By Jay Myers

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Moving on, do you ever come across those owners who live in the past when it comes to player values?  It can be very frustrating when trying to hammer out a deal with said owners.  To the point you want to pull your hair out and that’s if you have any left after playing years of this stressful but fun game.  Player values are fluid, and constantly changing from week to week.  This is the result of many different factors such as injuries, a great or shitty game, hot player news, etc.

This is typically more common in redraft which “should” be more about immediate production and short-term expectations since you don’t have as much time to wait around for struggling players to snap out of a slump.  It could be mid-season and owners are still saying I like my players, that’s why I drafted them.  That’s a different story for a different day and just as frustrating.

But what happens in the dynasty format when you come across an owner who is living in the past, someone who remembers that Spiller was drafted after CJ2K  during the start-up draft just a few months ago?  Someone who remembers that Matt Ryan was valued lower than the likes of Cam, Stafford and Brady in the preseason and fails to adjust their perception of said player’s value based on the factors stated above?  Do you bang your head against the wall trying and hoping to change their point of view on specific player values?  Do you move on realizing this is more than likely a lost cause resulting in what will end up being many lost hours of your life that you’ll never ever be able to get back while going back and forth with an owner on a potential deal?  An easier approach with these owners would be to share this article as the below data will help aid in your cause trying to help said owners see the light.  If they still can’t see the errors of their way then I don’t think anything will help what can then be deemed a lost cause.  Happy trading!

Over the last week DFW has been running an in-season dynasty start-up mock with our top-notch staff members.  We thought it would be fun to see how much player values fluctuate after 6 weeks of regular season action.  I’ve compared this data to a preseason dynasty start-up Staffy our DFW staff.  Below you’ll see some of the main changes in player values before and after, but you’ll also be able to visit each mock to view the complete results.

The goal of this article is to remind everyone how quickly things truly do change in the NFL and in fantasy football along with being proactive instead of living in the past which is very dangerous especially in dynasty format.  Try not to rely on the team you started off with at the beginning of the season to win you a championship.  Odds are if you started off the season well that many of those same players will be benched, hurt or go through major slumps, etc.  I haven’t seen too many teams in dynasty or redraft win championships without making major moves during the season while trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to evaluating the players and projecting future player successes for the rest of the season.  Our Buy Low, Sell High, Hold Steady articles are definitely a must read when it comes to that.  Along with those articles great player evaluation helps, good instincts and the ability to read between the lines when it comes to hot breaking news whether big or small.  More than anything though, being a part of a great Fantasy Football community is #1 in my book.  If you aren’t currently a member in the DFW forums then you are definitely missing one of the key ingredients to building and maintaining a successful dynasty team for years to come.

On to the good stuff, lets take a look at the data and see what variances we can find in the before and after mocks.

You can view the complete results of the preseason mock here.

You can view the complete results of the in-season mock here.

Major Risers:

PlayerPreseason Rank - Completed 7/4In-Season Rank Comments
James Jones17.107.04
Mikel Leshoure11.035.04
Daryl RichardsonNot Drafted8.04
Alfred MorrisNot Drafted3.05
Mike Williams8.117.09
Danny Amendola16.079.05
Josh GordonNot Drafted8.10
Andrew Luck7.122.08
Kyle Rudolph11.107.03
Brian Hartline16.0912.11
Alex Green14.0310.05
Martellus Bennett16.0612.09
Stevan Ridley9.045.08
Peyton Manning10.056.10
Reggie Wayne8.095.07
Matt Ryan5.112.11
Jacquizz Rodgers11.099.03
Rashard Mendenhall8.126.09
Kendall Wright9.087.05
Ben Roethlisberger10.108.08
Randall Cobb8.046.05
Percy Harvin3.092.03
Kendall Hunter11.087.10
Adrian Peterson2.071.07
CJ Spiller3.103.03(note – the captain who took him in the preseason was as high as anyone when it came to Spiller so he went abnormally high compared to other mocks. I checked another dynasty mock where I took him at 5.04.

Major Fallers:

PlayerPreseason RankIn-Season RankComments
Isaiah Pead9.03Not Drafted
James Starks8.03Not Drafted
Jahvid Best7.09Not Drafted
Roy Helu5.08Not Drafted
Robert Meachem7.0313.06
Beanie Wells6.1212.10
Titus Young8.0512.04
Phillip Rivers6.1110.09
Ryan Williams9.1013.03
Chris Johnson1.064.01
Steve Smith5.068.02
Brandon Lloyd5.057.11
Greg Jennings3.015.01
Justin Blackmon6.038.03
Matthew Stafford2.044.02
Kenny Britt4.045.12
Cam Newton2.063.10
Marques Colston4.126.01
Andre Johnson2.123.12
Hakeem Nicks2.012.10