0Looked like he was bouncing back with this new offense. Well, not just yet
24Derek Carr (R)23OAK25232424.0If OAK can get ANYTHING around this kid, he could produce. Hope he doesn't get killed before that happens
25Carson Palmer35ARI21252624.0All I want for X-mas is a QB in AZ that can make both Floyd, Fitz, and Ellington all relevant every week
26Alex Smith30KCC28282727.7Game Manager... move along
27Geno Smith24NYJ27312929.0Hard to call any QBs/WRs bad playing for the Jets, but don't hold your breath
28Sam Bradford27STL29293029.3Can't catch a break can he. Out for another year, Bradford, unless lucky will be religated to clipboard duty for the rest of his career. Thank GOD for a huge rookie deal.
29Jimmy Garoppolo (R)23NEP24303630.0He's a 2 year stash unless Brady goes down to injury, but Jimmy G's only knock is pressure up the middle and who better to learn from than Brady
30Zach Mettenberger (R)23TEN30263530.37TENN emptied out their "Locker" and opted for the Rook. A cannon arm should do more for their play-makers immediately
31Jake Locker26TEN33362531.3Locker's 2013 season ended with a rough Lisfranc injury, a second straight season cut short by injury for Locker and the team will reboot again with a new head coach
32Brian Hoyer29CLE36273332.0Managerial approach to the game. Just buying Johnny Football time
33E.J. Manuel24BUF34323232.7Kyle "neck beard" Orton is better than you. Period
34Mike Glennon25TBB31333432.7-3Glennon is not good. Except at game winning drives.
35Ryan Mallet26HOU38383135.7Mallett should finally get his chance in Houston
36Kirk Cousins26WAS32373835.7RG3! RG3! COUSINS! COUSINS!... COLT ! COLT!
37Michael Vick34NYJ35344136.7-3Totally startable simply b/c he can't stop running.
38Josh McCown35TBB40353938.0Good call on McCown Lovie. You forgot that your offenses have always sucked
39Matt Barkley24PHI41434041.3
40Matt Schaub33HOU39454342.3May be out of the league by next year
41Mark Sanchez28PHI60402842.76
42Ryan Fitzpatrick32HOU45424544.0Old Bearded One. The "one" stands for "one read", which is his average/play
43Chad Henne29JAX42414944.0
44Brock Osweiler24DEN49503745.3
45Matt Flynn29GBP44514245.7
46Matt Cassel32MIN374447.0Cassel is a clipboard holder again
47Tom Savage (R)24HOU55395248.7-4
48Christian Ponder26MIN52554651.0
49Aaron Murray24KCC474651.0
50Blaine Gabbert25JAX53594452.0
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