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Jay MyersBill CerviAvgChangeSkinny
1Julio Jones26ATL22111.5Julio struggles with minor nagging injuries, but continues to show just what a superhuman beast he is. Plus he's one year younger than the other top guys.
2Dez Bryant26DAL31332.5Bryant gets his new deal and is locked in as a dominant force in Dallas.
3Antonio Brown27PIT15222.5It's hard to wrap your brain around a smaller WR dominating the way Brown does, but he is the most talented TRUE receiver in the game.
4A.J. Green27CIN434542014 was an off year, but at just 26 years old Green has plenty more elite years before people start bailing on his aging value.
5Demaryius Thomas27DEN54644.75DT proves once again that he is among the most valuable WR in fantasy football. Questions with Peyton's future could stunt his value, but he's got one year left with the man.
6Odell Beckham Jr22NYG67566His value is out of control, but his high ranking is justifiable. ODB is the hottest WR asset around and rightly so after putting up historic numbers as a rookie.
7Mike Evans22TBB810788.25ODB stole the show as a rookie, but Evans wasn't far behind. Even with horrific QB play, Evans has the makings of a top tier WR and he's just 21.
8Calvin Johnson30DET7612108.75Calvin has plenty left in the tank. This may be the best off-season to aquire his services.
9Randall Cobb25GBP108898.75Cobb is back in GB and in that offense he's a PPR monster just short of Antonio Brown status. Add in the Jordy injury and he's set for another career year.
10Amari Cooper (R)21OAK9131079.753Oakland is usually the kiss of death for WRs, but Cooper is the most ready-to-guy WR in the draft and Carr has a solid arm.
11Alshon Jeffery25CHI119111110.5Cutler went and screwed up what Josh McCown made into a potent offense. Still, with Marshall gone and a new coaching staff in place Jeffery should see a rise in targets an production.
12DeAndre Hopkins23HOU121191211Hopkins is a true NFL #1 option in Houston now that Andre has moved on. The QB situation needs to be resolved before we will get to see Hopkin's true upside but he'll see plenty of targets.
13Sammy Watkins22BUF1312131413Sammy's situation looked like WR purgatory, but a lot has changed with that Buffalo offense heading into 2015. McCoy and Harvin are added dynamic weapons and Tyrod Taylor has upside.
14T.Y. Hilton25IND1414161314.25TY is clearly the real deal as long as Andrew Luck is in town. The offense is getting a little crowded though with Andre Johnson, Duron Carter, and Philip Dorsett vying for touches.
15Jordan Matthews23PHI1515151715.5Matthews is the top receiving option in an offense that even Mark Sanchez can run well. At 22, JMatt may be one of the most "sure things" at the position.
16Brandin Cooks22NOS1616141615.5Cooks was dazzling us all before his injury. At his size, injury could continue to be a concern. Graham's departure likely helps his target numbers.
17Kelvin Benjamin24CAR1917231518.5A blown out knee means we'll wait to see Kelvin play again until 2016. A shame after his beastly rookie season. His value is trending downward.
18Jordy Nelson30GBP1818201818.5Jordy isn't getting any younger and a lost 2015 season due to ACL means his value may never be the same. Still, he has Aaron Rodgers as a QB.
19Allen Robinson22JAX2025171920.25A-Rob was just another WR from this sick 2014 class to show us his WR1 upside. Unfortunately injury derailed that, but he is a clear starter in 2015.
20Keenan Allen23SDC2119242121.259Keenan is has WR1 upside but has been a bit boom or bust in the SD offense. More consistency could make him a more than the WR2 he his at just 23 years old.
21Kevin White (R)22CHI2524182222.25White provides huge upside and a raw skill set. Stress fracture surgery to start his rookie season won't help speed up his development.
22DeVante Parker (R)22MIA2621192422.5The real winner is Tannehill here. Parker will have to overcome injury and work his way through a suddenly talented MIA offense.
23Jarvis Landry22MIA2227292024.55Landry became Tannehill's go-to guy the last half the season. I'm not sure Landry has WR1 upside, but he has flashed an ability to be open often and Wallace leaving certainly helps.
