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Jay MyersBill CerviAvgChangeSkinny
1Dez Bryant26DAL11111With an aging Calvin, the playing field has leveled out some in the top tier of WRs. Bryant should get paid this offseason and dominate for years to come
2A.J. Green26CIN23332.752014 was and off year, but at 26 has 3-4 more elite years before people start bailing on his aging value
3Julio Jones26ATL54223.25Continues to struggle with minor to nagging injury, but continues to show just what a beast he is. Plus he's one year younger than the other top guys
4Calvin Johnson29DET32654Calvin has plenty left in the tank. This may be the best off-season to aquire his services.
5Antonio Brown26PIT66445It's hard to wrap your brain around a smaller WR dominating the way Brown does, but he is truly the most talented TRUE receiver in the game
6Demaryius Thomas27DEN45565DT proved once again that he is arguably the most valuable WR in FF. Questions with Peyton's future could stunt his value, but I wouldn't worry
7Odell Beckham Jr22NYG910778.25His value is out of control, but his ranking is very justifiable. ODB is the hottest asset this off-season and rightly so
8Alshon Jeffery25CHI88898.25Cutler went and screwed up what Josh McCown made into a potent offense. Marshall will continue to fade as Jeffery takes over the #1 spot
9Mike Evans21TBB7119109.25ODB stole the show, but Evans wasn't far behind. Even with horrific QB play, Evans has the making of a top tier WR and he's 21.
10Randall Cobb24GBP14910810.25We need to see what happens to Cobb in FA, but assuming he's back in GB then he's a PPR monster just short of Antonio Brown status.
11Jordy Nelson29GBP107131110.25Jordy isn't getting any younger, but he's so ridiculously savvy and technically sound... oh ya and he has Aaron Rodgers as a QB and they kind of love each other.
12Sammy Watkins21BUF1112111412Sammy is currently stuck in WR purgatory, but a lot can change in 6 months. One thing that hasn't changed is this guy's elite talent level
13Kelvin Benjamin24CAR1213121312.5Kelvin needs to show he can hang onto the ball better and improve upon his drops in 2015, but he is beastly and basically uncoverable.
14T.Y. Hilton25IND1516141314.5TY is clearly the real deal as long as Andrew Luck is in town. The offense is getting a little crowded however and now with Duran Carter in town, it's got even more so.
15Brandon Marshall30MIA1315161514.75Don't jump ship on Bmarsh just yet. He is dedicated and driven. He's still a true beast and now has the worth ethic to match. He easily has a year or two of top 10 upsideleft
16DeAndre Hopkins22HOU1714151916.25Hopkins has made a strong push to over take AJ as the #1 option in Houston. The QB situation needs to be resolved before we will get to see Hopkin's true upside
17Jordan Matthews22PHI1818171617.25Even if Maclin is back, Matthews goes into 2015 as the top receiving option in an offense that Mark Sanchez can run. At 22, JMatt may be one of the most "sure things" at the position.
18Michael Floyd25ARI1617231818.5Floyd is still an elite talent who is only entering his 3rd year. This is the year where it needs to come together. Plus there's a good chance Fitz moves on
19Jeremy Maclin26PHI1921201719.25I expect Philly to resign him, but either way he has proven he can produce. Now can he prove he can stay on the field for more than a season"?
20Emmanuel Sanders27DEN2025211821So much hinges on Peyton, his return, and his arm strength. As a WR who takes over the intermediate part of the field, he will need a Manning who still has a little strength left on his throws. As evidence by Sander's disappearance late
21Brandin Cooks21NOS2319222021Cooks was dazzling us all before his injury. At his size, injury could continue to be a concern. Brees also looks like he is wearing down. If Cooks can clearly become 2nd fiddle to Graham, he could be top 10.
22Keenan Allen22SDC2922182122.5Keenan is who we thought he was. A solid WR2. Nothing more. SD desperately needs a complimentary WR
23Victor Cruz28NYG2123302424.5It's going to be tough to come back from that petallar tear. If he can, ODB will demand the dbl team opening up Cruz to single coverage and a return to dominance
24Percy Harvin26NYJ2420272925-4Harvin is on record pace and I can only assume his plan is to play for every team in the league before he retires. Maybe some day this kid will drop the ego and start being apart of a team
25Davante Adams22GBP2824252525.5If Cobb moves on, Adams moves into top 12 discussion. If not, he will still be a hot commodity and has the talent to move ahead of both Cobb and Jordy at some point. Plus there is always Jordy's hammy issues.
