Lawrence has experience and a huge opportunity!

Lawrence has experience and a huge opportunity!

On this week’s episode of the Dynasty Pulse Podcast on Blogtalkradio, Nick Wagner and Joshua Johnson were joined by the CEO of Mr. Mark T. Wilson as the discussed the teams in the NFC East!

Plant Your Flag or Wash Your Hands: 

Will Cruz actually put a helmet on this season?

Will Cruz actually put a helmet on this season?

  • Andre Williams RB Giants
  • Chris Thompson RB Redskins
  • Cole Beasley WR Cowboys
  • Kenjon Barner RB Eagles
  • Randy Gregory DE Cowboys
  • Willie Tye TE Giants
  • Perry Riley LB Redskins

New York Giants:

  • Dear Victor Cruz what can we expect from thee?
  • Is Shane Vereen the back to own?
  • Will Keenan Robinson be the answer in the middle?
  • Biggest Draft needs?

Dynasty Trade Analysis:

  • T.J. Yeldon for Bilal Powell, 1.46 & 2017 2nd
  • Jordy Nelson & Julius Thomas for Teddy Bridgewater, Brandin Cooks and 2017 2nd
  • Amari Cooper, 1.37 & 4.20 for Jordan Matthews, 1.26, 3.42 & 2017 1st
  • Aaron Rodgers & Duke Johnson for Amari Cooper & Jace Amaro

Nick Rants:

  • Why should just teams be punished for tampering?

Philadelphia Eagles: 

Can JMatt mature into the elite level?

Can JMatt mature into the elite level?

  • With Doug Pederson and Frank Reich combining schemes can we see Jordan Matthews become a Jeremy Maclin/Keenan Allen hybrid?
  • Is Sam Bradford’s value the same this summer as it was last summer?
  • Should the Falling ADP of Nelson Agholor intrigue us?
  • Will Jordan Hicks squash Mychal Kendricks’s value?
  • Of all the teams in this division who has the worst or most annoying fans?
  • Biggest Draft needs?

Dynasty Dilemma: Nelson Agholor (Josh) vs Rueben Randle (Nick)

Dallas Cowboys:

  • Will Dallas ever address the backup QB position?
  • Will Darren McFadden be any better than he was last season?
  • Will Gavin Escobar ever emerge?
  • Will Demarcus Lawrence take on the lead passer role this season?
  • Biggest Draft needs?

Prospect Profiles:

CF13--SEPT. 21--P47 SJ ST.-MINN

Campbell is a long/lateral Lumberjack!

  • De’Vondre Campbell LB Minnesota

Washington Redskins:

  • What is Jamison Crowder’s ceiling?

    Can anyone cover Jordan Reed?

    Can anyone cover Jordan Reed?

  • Can the Jordan Reed/Kirk Cousins connection overcome the extra attention it will receive?
  • Matt Jones will finish as RB #_ 2016?
  • Will Preston Smith be a given a majority snap count?
  • Biggest Draft needs?

IDP Dynasty Dilemma: Olivier Vernon (Josh) vs Fletcher Cox (Nick)



Next week Ron McCleese of will fill-in for Nick (Josh finally granted him a vacation) and Sonja Greenfeild of will also stop by we address the Dynasty happenings of the teams in the NFC North (Norris).