24Brandon Marshall31NYJ1723352625.25Marshall is still a physical beast but may continue to fade in a less than stellar passing situation on the Jets.
25Nelson Agholor (R)22PHI2822213125.5-5Could be another USC WR set to underwhelm, but Chip Kelly's offense is the great equalizer. Can't ignore his huge opportunity in a familiar and productive offense.
26Martavis Bryant23PIT3026282326.75Bryant's drug suspension tempers expectations a bit, but the redzone upside is definitely there on a high octane offense.
27Jeremy Maclin27KCC2429223226.754In 2014, Maclin proved he can produce great numbers. Now can he prove he can stay healthy for more than a season and do it with a check-down QB?
28Dorial Green-Beckham (R)22TEN2731262527.25-3DGB finds himself the go-to guy and he hasn't played football in 2 years. Mariota has his bailout option and he's likely to need it in this offense.
29Emmanuel Sanders28DEN2333252827.25-3As a WR who takes over the intermediate part of the field, he will need Manning to prove he still has a little strength left on his throws, as evidenced by Sander's disappearance late in 2014.
30Davante Adams22GBP3228273029.25-7Adams has a real chance to shine with Jordy missing the entire 2015 season. He just needs to stay healthy to seize this golden opportunity.
31Golden Tate27DET34363333345Tate is getting a little lack of love considering his impressive 2014 season. No reason to think he can't keep being a PPR WR2 even with a healthy Calvin.
32Michael Floyd25ARI4020393934.5Floyd is still an elite talent who is in his 4th year. This is the year where it needs to come together or it may be time to rethink things.
33Breshad Perriman (R)21BAL3345322934.75Perriman was the draft darling and Baltimore was buying his 4.25 speed. He'd find himself starting opposite Steve Smith if only he can get healthy.
34Larry Fitzgerald32ARI3134433736.258Fitz re-ups in the desert and should finish his career as a Cardinal. He's still got the talent and moxy to be a dependable WR2, but Palmer needs to prove he can make it happen.
35Julian Edelman29NEP2941423436.513Edleman will continue to be a solid "value" producer. He's not someone you want to build around, but he's a fine WR2 in that offense.
36John Brown25ARI3542343636.75A pretty solid rookie season for a guy who flew largely under the radar in fantasy circles. Fitz re-signing is just a temporary roadblock for this playmaker. Be prepared for a high level of inconsistency in the meantime.
37Donte Moncrief22IND4746302737.515Moncrief still has a lot to prove, but there's a market for him after he showed flashes as a 21 year old rookie. The drafting of Dorsett as well as signing of Andre Johnson should soften that market considerably.
38Mike Wallace29MIN4335374139Wallace is out of Miami. He's another diva WR who can't get out of his own way. The talent is there if he and Bridgewater can get on the same page in MN.
39DeSean Jackson28WAS4138314739.25DJax had himself a sold season in 2014 despite the QB ineptitude that plagued Washington. He should be a solid producer for a few more years, but inconsistency is an issue.
40Pierre Garcon30WAS3832444439.5Garcon's value is in a tailspin. It may fall further now with Cousins as the starter. He and RG3 seemed to have a connection.
41Victor Cruz28NYG3730504340-8It's going to be tough to come back from that petallar tear. If he can, ODB will demand the double team opening up Cruz to single coverage and a return to dominance.
42Eric Decker28NYJ42374140408Decker is a very solid WR but is unfortunately dependent on the Jets passing offense. Let's hope Fitzpatrick can play competently.
43Phillip Dorsett (R)22IND3947383840.5TY Hilton 2.0? Seriously what the heck is Indy doing? 6 WR sets?
44Kendall Wright25TEN4649403542.5Wright continues to produce in a horrible situation. Arguably the worst in the league. He is still under the radar and still has the talent to produce very well but Mariota is bound to be inconsistent.
45Josh Gordon24CLE3665364044.25Gordon will be sitting out another year. His talent is so good it's matched only by how bad his decision making skills are. Gamblers should get him cheap.
46Charles Johnson26MIN5039455046-12The Vikes LOVE Johnson and he's in a great spot. Great gamble, but needs to show improvement with his hands.
