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Jay MyersAvgChangeSkinny
1Le'Veon Bell22PIT1111.0Bell has dropped 15-20 pounds this season and you can tell by the quickness he is running with, he's been one of the most consistent RBs this season due to his versatility in the passing game.
2LeSean McCoy26PHI4233.0Had a slow start to the season, but has picked it up and is a true PPR beast in Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense. McCoy is taylor made for this offense and his ellusivness should keep him fresh for a few years
3DeMarco Murray26DAL2343.0Murray is having one of the greatest seasons ever by a RB, but he's having to carry the ball a TON to do it which is the concern. The o-line looks great opening up massive running lanes.
4Eddie Lacy24GBP3523.3Lacy started off slow like McCoy but has really picked it up as of late and is still an elite 3-down RB.
5Jamaal Charles28KCC5454.7Charles has missed some time this season, but when he's on the field he is still one of the best in the biz and a TD machine.
6Matt Forte29CHI86118.3Trestman has his version of Charles and McCoy. Forte is less explosive but so versitile and last year he even found the endzone more than normal. PPR super freak although aging.
7Jeremy Hill (R)22CIN61288.7Unlike the Cleveland RB Duo, the two Cincinatti backs can, and will, exist as complementary fantasy contributors.
8Giovani Bernard23CIN13779.0Unlike the Cleveland RB Duo, the two Cincinatti backs can, and will, exist as complementary fantasy contributors.
9Carlos Hyde (R)23SFO71199.0Gore is fading this season like most projected and Hyde keeps getting more work as the season progresses, he should be the man starting in '15.
10Mark Ingram25NOS1291211.0Ingram has looked great this year and some injuries to some of the other RBs have opened the door for more of a feature role in the running game which should continue due to his momentum.
11Arian Foster28HOU10101311.0Foster has been great this season and is a top-5 RB for this year and maybe next.
12Andre Ellington25ARI1181511.3He doesn't score many rushing TDs, but he does catch his fair share of receiving TDs along with plenty of catches which make him a RB1.
13Adrian Peterson29MIN9131913.7Peterson's value no doubt takes a dramatic hit to go along with his dramatic off-field issues. Not good for anyone.
14Tre Mason (R)21STL16171014.3It's clear that they are him to win this as Stacy's workload has been dramatically reduced. While Mason has to work on his pass-blocking and receiving he's definitely electric when he catches the ball.
15Lamar Miller23MIA17151415.3The injury to Moreno has given Miller an opportunity to really showcase his skills and he hasn't disappointed this season.
16Alfred Morris26WAS15161615.7Has struggled at times this season but RG3 is back and has already opened up some running lanes after last weekend's 2-TD performance in week 9.
17Marshawn Lynch28SEA14142016.0There is not a more talented backfield in the NFL then in Seattle with Lynch and Michael. Lynch will put up top-8 numbers but this could be his last elite year before Michael takes over in '15
18Doug Martin25TBB18221719.0Many thought this would be a bounce-back season but he's underwelming again and fears of Sims stealing some work are about to come true.
19Bishop Sankey (R)22TEN22182120.3He's been given topportunities to be the man and has really disappointed with ypc and fumbles. Good buy-low player but there is risk that he's just not that good.
20Isaiah Crowell (R)21CLE20192220.3Without West on the team Crowell would be ranked much higher and vice versa.
21C.J. Anderson23DEN3329622.7Hillman and Ball injuries have thrust Anderson into the spotlight and he's a solid workhorse when called upon
22Shane Vereen25NEP21202823.0Boom or bust player in PPR and is a FA in the off-season which will determine much of his value moving forward. The NE offense showcases his skills and I don't think he would fair well eslewhere.
23Ryan Mathews27SDC19232723.0A starting RB caliber NFL player but always seems to be dinged. As a free agent after 2014 his value is currently undefined.
24Jerick McKinnon (R)22MIN35241825.7McKinnon has played well in the absense of AP, but they have recently started scaling back his touches a bit in an effort to keep him fresh. He could be the man in '15 w/no AP.
25Terrance West (R)23CLE25262625.7Without Crowell on the team West would be ranked much higher and vice versa.