26Josh Gordon23CLE2240192225.75Gordon will be sitting out another year. His talent is so good. Matched only by how bad his decision making skills are. Gamblers should get him cheap
27Michael Crabtree27SFO2527282626.5It would be nice to see Crabtree move on from this pathetic passing offense. FA will dictate his value
28Donte Moncrief21IND3731242328.75Moncrief still has a lot to prove, but he will be a hot commodity this off season as well. The signing of Duran Carter will soften that market a little
29Cordarrelle Patterson23MIN2628372729.5C-Patt? More like F-Patt. Patterson has some serious off-season work to do if he is going to truly become a receiver and not just a gimmick player
30Allen Robinson21JAX3326342830.25A-Rob was just another WR from this sick 2014 class to show us his WR1 upside. Unfortunately injury derailed that, but he should be a clear starter going into 2015. Maybe opposite Blackmon
31Pierre Garcon29WAS2732363432.25Garcon's value is in a tailspin. It may fall further depending on what happens at QB for the Skins
32Martavis Bryant23PIT3236323132.756Bryant might be my favorite "buy" this off-season. His value is still going to be lower due to Antonio Brown, but Bryant could be an absolute beast. Especially in the red zone. Top 15 potential at a 43 ranking.
33DeSean Jackson28WAS4135312934Djax had himself a sold season despite the QB ineptitude that plagued Washington. He should be fine for another year or two. His inconsistency is the issue.
34Eric Decker27NYJ4634293235.253Decker started coming on late when Geno Smith was put back at the helm. Let's pray that his new coach can produce a functioning offense.
35Mike Wallace28MIA3338333835.5-3Looks like Wallace is out in Miami. Another guy who can't get out of his own way. The talent is there. We will see where he lands.
36Larry Fitzgerald31ARI3430423635.5Is it time for Fitz to move on? He has been abused in AZ long enough. Unless he truly thinks AZ can win a SB with Palmer, he needs to move on.
37Torrey Smith26BAL4839263035.75Smith appears to have maxed his talent and potential and that appears to be in the WR3/4 range. Steve Smith coming in and shining says more about Torrey than it does about Steve.
38Jarvis Landry22MIA3837353335.756Landry became Tannehill's go-to guy the last half the season. I'm not sure Landry has WR1 upside, but he has flashed an ability to be open often.
39Andre Johnson33HOU3129493937-6AJ may be ready to take a back seat to Hopkins, but he's far from done. Again, QB will dictate.
40Julian Edelman28NEP3647413539.753Edleman will continue to be a solid "value" producer. He's not someone you want to build around, but he's a fine WR2
41Vincent Jackson32TBB4533443739.75-5Vjax could really help a contending team get over the hump. Maybe SEA will grab this guy this off season. He can still produce but hes fading
42Golden Tate26DET3542384540Tate is getting a little lack of love considering his impressive 2014 season. No reason to think he can't keep being a PPR WR2
43Kendall Wright25TEN4241404842.75Wright continued to produce in a horrible situation. Arguably the worst in the league. He is still under the radar and still has the talent to produce very well and more consistently if Mettenburger can develop
44Justin Blackmon25JAX3951394944.5No news is good news. Assuming that trend continues, Blackmon should be on the field to start 2015.
45Roddy White33ATL4043544244.75Roddy really struggled with injury again this season. The once dependable possession WR has shown chinks in his armour of late. His drop off could come quick or it could be a couple years
46Justin Hunter23TEN4346554647.5-4Hunter has added 15lbs and has improved. His stats should continue to as well, but don't be surprised if he is a 3 year project before he truly realizes his potential.
47John Brown24ARI4949504347.75Could have a real opportunity in AZ if Fitz moves on. He may also be a huge part of the reason AZ decides to not bring Fitz back
48Brian Quick25STL47446140483Quick finally displays the potential we all knew he had as a raw prospect and, in typical fashion, tears his rotator cuff and lands on IR right about that time.
49Marqise Lee23JAX5248465149.25The WR position is starting to look a little crowded in JAX. Lee had an alright year but will need to step it up
50Cody Latimer22DEN5057474449.53Beastly potential but will it be realized before Manning signs his retirement papers?
51Terrance Williams25DAL5345515049.75-4Seemed solid in year 2. He will always be 2nd fiddle to Dez and not someone to rely on. For now.
52Rueben Randle23NYG4450535249.75Randle is in a perfect situatino to produce big with Cruz out for the year. He should thrive and if he doesn't it tells us just as much as if he does.
53Duron Carter23UFA5153455350.5The Indy landing spot is interesting. If Nicks and Wayne move one, then he will get bumped a little more.
54Charles Johnson26MIN6752435053Johnson raised a few eyebrows but as a Vikes fan, I'm not buying this guy until he shows he can catch. Way too many drops, but he can sure get open.