47Devin Funchess (R)21CAR4843485348-3Can anyone say Kelvin Benjamin 2.0? Cam Newton certainly hopes so since he lost the first of his twin towers to an ACL in 2015. Plenty of opportunity for Funchess.
48Torrey Smith26SFO5644524248.5-5Steve Smith arriving in Baltimore and shining says more about Torrey than it does about Steve. Still, he'll get a chance to prove he's more than an average WR as San Francisco's lead dog.
49Vincent Jackson32TBB5340564849.25Age and wear are becoming concerns for VJax but he's still a top target on a team with a rookie QB. Inconsistency rules the roost in those types of situations.
50Tyler Lockett (R)23SEA4553554649.756Burgandy's favorite sleeper, Lockett tries to do what nobody has done in SEA at the WR position. Consistent production. Lockett is near uncoverable underneath
51Percy Harvin27BUF4948614951.75Harvin is on record pace and I can only assume his plan is to play for every team in the league before he retires. Maybe with Buffalo this kid will drop the ego and start being apart of a team, but I wouldn't bank on it.
52Jaelen Strong (R)21HOU5454475251.75-3It's tough not to get excited about Strong filling the possible AJ role. But Hopkins is the true #1 make no mistake. Strong finds himself in a great spot to be a big redzone target.
53Rueben Randle24NYG44605351526May be the odd man out in an offense that will surely feature Beckham and Cruz. Has the ability to put up numbers should another injury occur but needs to become a more consistent WR.
54Brian Quick26STL5551584552.25Quick was a huge draft day winner when STL skipped on any WRs this year. He needs to fully heal, but could finally resemble a little of that Terrell Owens comparison.
55Michael Crabtree28OAK5255515553.253Crabtree moving on from the pathetically inconsistent SF passing offense should be a good thing. Getting paired with Amari Cooper makes the Oak underneath passing attack look suddenly dangerous.
56Cody Latimer22DEN5952466154.5-3Beastly potential but will it be realized before Manning signs his retirement papers? Julius Thomas leaving could accelerate things if he can put it together.
57Andre Johnson34IND6150497057.5-22Andrew Luck and the Colts offense may be just the thing to return AJ back to the world of the elite WR. At his age, though, time is slipping away.
58James Jones31NYG515864676043An average WR who just happened to land in a perfect spot with his old team and Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Career rejuvenated!
59Marvin Jones25CIN6059695460.510Missing the entire '14 campaign due to injury has many forgetting about a pretty promising, young WR. Those with a longer memory can buy at a deep discount.
60Brandon LaFell28NEP6562576061Tough to say what is going to happen in NE, but Brady seems to like him
61Brandon Coleman23NOS6766605662.2540
62Allen Hurns23JAX5868675762.535
63Kenny Stills23MIA6856666263-3Stills is a playmaker capable of putting up big numbers when given the opportunity. If he can secure a lead role in Miami he could be a very dependable WR.
64Terrance Williams26DAL7057626463.25Seemed solid in year 2. He will always be 2nd fiddle to Dez and not someone to rely on. For now.
65Steve Johnson29SDC6376595663.55Super sleeper who has plenty left in the tank and
66Steve Smith36BAL577372706817Had a fantastic season in 2014 but don't expect a repeat of those numbers out of a 35 year old in the final year of his career.
67Ty Montgomery (R)22GB7274636668.7510There's not a better place for a young WR to develop. An injury away from solid production.
68Cordarrelle Patterson24MIN7671547569-11C-Patt? More like F-Patt. Patterson has some serious off-season work to do if he is going to truly become a receiver and not just a gimmick player.
69Cecil Shorts27HOU6467737469.5Shorts moves on to Houston and could carve out the WR2 role in that offense. It's far from a guarantee though.
70Roddy White33ATL6663757670-15Roddy really struggled with injury again last season. The once super dependable possession WR has shown chinks in his armor of late. His drop off is imminent.
71Markus Wheaton24PIT6292685870-7Sorry Wheaton, but Martavius Bryant stole your opportunity. The slot will now be your home and with it, underwhelming FF value.