26Devonta Freeman (R)22ATL27272325.7He will get more and more playing time over the course of the season which will determine his value heading into the off-season heading into next season. Buy-low now if you can.
27C.J. Spiller27BUF23213426.0Spiller has been placed on IR ending another disappointing season and is a FA in the off-season, too soon to tell if they will make it a priority to resign him. Could be a good buy-low if he plays elsewhere in '15.
28Christine Michael24SEA24322527.0Michael showed amazing speed, quickness and strength at the 2013 Combine (1st among RBs in both the 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle drills). Coaches are already talking him up as their future at RB.
29Joique Bell28DET28283129.0It's clear that the future Lion's RB isn't currently on this roster.
30Denard Robinson24JAX26253930.0Shoelace played well after taking over the feature role in 2014. Whether he can hold on to that role will be the focus of the offseason.
31Latavius Murray23OAK38302430.7Deep-sleeper Latavius Murray can do it all, just needs the opportunity
32Andre Williams (R)22NYG32332931.3Boy has he struggled after getting the reigns to this offense after Jennings got hurt a few weeks back. He has owners second-guessing his value moving forward, hopefully it's just a rookie thing.
33Rashad Jennings29NYG30363232.7Jennings was off to a hot start this season before a knee injury put a stop to his season temporarily. He's due back soon and should regain his starting gig as Williams has STRUGGLED.
34Trent Richardson24IND34353033.0Still not living up to expectations from when he entered the league, but he's definitely playing much better this season than last year. He still has room to grow in this offense if Bradshaw starts to slow.
35Chris Ivory26NYJ31373333.7Ivory has been great this season and is definitely the best RB on the roster.
36Montee Ball24DEN29314434.7Struggled early on this season when the Broncos were trying play ground-n-pound, but the minute he got hurt they opened up the offense on first and second downs which has helped Hillman flourish.
37Charles Sims (R)24TBB40344138.3Missed the first half of the season with an ankle injury but is set to return and could take over for a struggling DMart who the team has no loyalty too.
38Reggie Bush29DET37394038.7He's getting older and is getting dinged, can still produce when on the field though.
39Ahmad Bradshaw28IND39404240.3What a re-emergence from the oft-injured RB, he's been a top-10 RB this season in PPR catching tons of passes and TDs.
40Branden Oliver (R)23SDC49383841.7Has been great at times and has disappeared at times since taking over as the lead RB for the Chargers after injuries to Matthews, Brown and Woodhead. Should maintain a role even after Matthews is back.
41Ben Tate26CLE41424643.0Released by Cleveland and Minnesota but signed as Le'Veon Bell insurance for playoff time, Tate's fantasy and NFL future is up in the air.
42Justin Forsett29JAX45503543.3Has been one of the biggest surprises at RB this season and has been very consistent in production and is even better in PPR.
43Jonathan Stewart27CAR36524544.3Has looked ok at times this season when on the field, but doesn't score and doesn't catch passes which means he's just not a valuable commodity for your squad.
44Frank Gore31SFO43435246.0Dude just keeps going, but......he's definitely slowing down.
45Ronnie Hillman23DEN48474346.0Hillman has been electric for the Broncos since hitting the starting lineup, he'll more than likely keep the starting gig once Ball returns. Ball could cap his upside but he's proven he deserves to start.
46Zac Stacy23STL46444946.3Stacy's value is free-falling after the emergence of Mason of late, there is still time for him to win this battle but he needs to get his act together ASAP.
47Stevan Ridley25NEP44415546.7Was showing signs of a bounce-back season but it was cut short due to a season-ending knee injury. Probably won't be back with the team in '15.
48Alfred Blue (R)25HOU50543646.7A physical specimine and could be a good one should Foster go down.
49Lorenzo Taliaferro (R)23BAL47515149.7Has shined at times as a big back with a nose for the end-zone, could grow into more of a role if the team doesn't see Forsett as the long-term solution at RB.
50James White (R)22NEP51594752.3Looked great in the preseason but hasn't been able to get on the field in the regular season. Maybe he'll have a shot at PT in '15 with both Vereen and Ridley being FAs.
51Chris Johnson29TEN54555354.0A shell of his former self, not much left in the tank since his elilte play was based on his speed which is in the rear-view mirror.
