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RankPlayerAgeTeamDan HeinsJeff
Jay MyersBill CerviAvgChangeSkinny
1Andrew Luck26IND11111Had a breakout year as the #1 scoring QB in most formats in 2014. Rough start to 2015 season but still the #1 dynasty QB due to age which is the tie-breaker between he and Rodgers.
2Aaron Rodgers31GBP22222Just R-E-L-A-X he was great in '14 and will continue much of the same moving forward for the next 5-7 years. Missing Jordy this season and its affecting his big play ability
3Russell Wilson26SEA46334Wilson continues to show us what a class act he is on and off the field. A true leader and warrior, still trying ro work in new toy Jimmy Graham.
4Cam Newton26CAR33564.25Missed 2 games due to injury but finished as QB11 in ppg in 2014. He needs 1 more receiving threat and he could finally show his true upside. Loss of KB will hurt in 2015.
5Matt Ryan30ATL54644.75Ryan's numbers would be even better with a few more possessions each game. Breakout of Devonta Freeman has affected his passing TD numbers early in 2015 and he has more INTs than normal
6Ben Roethlisberger33PIT65455Ben missed a good chunk of the 2015 season so far, but the Stellers are loaded with talent and he should remain among the elite QBs for several more years
7Tom Brady38NEP78777.25Playing like he is on a mission right now, absolutely tearing up teams with short passing game. Should have 1-2 quality years left
8Matthew Stafford27DET979119Stafford is having a rough start to the 2015 season, OLine is wretched, OC and OL coach fired in week 8. Still has talent all around him and elite throwing arm - better days ahead
9Drew Brees36NOS101181210.25Even though Brees finished as the #6 overall QB in '14 he was considered a bit disappointing, the 36 year old still has another 2-3 seasons solid seasons left in the tank. Dealing with shoulder injury and wr talent is underperforming
10Philip Rivers33SDC159111011.25Thowing the ball 50+ times most weeks in 2015, solid starting QB with lots of talent surrounding him. Should have sevral more quality years left
11Ryan Tannehill27MIA161010911.25Tanny had a solid year finishing as the 12th best QB. Showing big time improvement with his deep balls and excelling in second year of Bill Lazor's offense. Firing of coach Philbin was a huge plus
12Andy Dalton28CIN812208127Through the first 7 weeks Hue Jackson's offense looks like the polar opposite of 2014. Dalton is throwing the ball more than ever and is looking great doing so.
13Tony Romo35DAL1213141313Romo suffered a broken clavicle and was placed on short term IR He still has some talented WRs to work with and should be a low end QB 1 for 2-3 years
14Derek Carr24OAK1316121413.75The additions of Crabtree and Cooper have immediately improved Carr's production. Playing very well through the first 7 weeks, looks like future top 10 QB
15Marcus Mariota (R)22TEN1117151715Strated off the 2015 season with 4 TD game, but has since played like a rookie, coaching staff is not using their talent properly and may need a coaching change to reach his full potential
16Jameis Winston (R)21TBB1415161615.25He has a loaded and youthful offense but needs to learn to take fewer chances with the ball. Should develop into a top 10 QB long term
17Teddy Bridgewater23MN1714182017.25Horrible pass blocking has Teddy limited so far. His poise is amazing as is his pocket presence but the team is relying heavily on the run to start the year. Break out of Stefon Diggs is helping the passing game
18Tyrod Taylor26BUF1819221919.5Taylor took Buffalo by storm this summer and will be the starting QB week 1. Very well could be the breakout player of 2015 if he plays as he did before the knee injury in week 5.
19Eli Manning34NYG2125132120Surprisingly finished with a pretty solid year in 2014 with a new OC but he has regressed and is not seeing the field very well. It is impossible to trust him in your starting line up right now
20Carson Palmer35ARI1928171820.5Palmer is playing at a very high level to start the year. Fitz is playing like he found the fountain of youth, Brown is breaking out and Floyd is playing like people expected last year.
21Blake Bortles23HOU25202415216Bortles had a a rough rookie year to be kind, but he has looked greatly improved. Surrounded by young talent Bortles may be the franchise QB the Jags have been looking for.
22Peyton Manning39DEN2321232222.25-9Plan for 2015 to be his last. Kubiak finally switched to Pistol formation based offense as compromise but he still needs to play in the shotgun to be at his best at this age.
23Joe Flacco30BAL2224192422.25An average QB2 who you can depend on for a bye week or injury fill-in. May see an uptick in passing with new OC Marc Trestman calling the plays.