72Justin Hunter24TEN6970767171.5-6Hunter enters the "magical" 3rd year as a WR and a breakout is not out of the question. The talent is there but if he doesn't "get it" in 2015 then it may never happen. Massive knuclehead factor.
73Marques Colston32NOS7375816573.5-6Colston returns to New Orleans after taking a pay cut and, on the surface, has ample opportunity with the departure of Graham and Stills. That doesn't discount the reality he's an aging WR with degenerative knees.
74Marqise Lee23JAX7161976974.5-9The WR position in JAX is somewhat crowded. Lee could emerge from the pack or he could be lost in the shuffle. Injuries are a concern.
75Eddie Royal29CHI77777472753
76Josh Huff23PHI8969865875.5-14The addition of Nelson in the draft cools the Huff love, but I'm not big on USC WRs and Huff is even more familiar with the offense coming from Oregon himself
77Tavon Austin24STL7972896375.75It's not too late for Austin to break out. Year 3 is usually the make or break year. The new QB may, or may not help.
78Justin Hardy (R)23ATL7582856777.25-4
79Anquan Boldin35SFO7481708677.75-8Despite being a beastly WR in his prime, age is catching up with Boldin.
80Kenny Britt27STL80109655978.25-8Britt gained a little bit a relevancy back in STL but there are still a ton of questions with that WR corps entering 2015.
81Doug Baldwin27SEA8890716879.255Baldwin is a gamer, but just isn't talented enough to avoid being overlooked and/or replaced.
82Duron Carter24IND8579778180.5-9The Indy landing spot is intriguing but is also very crowded with TY, Andre and Moncrief all ahead of him in line.
83Sammie Coates (R)22PIT8480838583The physical burner finds himself in a talented and crowed WR corps. He will need to stand out in some way to get his PT.
84Chris Conley (R)22KC9389846883.5Super freak athletically. KC is thought to be the kiss of death with game manager Smith at QB. Tough to get too excited.
85Devin Smith (R)23NYJ8397828286Super athletic, but fighting his way though Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will be no small task
86Darren Waller (R)23BAL81831067586.25-7The monster WR from GT will be a great redzone target and compliment to the speedy Smith and Perriman. He should show something in year one even if it's just as a redzone target.
87Stefon Diggs (R)21MN9064959886.753Stephon Diggs is very talented and as a preseason darling he could very well have a solid role in the Vikes offense.
88Dwayne Bowe31CLE8287889387.5-13Bowe is a once dependable receiver on the downside of his career. In a mediocre Cleveland offense things won't get any better.
89Andrew Hawkins29CLE10278878788.5Played a pretty significant role in Clevelands pathetic 2014 passing game. He replaceable and a complimentary guy.
90Tre McBride (R)22TEN8788938688.5-8McBride is a favorite of many and with things in massive flux in TENN, his opportunity could come much sooner than later
91Rashad Greene (R)23JAX78103967788.53Just another solid option for Blake Bortles. Who will emerge between, Arob, Blackmon, Lee, JT, Hurns, and Greene is the question
92Mohamed Sanu26CIN9594788989Marvin Jones is simply the superior WR and assuming he comes back healthy, Sanu is waiver material only.
93Stedman Bailey24STL9493987389.5Like everyone else in St. Louis, Bailey had a few people excited. Then he disappeared.
94Aaron Dobson24NEP99106916389.755
95Greg Jennings32MIA8699908890.75-6Jennings landing MIA is looking like a slight upgrade to Brian Hartline's old role.
96Hakeem Nicks27IND92951007891.25-15Nicks has not yet played a full season and will likely be replaced by Moncrief or Duron Carter. His dynasty value only exists in the form of nostalgia now.
97Justin Blackmon25JAX10196799191.75-17No news is good news. Or is it? There are serious questions whether he ever plays again.
98Marquess Wilson23CHI911007994.5-5Looked like he would get a shot at increased production, but Kevin White put a huge lid on his upside
99Jeff Janis24GBP108868096-4
100Brian Hartline28CLE961148099.5Could develop into a decent role player. Waiver wire guy
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