52Darren Sproles31PHI52605054.0Sproles has been electric at times before a sprained MCL, he's older for a RB but is more of a WR which means he could play for another year or 2 at a high level.
53Pierre Thomas30NOS56485954.3Has had some nice games this season but has also missed lots of time due to injury. A decent flex guy when healthy.
54Steven Jackson31ATL59456054.7Could be the last season for SJax before he rides off into the sunset.
55KaDeem Carey (R)22CHI53634854.7Forte-esque skill set that could fill in immediately and make the Bears not notice if Forte goes down. Will only be relevant after Forte leaves or gets hurt.
56Bernard Pierce23BAL64465755.7Had a golden opportunity due to the departure of Rice but it's been Forsett who has capitalized on the golden opportunity up for grabs.
57Robert Turbin25SEA55575656.0Sounds like Lynch could be gone next season, does that open a door for Turnin or Michael?
58Theo Riddick23DET58496657.7Riddick has a crowded RB stable but he is a versatile back who also played slot wide receiver at Notre Dame
59Knowshon Moreno27MIA42537857.7Lost a ton of value when hitting IR a few weeks back.
60Knile Davis23KCC57625457.7The physical freak carved out a nice role late in the season and for a short period earlier this year. He's a RB1 whenever Charles misses time.
61Bryce Brown23BUF78673760.7FJax has missed time and Spiller is on IR but still hasn't been able to get going, maybe as the season goes on he can get more carries showcasing his skills for an opportunity to start in '15
62Storm Johnson (R)22JAX61586461.0Got an opportunity to showcase his talent for a few games but wasn't able to do much with it and has now taken a backseat to DRob.
63Danny Woodhead29SDC60655861.0Was put on IR earlier this season with an ankle injury, could lose his job as the receiving back due to the emergence of Oliver.
64Dan Herron25IND66696366.025 year old backup RB Boom Herron looks the better back than Trent Richardson in Indy, which says a lot more about Richardson than it does Herron.
65Darren McFadden27OAK62647567.0DMC is consistently inconsistent and couldn't do much when MJD went down with an injury.
66Joseph Randle23DAL75666167.3What an idiot getting caught stealing at Dilliards, and not even sure he carries much value should Murray go down.
67Khiry Robinson25NOS63617967.7Ingram missed time and Khiry was able to play and had a decent game or two but just didn't produce like Ingram has when healthy. It's clear that Ingram is the man in NO.
68Ray Rice27BAL74686569.0Rice is suspended indefinitely because of his domestic violence issue. He may have trouble finding an NFL team willing to take him on.
69Matt Asiata27MIN82567069.3Has had a few monster weeks this season but just isn't that dynamic other than being able to pound the ball into the endzone inside the 5-yard line.
70LeGarrette Blount28PIT72716970.7Blount has looked good when he gets PT but he just doesn't hold value barring an injury to Bell.
71Lance Dunbar24DAL76746270.7Some off-season hype from the coaching staff stating Dunbar being a complete back.
72Fred Jackson33BUF65757471.3Still plugging away as a solid RB2 this season, but can he continue this type of play in '15?
73Roy Helu26WAS69776871.3With a new coaching staff all loyalties to Alf are out the window, could have some value in the future should Alf struggle
74Benny Cunningham24STL70737271.7The addition of Mason kills any Cunningham hopes
75Toby Gerhart27JAX68767171.7One of the biggest disappointments this season as many thought he would be a solid RB2. Not even an RB5 at this point with no expectation to regain any value moving forward.
76James Starks28GBP73816773.7Has produced when given the opportunity, must have cuff
77DeAngelo Williams31CAR80707775.7Age and a RBBC attack push down DeAngelo's value, but he plays well when given the chance - will be 31 in the 2014 season but still looks plenty solid
78Juwan Thompson (R)22DEN85727376.7He's a big boy who can score TDs, hard to tell what any RB's role will be in a Belicheck offense.
79Donald Brown27SDC67828277.0Had a monster opportunity when Matthews went down and really struggled before going down with a concussion which resulted in many missed weeks and the emergence of Oliver.
80Stepfan Taylor23ARI81837680.0Just a backup.
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