24Sam Bradford27PHI2818212322.5-3The entire Eagle offense looks out of sync and Bradford is not showing good pocket presence or field awareness. Tthe entire team is under performing and if Bradford does not shake off the rust of a 2 year absence he could be benched
25Colin Kaepernick27SFO2022262723.75Same old Kaepernick. He's a talented QB but is extremely inconsistent and hopeful owners are starting to realize it. Worked with Kurt Warner in offseason but does not look like it helped at all!
26Jay Cutler32CHI2426252525Cutler is who we thought he was. Phenomenal cosmic weapons... zero consistency. Time to recognize him for what he is. Average at best.
27Nick Foles26STL2623282625.75Foles is the man in St Louis. Signed 3 year deal so pressure is off in short term. Has looked very inconsistent through the first 7 weeks and team is leaning on Gurley as they should.
28Alex Smith31KCC3229272929.25Game Manager, at best, back QB is fantasy criling. Surrounding talent has been greatly improved, but he still struggles to throw the ball down field.
29Jimmy Garoppolo23NEP2931313431.25Jimmy may get his chance to shine in 2 or 3 years if he is still with the team.
30Johnny Manziel22CLE3030363733.25Johnny Football didn't have the breakout rookie campaign many expected and is spent the early part of the offseason in rehab. Should get a chance to start at some point this year but I would bet on another rehab stay before a break out
31Zach Mettenberger24TEN3634323333.753Tough break for Mett with the drafting of Mariota. Mettenberger has all the chops to develop into a starting QB. His road just got more difficult to navigate.
32Mark Sanchez28PHI3136383134Filled in most of the year for Foles and was pretty good. He did prove that he will never be a stud fantasy football QB for any team, if you can't do it with the Eagles you just can't do it at all.
33Kirk Cousins27WAS27384328347Started the year as the Redskins QB and has played well at times despite the loss of deSean Jackson in week 1. If he continues to improve he may stick as the team's franchise QB
34Brock Osweiler24DEN4532303034.25If he's the heir apparent to Manning he could have significant value. Without seeing him on an NFL field only the coaching staff knows if he is or not.
35Brian Hoyer30HOU3737333234.75Hoyer is a game manager who throws interceptions. We don't have a huge sample size but I think his upside is limited.
36Geno Smith25NYJ3339353635.75Maybe he hasn't been used correctly, maybe he's just bad. Regardless it's not looking like Geno will hold any real dynasty value in his career especially this year as he mends his broken jaw..
37Ryan Fitzpatrick32NYJ3433423536Old Bearded One is playing very well right now and he has made the Jets coaching staff forget about Geno" the mouth" Smith
38Robert Griffin III25WAS3535294536-7RG3's elite upside is a distant memory. At this point he will need a fresh start with another team, he is done in Washington
39Ryan Mallet27HOU4027344436.25-9Was released by the Texans after he missed a team flight and was not supportive of Hoyer afyer he was benched. He may never start in the NFL again
40Mike Glennon25TBB4443373840.5Glennon (like Mettenberger) saw their team's draft new franchise QBs and will need an injury or trade to further develop.
41Bryce Petty (R)24NYJ4240404140.75-3Petty has some developing to do, but his road to starting in NY is far from a bumpy one.
42Josh McCown36CLE3841444040.75McCown has played fairly well thanks to the break out of WR Travis Benjamin and TE Gary Barnidge. Injuries are still a concern as is his lack of talent
43Garrett Grayson (R)24NOS3942454242Grayson finds himself a perfect landing spot. Brees faded last year and it's possible that Garrett could see action sooner than later. He is a Drew Brees clone and is a solid dynasty stash.
44Brett Hundley22GBP4146394342.25I don't like this for Hundley at all. Rodgers is 5-7 years away from getting out of Hundley's way. He will be long gone and struggling to learn a completely new offense by the time he is relevant. Pass.
45E.J. Manuel25BUF5744413945.25Lost the starting job to Taylor and is nothing but a back up QB at this point
46Michael Vick35NYJ5047464647.25Signed to back up big Ben in Pittsburgh but of course he was injured and was eventually replaced by Landry Jones who looked much better. RIP Vick
47Tom Savage25HOU4349545049
48Matt Cassel33BUF46454749.75Traded to Dallas as an emergency back up to Beandon Weeden while Romo recovers from a broken clavicle
49Matt Flynn30GBP5355474951
50Chad Henne30JAX5148535351.25
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