55Cecil Shorts27JAX5356575455See MARQISE LEE
56Brandon LaFell28NEP5486484758.754Lafell came on strong but faded near the end as Amendola and Edleman starts sucking up all the targets
57Kenny Britt26STL6573564158.756Britt gained a little bit a relevancy back but there are still a ton of questions in STL
58Marvin Jones24CIN5864585659Marvin flashed with a few big games in '13 and had a decent season but misses the entire '14 campaign due to injury.
59Marques Colston31NOS5763625759.75You could see Colston fade this year. Cooks, Stills, and Graham look to be the future. Coslton looks to be in the past
60Markus Wheaton24PIT6255685560Sorry Wheaton, Martavius Bryant has uspurped your opportunity. The slot will now be your home and with it, underwhelming FF value
61Kenny Stills22NOS6872524960.25Stills came on in a few games, but then went right back to disappearing.
62Dwayne Bowe30KCC5658656260.25-6What can you say about Bowe other than he should probably lower in our rankings
63Greg Jennings31MIN6054746964.25Jennings will be reliant on the evolution of Teddy Bridgewater as a passer which is not ideal for guaranteed production.
64Doug Baldwin26SEA6967596364.5Baldwin is a gamer, but it just to believe he's going to ever grab a consistently productive role in that offense
65Steve Smith35BAL6176606164.5Oak has a glimmer of hope at QB and Jones could benenfit, but at 30, you have to wonder just what (if any) value he really carries.
66Hakeem Nicks27IND5969676464.75Nicks has not yet played a full season and will likely be replaced by Moncrief or now Duron Carter. His value is dipping dramatically as owners can pretty much give up on him returning to his early-career form.
67Anquan Boldin34SFO6670666366.25A new coaching staff could mark the end of Boldin's time in SF and he's going to be 35.
68Andrew Hawkins28CLE7260716266.253Played a pretty significant role in Clevelands pathetic passing game. He replaceable and a complimentary guy.
69Andre Holmes26OAK7668645866.54We have all seen Holmes flash. There needs to be far more consistency. Maybe Derek Carr can provide that.
70Tavon Austin23STL7059736566.75It's not too late for Austin to break out. Year 3 is usually the make or break year.
71Wes Welker33DEN6365697167-4Hard to say if Welker can be relevant without guys named Brady and Petyon throwing to him. We will see though and my guess is he's next to done.
72Mohamed Sanu25CIN7471636468Jones is just the superior WR and assuming he comes back healthy, Sanu is waiver material only
73James Jones30OAK6461777268.5-5Oakland isn't a fantastic landing spot but he has gone from the #3 option in GB to a top option on his new team.
74Stedman Bailey24STL7962806070.25Like everyone else in STL, Bailey made a few people get excited. And then disappeared.
75Robert Woods22BUF7766707070.75Woods is an average talent who is capable of putting up numbers in the right situation but offers little upside.
76Riley Cooper27PHI7575766572.75As long as he is in that offense, he will have some relevancy.
77Allen Hurns23JAX8074795973Hurns did well for a rookie in a tough spot, but that spot gets even tougher with a healthy Allen Robinson and a possible Justin Blackmon
78Reggie Wayne36IND7179786874You have to believe the end is here for Wayne. Maybe one more year, but probably not for Indy
79Steve Johnson28SFO8182726775.5Johnson is very mundane, solid and unspectacular - now with the 49ers he is no longer a primary target
80Aaron Dobson23NEP8881756677.5
81Danny Amendola29NEP8387857682.75Dola came on strong near the end of the season and in my opinion is the better WR of the
82Brian Hartline28MIA7389868583.25With Wallace likely moving on, it will be interesting to see if Hartline hangs onto what little fantasy chance he has.
83Taylor Gabriel25CLE8788838184.758
84Jermaine Kearse25SEA8493927385.5
85Nate Washington31TEN9097817986.75
86Marquess Wilson22CHI103779177873
87Jarius Wright25MIN9978898487.5-3
88Jarrett Boykin25GBP78851008787.5-5Officially buried on the depth chart
89Brian Tyms26NEP80848388.5
90Andre Roberts27WAS86103828288.25
91Denarius Moore26OAK8595998089.75
92Miles Austin30CLE9290908890
93Harry Douglas30ATL95921047491.25
94Kenbrell Thompkins26NEP104887593.5
95Jeremy Gallon25UFA84949294.25
96Malcom Floyd33SDC82839694.25-3SD has to address WR this off-season. Floyd will still get the start and could produce if healthy. He's almost 34.
97Vincent Brown26UFA96957894.75
98Josh Boyce25NEP878196.25
99Marlon Brown `23BAL1051001018096.53
100Eddie Royal28SDC108967997.57

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